2024 Land N Sea / Paynes Marine Catalogue

GENERAL BOATING WATERSPORTS & BOATS SEATING COVERS/TOPS MAINTENANCE ELECTRICAL HARDWARE PLUMBING PROPS & ANODES FUEL ELECTRONICS & NAVIGATION SAFETY TROLLING & FISHING ANCHORING/ MOORING TRAILERING PAINT VENTILATION FASTENERS STEERING ENGINE ITEM NUMBERS IN RED ARE HAZARDOUS ITEMS IN BLUE ARE NEW ] SEA VALUE v OVERSIZED dCOURIER SURCHARGE ELECTRONICS 43 Item# List 152-E70354] 4858.09 EA Using our latest generation Boson™ thermal core, the M232 lets boaters see at night in 320 x 240 thermal resolution and also features 4x digital zoom. When the M232 is combined with a Raymarine Axiom MFD, FLIR's new ClearCruise™ intelligent thermal analytics technology offer boaters an entirely new level of awareness and safety. Uses IP video technology and simplifies installation by eliminating extra video signal cables. The FLIR M232 marine thermal camera is our smallest and most affordable pan and tilt marine thermal night vision camera. FLIR M232™ PAN/TILT MARINE THERMAL CAMERA • 9-axis AHRS sensor • 28-channel GPS receiver • Fast 10Hz position updates • NMEA 2000 compliant • IPX6 / IPX7 waterproof rating • Satellite differential GPS-compatible. Space-Based Augmentation System (SBAS) enabled with WASS, EGNOS, MSAS and GAGAN support Consists of a Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) Receiver and an Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) sensor. The AR200 provides position, heading, pitch and roll data to compatible Axiom MFDs. When combined with a compatible IP camera the AR200 enables use of the ClearCruise™ Augmented Reality features on your Axiom MFD. AR200 AUGMENTED REALITY STABILIZATION MODULE Item# List 152-E70537 742.49 EA Item# Description List 152-T70581 CAM300 AR Pack 1793.29 PK ClearCruise™ AR brings enhanced on water perception to Axiom® chartplotter displays. Axiom users can make smarter decisions with navigation objects overlaid directly on the high definition display. • Make Smarter Decisions: See critical navigation objects overlaid on HD video. Surrounding AIS vessel traffic and charted nav-aids are clearly identified with a video image • Recognize and Respond to Nearby Marine Traffic: Color-coded labels provide instant identification, status, and risk assessment AIS Targets. Provides identification of AIS equipped vessels • Understand Complex Navigational Situations: Major chart objects are identified. Shows visually where your saved waypoints and marks are • See Waypoints in the Real World: Visualize nearby marks and waypoints for easy navigation. Pick out the buoys marking the edges of the safe channel on a hazy day • Includes: CAM300, AR200, RayNet to RJ45 Cable, Backbone Cable & STNG T-Piece connector CLEARCRUISE AR AUGMENTED REALITY PACK Raymarine Transducers and Accessories Item# Length List 152-A80161 1.3' 101.29 EA 152-A62361 6.5' 128.29 EA 152-A80005 16.4' 161.99 EA Opt. Accy. Description List 152-R70014 RayNet Cable Puller (5 pack) 40.59 EA The new RayNet (F) to RayNet (F) network cable can be used to daisy-chain 2 adjacent RayNet devices together. It is also useful for joining two adjacent HS-5 Network Switches together on larger systems where multiple switches are necessary. RAYNET TO RAYNET CABLE Item# Length List 152-A80159 10m 175.49 EA Opt. Accy. Description List 152-R70014 RayNet Cable Puller (5 pack) 40.59 EA The Raynet (F) to RJ45 Ethernet (M) adapter can be used to connect new a, c, e or gS-Series MFDs to the SR6 or 8-Port Seatalk High Speed network switch. When used in conjunction with a crossover coupler, this adapter can also convert the Ethernet connection on a RJ45 radar scanner cable, DSM or thermal camera for directconnection to an HS5 network switch, or MFD RayNet port. RAYNET TO RJ45 CABLE AXIOM™ 7DV ADAPTER CABLE Item# Description List 152-A80484 Adaptor Cable (9 pin to 7 pin) to attach an existing 7 pin Airmar (direct connect to ax7/eSx7 MFD) transducer to Axiom 7DV 80.99 EA Item# Description Pins List 152-A80488 Adapter for Airmar (direct connect to ax7/eSx7 MFD) transducer 25 to 7 80.99 EA 152-A80489 Adapter for Airmar (CP370 style connector) transducer 25 to 8 80.99 EA 152-A80490 Adapter for DownVision (CPT-1xx) transducer to Axiom RV 25 to 9 80.99 EA 152-A80492 Y-Cable for a RV-3D (RV-xxx) transducer & an Airmar (CP370 style connector) transducer 25 to 25 & 8 148.49 EA AXIOM™ REALVISION 3D™ ADAPTER CABLE A80491 & 92 A80490 A80488 A80489 Item# Description Fits List 152-A80527 Adapter plate for legacy a12x MFDs Axiom 12 114.79 EA 152-A80528 Adapter plate for legacy c12x / e12x MFDs Axiom 12 114.79 EA 152-A80530 Adapter plate for legacy E90W MFDs Axiom Pro 9 101.29 EA Upgrade to Axiom from legacy Raymarine MFDs. Mounting kits for mounting Axiom units and adapter plates for Axiom Multifunction Displays. AXIOM™ MOUNT AND ADAPTER PLATE Split y-cable. For use in connecting port and starboard transducer pairs. It is recommended that up to two cable extensions are used, with the total cable length not to exceed 18 meters. • Cable length: 0.3 meter • Connector: 25-Pin Connector Y-CABLE FOR REALVISION 3D TRANSDUCERS Item# Description List 152-A80478 0.3m Y-Cable for RealVision 3D Transducers 121.49 EA Item# Description Size List 152-A80476 5m RealVision 3D Transducer Extension Cable 16' 161.99 EA Works with both the transom mounted RV-100, as well as through-hull RV-200 and RV-300 series transducers. Each extension cable features a waterproof, twist-lock connector at the MFD end, and a compatible socket at the transducer end. 3D TRANSDUCER EXTENSION CABLE Item# Description Cable List 152-A80464 Transom mt. 26' 654.79 EA The RV-100 is a 4-channel, Wide Spectrum CHIRP transducer with DownVision™, SideVision™, high frequency CHIRP fish targeting and RealVision 3D™ sonar inside. The transducer has a built-in attitude and heading reference system (AHRS) that stabilizes the sonar imagery, compensating for vessel motion. Enjoy crystal-clear imagery in waves, swells and while maneuvering. Has a built-in fast response water temperature sensor. A80464: Designed for easy transom mounting on outboard-powered boats. Includes a rugged, stainless kick-up bracket to prevent damage. RV-100 ALL-IN-ONE TRANSOM MOUNT TRANSDUCER