2024 Land N Sea / Paynes Marine Catalogue

GENERAL BOATING WATERSPORTS & BOATS SEATING COVERS/TOPS MAINTENANCE ELECTRICAL HARDWARE PLUMBING PROPS & ANODES FUEL ELECTRONICS & NAVIGATION SAFETY TROLLING & FISHING ANCHORING/ MOORING TRAILERING PAINT VENTILATION FASTENERS STEERING ENGINE ITEMS ARE STOCKED IN OUR WAREHOUSES BASED ON REGIONAL DEMAND. IF AN ITEM IS NOT IN STOCK AT A LOCAL WAREHOUSE, ADDITIONAL CHARGES MAY APPLY. 42 ELECTRONICS The EV-200 Power autopilot system consists of the revolutionary EV-sensor core, the fullysealed ACU-200, a P70Rs control interface. Type 1 hydraulic drive sold separately. • Evolution AI for superior performance • No calibration required • For use with Type 1 hydraulic drives (sold separately) • SeaTalkng Network Compatible • ACU-200 auxiliary power to SeaTalkng network • Includes P70Rs Autopilot Controller EV-200 INBOARD AUTOPILOT - POWER_NO DRIVE Item# Description List 152-T70156 For Mid-sized power vessels with Type 1 Hydraulic drives 2969.99 EA Item# Model Description List 152-E70139 ACU-300 For EV-300 Pilots 2693.29 EA 152-E70100 ACU-400 For EV-400 Pilots 2834.99 EA The rugged ACU (Actuator Control Unit) delivers reliable autopilot drive power and also provides power to the SeaTalkng bus. ACU ACTUATOR CONTROL UNIT Item# Description Rating List 152-M81132 Type 2 Long, 24V (16" Stroke) 44,000 lb. 3401.99 EA The most commonly used drives for sailing vessels. these drives provide powerful thrust, fast hard-over times and quiet operation. The linear drive moves the rudder directly by pushing the tiller arm or a rudder quadrant. Accessory fittings from your steering manufacturer may be required. Must be able to back-drive steering system from the rudder. MECHANICAL LINEAR DRIVE Item# Description Rating List 152-M81120 Type 1 (12V) 80cc - 230cc 1275.79 EA Evolution pilots connect to hydraulic steering systems using a rugged hydraulic pump matched to the capacity of the hydraulic steering system. You'll need to find out the size (in cc) of the hydraulic cylinder(s) mounted to the rudder or inboard engine boats, or to the drive unit on outboard engine boats. Must match to the capacity of steering cylinder ram in cc's. HYDRAULIC PUMP DRIVE UNIT Item# Description List 152-E70148 Depth System w/Transducer 674.99 EA 152-E70147 Speed System w/Transducer 647.99 EA This compact instrument display features large push-button controls and front mounted design for simple installation. The red backlighted display features extra large digits and razor sharp LCD display for outstanding visibility in all light conditions. Fully compatible with SeaTalk and NMEA2000, i50 display also integrates with i70, p70 and p70R Color Instruments and Autopilots. Depth display offers accurate and reliable displays of depth, max depth and minimum depth. Boasts depth trend indicator along with shallow, anchor and deep water alarms. Speed display shows GPS speed over ground, velocity made good, distance log, trip log and sea temperature along with current, maximum and average boat speeds. Also includes a count up timer, and 2 race-start timers. i50 DISPLAY WITH THRU-HULL TRANDUCER Item# Display Size List 152-E70060 TriData 110mm W x 115mm H 809.99 EA 152-E70149 TriData w/Speed/Temp/Depth ThuHull Transducer 110mm W x 115mm H 1046.29 EA A compact instrument with a convenient 3 line display combining speed and depth instruments into a single display. The i50 tridata displays current depth, current, maximum and average speed, distance and trip log, water temperature and velocity made good to windward. For racers, tridata features a count-up timer, and 2 race start timers. Alarm functions include shallow depth, deep depth, shallow anchor and deep anchor. The red backlighted display features extra large digits and a razor sharp LCD display for outstanding visibility in all light conditions. Compatible with SeaTalk and NMEA2000, i50 tridata display also integrates with i70, p70 and p70R Color Instruments and Autopilots. i50 TRIDATA DISPLAY Item# Display List 152-E70150 i60 Wind Pack, w/Short Arm Vane Transducer 1349.99 EA 152-E70062 i60 Close Hauled Wind Display (Analog) 607.49 EA • Large numerals and digits • Red back lighting for night viewing • SeaTalk and SeaTalkng interfaces • NMEA 2000 compatible • Built-in transducer interface • 110mm x 115mm Footprint identical to older Raymarine ST60+ • Low power consumption • Front mounted design Designed for sailboaters, this stylish, dedicated-function instrument covers wind and closehauled wind options in analogue and digital formats. Excellent viewing angles for both day and night conditions and simple, pushbutton controls make it extremely easy to see and use. i60 WIND INSTRUMENT DISPLAY E70061/E70150 E70062 Item# List 152-E70153 1957.49 KT Pack includes: i50 Depth Instrument with thru-hull transducer (E70148), i50 Speed instrument with thru-hull transducer (E70147) & i60 wind instrument with Short Arm Vane Transducer (E70150). i50 AND i60 INSTRUMENT PACK Instrument System Pack for Existing NMEA 2000 installations. T70226 Includes: • i70 display • iTC-5 converter • Standard wind transducer • DST800 transducer • Backbone Cable 9M • Backbone Terminator • Inline Terminator • Power Cable i70s INSTRUMENT PACK Item# Description List 152-E70327 Display Only 803.29 EA Item# List 152-E70476 1619.99 EA • Full transmit and receive AIS • Latest SO-TDMA networking • Built-in antenna splitter for existing VHF antenna • NMEA2000, NMEA0183, PC (setup & diagnostics) and SeaTalkng compatible. • Software or hardware switchable Silent Mode for enhanced security Class-B AIS transceiver designed for use with Raymarine multifunction systems. The AIS700 not only receives broadcasts from other vessels, it also transmits your own boat's information too helping you to be seen on other vessels' systems. AIS700 AIS TRANCEIVER W/SPLITTER