2024 Land N Sea / Paynes Marine Catalogue

GENERAL BOATING WATERSPORTS & BOATS SEATING COVERS/TOPS MAINTENANCE ELECTRICAL HARDWARE PLUMBING PROPS & ANODES FUEL ELECTRONICS & NAVIGATION SAFETY TROLLING & FISHING ANCHORING/ MOORING TRAILERING PAINT VENTILATION FASTENERS STEERING ENGINE ITEM NUMBERS IN RED ARE HAZARDOUS ITEMS IN BLUE ARE NEW ] SEA VALUE v OVERSIZED dCOURIER SURCHARGE NAVIGATION 107 Compasses Ideal for small boats and recreational use. Easy to install on windshield or dash. Two-sided self-adhesive mounting pads included. Reversible bracket adjusts through 300°. Bracket pad measures 11/ 4 x 11/ 4". 2" direct-reading, dial and built-in compensators. 12V green night lighting. Exclusive 5 year warranty. Item# Mount Color Light List 128-X10M Bracket Gray Green 101.19 EA 128-X10BM Bracket Black Green 101.19 EA 128-X10WM Bracket White Green 101.19 EA RITCHIESPORT® COMPASSES X10WM X10M X10BM Item# Mount Color Light List 128-V572 Dash Black Green 203.19 EA 128-B51] Bracket Black Green 197.89 EA 128-B51G Bracket Gray Green 197.89 EA 128-B51W] Bracket White Green 197.89 EA 128-S53 Surface Black Green 197.89 EA 128-S53G Surface Gray Green 197.89 EA 128-F50] Flush Black Green 212.29 EA 128-F50W] Flush White Green 212.29 EA 128-V537B Bulkhead Blue Yes 236.59 EA 100% repairable. The perfect small powerboat compass. Features a 23/ 4" direct reading dial built-in compensators to easily adjust for deviation, and movable sun shield. The B51 bracket mount models are adjustable and removable with bracket and thumbscrews. The S53 surface mount models feature quick push-button removal for storage and security. Exclusive 5 year warranty. EXPLORER™ COMPASSES F50W B51W S53G B51G S53 F50 V572 B51 Flush Mt. Item# Mount Color Light List 128-RA91 Bracket Gray Green 174.69 EA 128-RA93 Surface Gray Green 174.69 EA 100% repairable. Features a 23/ 4" direct-reading blue dial, internal green night lighting, built-in compensators to easily adjust for deviation, and movable sun shield. Choice of easily adjustable bracket mount with thumb-screws or surface mount with push button removal for quick storage and security. Get to your favorite fishing spots with the accuracy of DirectiveForce magnets and graphics that will compliment your boat. Exclusive 5 year warranty. ANGLER® COMPASSES RA91 RA93 100% repairable. Features big compass performance in a compact size with 3" PowerDamp (flat card models) or CombiDamp dials, extra lubber lines and DirectiveForce magnets. Exclusive built-in green NiteVu night illumination. Built-in compensators to easily adjust for deviation. Scientifically matched sapphire jewel and hardened steel pivot dial movement. Movable sun shield. Exclusive 5 year warranty. Item# Mount Color Card Light List 128-B80 Bracket Black Flat Green 400.19 EA 128-B81 Bracket Black Combi Green 400.19 EA 128-F82] Flush Black Flat Green 409.99 EA 128-F83] Flush Black Combi Green 409.99 EA 128-F83W Flush White Combi Green 409.99 EA VOYAGER® COMPASSES F82 B80 B81 Dash Mt.