2024 Land N Sea / Paynes Marine Catalogue

GENERAL BOATING WATERSPORTS & BOATS SEATING COVERS/TOPS MAINTENANCE ELECTRICAL HARDWARE PLUMBING PROPS & ANODES FUEL ELECTRONICS & NAVIGATION SAFETY TROLLING & FISHING ANCHORING/ MOORING TRAILERING PAINT VENTILATION FASTENERS STEERING ENGINE ITEMS ARE STOCKED IN OUR WAREHOUSES BASED ON REGIONAL DEMAND. IF AN ITEM IS NOT IN STOCK AT A LOCAL WAREHOUSE, ADDITIONAL CHARGES MAY APPLY. 106 NAVIGATION Item# Size List 958-WAP000120 121/ 2" 50.79 EA Plotter mounted on an aluminum roller assembly that allows you to plot courses and parallel lines with simple direct transfer and doesn't require the space that traditional parallel rules or triangles need. The roller keeps the plotter parallel as you slide it across the chart. It includes distance scales at 1:20,000, 1:40,000 and 1:80,000 to fit U.S. Coast and Harbor Charts, as well as an inch scale. A semi-circular protractor for measuring course and bearing against meridian on a chart and two quarter circle protractors for measuring course and bearing against parallel of latitude are built into the plotter. It is also used for measuring or laying off courses and distances on a nautical chart. PARALLEL PLOTTER Item# Size List 958-WAP000090 7" 54.89 EA Locking knob enables the two rulers to be fixed in any given separation which allows rapid determination of GPS position. Has graduations and can be used as a protractor to determine compass bearing and a millimeter metric scale across bottom. COMPACT PARALOCK PLOTTER Item# Size List 958-WAP002802 5" x 5" 15.19 EA 958-WAP000101 30.59 EA Often used in a combination of two, our Protractor Triangle with Handle provides a straightforward method of plotting and performing chart work. Each triangle is inscribed with contrast enhancing colors (red & black), plus a handle that holds a pencil, making it convenient and easy to use. The protractor scale on the triangle can aid in drawing a bearing line on a chart, and the 90° angle is helpful when determining lines of position. When used in pairs, the second triangle acts as an extension, and the pair together are a reliable means to transfer a directional line on a chart with no slippage. • 73/ 4" sides x 11" (19.69 cm x 27.94 cm) hypotenuse • Made from clear durable vinylite • Lifetime warranty SQUARE PROTRACTOR Item# List 958-WAP000104 38.79 EA • 91/ 4" sides x 13" (23.50cm x 33.02cm) hypotenuse • Pencil & sharpener included • Both 320mm & 1-80,000 scales shown • Inscribed with contrast-enhancing colors (red & black) • Hole at vertex allows several uses • Heavy duty clear 5mm acrylic construction for durability PROFESSIONAL PROTRACTOR TRIANGLE Item# Size List 958-WAP000255 15.2" x 5.2" 34.69 EA • Updated version of Breton & Portland Plotters • Movable compass rose grid • Edges graduated in inches & centimeters • Pencil & sharpener included WEEMS PROTRACTOR Heavy-duty, flexible acrylic construction is the foundation for this easyto-use, professional three arm protractor, which is ideal for laying out course lines or plotting fixes from multiple fixed positions obtained by a sextant or hand bearing compass. Overlay it on a chart for full visibility underneath. The center arm is fixed with two adjustable arms. The hole in the center of the compass rose makes it easy to mark your position. 3-ARM PROTRACTOR Item# Size List 958-WAP000116 21" 81.79 EA Item# List 958-WAP000150 156.19 EA An invaluable tool for celestial navigators to locate and identify, by altitude and azimuth, the 57 stars listed in air and nautical almanacs. It can also be used by amateur star gazers for general star identification. The kit contains a durable black vinyl pouch with velcro closure that holds one star base and (10) 81/ 2" plastic templates. STAR FINDER 2102-D Item# List 958-WAP000105 41.39 EA The Nautical Slide Rule offers a foolproof, immediate solution to all common speed/time/distance problems and is convertible to statute or nautical miles. It also allows the user to compute distance in yards if the speed is factored in knots. The Nautical Slide Rule is sometimes referred to as a Time Speed Distance Calculator. NAUTICAL SLIDE RULE Hand Bearing Compasses Item# Description List 166-215 Illuminated 86.89 EA Allows quick magnetic bearings on shore or floating objects. Simply align front and rear sights on the object and read off bearing. Features: stable, liquid-damped compass card graduated in 5° segments, bold graduations every 15° for easy reading, large, contoured handle angled forward for added control. This lightweight compass includes a lanyard and instructions. Illuminated version features high-efficiency lifetime LED system which floods compass capsule and sight vane with soft light. Includes batteries. HAND BEARING COMPASS Item# Description Size List 128-X11Y Yellow compass 13/ 8" H x 29/ 16" W 121.39 EA • Easy to read 2" direct-reading dial • Hardened steel pivot and Sapphire jewel movement • Built-in roller diaphragm for extended temperature operating range • International Safety Yellow case • Silicon impact resistant case with neck lanyard • Compact size for easy handling and storage • QuickSight V-notch and lubber line for easy heading alignment • Non-electric chem sticks provide 18 hours of night lighting SPORTABOUT™ MARINE HAND BEARING COMPASS Item# Size List 958-WAP002005 3.2" x 1.3" 364.89 EA Get a quick fix, day or night. A perfect companion for sailors and small boat operators, this durable compass is easy-to-read and accurate to within 1°. A heading can seen by looking straight down the compass and reading the angle shown with the magnifying lens, or by holding the compass near the eye and reading down the line of sight. Contrasting black and red numbers on the compass card make it quick, clear, and easy-to-read. It features a two-colored photo luminescent card that's numbered every 5° and provides battery free illumination. Includes a neck/wrist lanyard. HAND BEARING COMPASS