2024 Land N Sea / Paynes Marine Catalogue

NP48 NEW PRODUCTS ITEM NUMBERS IN RED ARE HAZARDOUS v OVERSIZED d UPS/FEDEX SURCHARGE Item# Color 167-5912DSVHF Black 167-5912DSVHFW White Low profile VHF antenna is specifically for greater effectiveness in short-range applications, suitable for up to 10 miles. The fin shaped design eliminates the antenna getting snagged while the high impact and sealed ABS body ensures a long life. Includes 26' RG58 cable and PL-259 plug and is fully water sealed. 2-yr warranty. 0 dB. 25W. 4" x 2.3" x 2.5". DORSAL™ VHF ANTENNA • QC4 Antenna: 3db Gain. • QC8 Antenna: 6db Gain. QuickConnect® system, screw or unscrew antenna to disconnect or connect. High quality connection so that no noise is generated due to vibrations. Easily replace or upgrade to other Shakespeare QuickConnect® antennas without purchasing a new mount. VHF marine band. Base connector inlcuded for QuickConnect® mount only. Use with QuickConnect® mounts only. (sold separately). QUICKCONNECT® VHF ANTENNA Item# Description Length Pkg. 167-QC4Td QC-4 Antenna 4' Individual tube 167-QC8Td QC-8 Antenna 8' Individual tube Item# Material 167-6187 Stainless Steel Full 4D range of motion with no tools. Maximum mounting flexibility - deck or side mount, even at extreme angles. Standard 1"-14 threads. Bolt holes: 5/ 16" diameter 3" x 11/ 2" on center. STAINLESS STEEL RATCHET MOUNT 3dB antenna. Brass and copper elements for performance, plus a smooth, high-gloss, polyurethane finish that won't turn yellow. Chromeplated brass ferrule with standard 1"-14 thread. Includes 15' RG-58 cable and a PL-259 connector. 5104 4' CLASSIC VHF ANTENNA Item# Length Ferrule Color 167-5104BLKd 4' Chrome-plated brass Black Item# Length Color Ferrule 167-5101BLKd 8' Black Chrome plated brass End-fed with matching stub. Good performance and superb value. Highend features with a brass element and a smooth, durable, high gloss white fiberglass finish that won't turn yellow. Brass and copper elements, chromeplated brass ferrule, standard 1"-14 thread. Includes 15' RG-58 cable and a PL-259 connector. 6dB. One section. Suggested mount: 4187, 5186 or 5187. 5101 8' CLASSIC VHF ANTENNA Hides all engine cables and hoses. Can be added to any style outboard. Kits include: 2" Sternflex rigging hose & Flange. Item# Description Color Length Size 88-1262003B1 Hose Only Black 10' 2" STERNFLEX RIGGING HOSE, FLANGES AND KITS Item# Size Color 507-105730 2" x 60 yds. White 507-105736 3" x 60 yds. White 507-105737 4" x 60 yds. White 507-105738 6" x 60 yds. White 507-105732 2" x 60 yds. Blue 507-105742 3' x 60 yds. Blue 507-105743 4" x 60 yds. Blue 507-105744 6" x 60 yds. Blue Overall Grade/Function: UVresistant. Polyethylene film backing. • For shrink applications and vapor barrier seaming • Great for patching, repairing, bundling, wrapping and sealing • Maintains a watertight seal and humidity resistance in all conditions PE 900 UV-RESISTANT MARINE HEAT SHRINK TAPE