2024 Land N Sea / Paynes Marine Catalogue

GENERAL BOATING WATERSPORTS & BOATS SEATING COVERS/TOPS MAINTENANCE ELECTRICAL HARDWARE PLUMBING PROPS & ANODES FUEL ELECTRONICS & NAVIGATION SAFETY TROLLING & FISHING ANCHORING/ MOORING TRAILERING PAINT VENTILATION FASTENERS STEERING ENGINE ITEMS ARE STOCKED IN OUR WAREHOUSES BASED ON REGIONAL DEMAND. IF AN ITEM IS NOT IN STOCK AT A LOCAL WAREHOUSE, ADDITIONAL CHARGES MAY APPLY. 50 ELECTRONICS For connection between NMEA 2000 drop cables and backbone cables. The yellow couplers connect to the corresponding Ancor tees and backbone cables. The connectors are offered in four configurations for maximum installation flexibility. The 2-way and 4-way tee connectors allow for multiple drop cables to be connected without an additional backbone cable. Item# Description List 639-270101] Single Tee 39.99 EA 639-270103] 2-Way Tee 69.49 EA 639-270104] 4-Way Tee 89.39 EA NMEA 2000 TEE CONNECTOR 270104 270101 270103 For connection between an NMEA 2000 device and tee connector. The black couplers connect to the corresponding Ancor tees. The drop cables are smaller in diameter and more flexible than backbone cables for easy connection to NMEA 2000 devices. • Super flexible 22 AWG power conductors for ease of installation and wire routing NMEA 2000 DROP CABLE Item# Size List 639-270300] 1.6' (.5 m) 34.99 EA 639-270301] 3.3' (1 m) 71.29 EA 639-270302] 6.5' (2 m) 59.89 EA 639-270305] 16' (5 m) 75.69 EA Item# Description List 639-270105] Female terminator 28.39 EA 639-270106] Male terminator 28.39 EA 270105 270106 For proper termination of an NMEA 2000 network. The yellow couplers connect to the corresponding Ancor tees. One male and one female terminator is required for each NMEA 2000 network. NMEA 2000 TERMINATOR Item# Description List 639-270109] Female 51.49 EA 639-270110] Male 51.49 EA For termination of a bare NMEA cable. Securely terminate bulk cable, or replace a broken end. NMEA 2000 FIELD SERVICEABLE CONNECTOR Female Male Simplifies installation when routing through a waterproof bulkhead or panel. Creates a connectoin point for removable equipment such as a computer interface. NMEA 2000 THROUGH BULKHEAD ADAPTOR Item# List 639-270107] 34.69 EA Makes cable routing easier. The connector is installed between two cables to reduce stress on the cables and create a compact installation. NMEA 2000 90° ELBOW CONNECTOR Item# List 639-270108] 36.89 EA Item# Description List 639-270111] Female 14.69 EA 639-270112] Male 14.69 EA Cover unused couplers. Protects unused tee connectors from dust and water. 2-pack. NMEA 2000 BLANKING CAP Female Male • NMEA approved • Share data, Including commands and status with other compatible equipment • Rated to IPX7 for water-tight connections • Interchangeable with other NMEA 2000 products • Premium metal connection collars ensure connections are secure PC51210 Contains: Male & Female Ternination Resistor, Micro -Piece, Micro-C Drop Cable 6' & 3' NMEA 2000 STARTER KIT Dual Kit Item# Description List 11-PC51210 Dual Device Kit 215.69 EA • Share data, including commands and status w/ other compatible equipment • 18AWG conductors provide less voltage drop • Rated to IPX7 for reliable, water-tight connections • Premium metal connection collars • Interchangeable with other NMEA 2000 products • Gold-plated copper alloy for superior conductivity Item# Description Length List 11-PC51000 Micro-C Extension Cable 2' 74.59 EA 11-PC51010 Micro-C Extension Cable 3' 77.39 EA 11-PC51020 Micro-C Extension Cable 6' 93.19 EA 11-PC51030 Micro-C Extension Cable 12' 116.39 EA 11-PC51140 Micro-C Drop Cable 2' 57.49 EA 11-PC51160 Micro-C Drop Cable 6' 76.09 EA 11-PC51170 Micro-C Drop Cable 16' 117.99 EA 11-PC51050 Power T Cable 3' 52.79 EA 11-PC51070 Female Termination Resistor 21.59 EA 11-PC51080 Male Termination Resistor 23.29 EA 11-PC51090 Micro 90° Elbow 37.29 EA 11-PC51110 Micro 4-TEE Piece 119.79 EA 11-PC51120 M12 Metal Cap, Female Connection 15.59 EA 11-PC51130 M12 Metal Cap, Male Connection 15.29 EA NMEA 2000 CABLES AND ACCESSORIES PC51090 PC51080 PC51110 PC51120 PC51070 PC51050 PC51010 PC51150 PC51130 • Monitors water in your gas or diesel fuel • Plug and play upgrade to any NMEA 2000 system • Alerts your multifunction display that water is present in the fuel filter • Early detection of water in the fuel • For boats with NMEA 2000 networks and MFD's that support WIF alerts • Use with 99606 Water-in-Fuel Sensor • 99608 includes: Module, 99606 Sensor (for fuel/water separator bowls with a 1/ 2" - 20 UNF threaded sensor port), and Wire Harness NMEA 2000 WIF (WATER IN FUEL) MODULE Module Module w/Sensor Item# Description List 47-99607 WIF Module Only 206.69 EA 47-99608 WIF Module w/99606 Sensor 344.29 EA • USCG 33 CFR Rated • Stainless Steel • Includes Deutsch Connector & Wire Harness • Meets SAE J1926 • For: Fuel water separator bowls that employ a 1/ 2" -20 UNF thread • Works for gas and diesel applications WATER SENSOR PROBE Item# Description Replaces List 47-99606 Water Sensor Probe 33 CFR Racor RK23191-01 216.49 EA