2024 Land N Sea / Paynes Marine Catalogue

GENERAL BOATING WATERSPORTS & BOATS SEATING COVERS/TOPS MAINTENANCE ELECTRICAL HARDWARE PLUMBING PROPS & ANODES FUEL ELECTRONICS & NAVIGATION SAFETY TROLLING & FISHING ANCHORING/ MOORING TRAILERING PAINT VENTILATION FASTENERS STEERING ENGINE ITEMS ARE STOCKED IN OUR WAREHOUSES BASED ON REGIONAL DEMAND. IF AN ITEM IS NOT IN STOCK AT A LOCAL WAREHOUSE, ADDITIONAL CHARGES MAY APPLY. 28 ELECTRONICS Item# Description Display List 149-00015885001 Elite FS™ 7 All-Season Pack 7" 1416.19 EA Bring the power of Lowrance CHIRP sonar, DownScan Imaging™ and FishReveal™ to the ice, a kayak or small boat with the Elite FS 7 AllSeason Pack. Pack includes Elite FS 9 display, ActiveTarget Live Sonar, premium Explorer bag and frame, ice transducer pole for ActiveTarget Down, Forward, or Scout views, a 24 Ah Lithium battery with dual USB charging ports and built-in voltage meter, along with custom wiring harness, master power switch and Ethernet cable. • ActiveTarget™ Live Sonar ready • Active Imaging 3-in-1 ready • FishReveal™ • Preloaded C-MAP® Contour+ inland and coastal charts with high resolution, bathymetric 1-foot contours on 15,000+ U.S. lakes and 9,400+ lakes in Canada • Mapping options including C-MAP®, Navionics® and more • C-MAP® Easy Routing, Navionics® Autorouting capability • C-MAP Genesis Live onscreen mapping • High-resolution multi-touch touchscreen • Integrated wireless, NMEA 2000® and Ethernet connectivity • Full touchscreen control of Power Pole® anchors and Ghost® Trolling Motor • Kit includes: Elite FS 7, carrying bag, HDI skimmer transducer, suction cup mount, ice transducer, mounting platform, power cable, 12V battery and charger ELITE FS™ 7 ALL-SEASON PACK Item# List 137-6000331 136.99 EA The Zero Line is the place where the water meets the shore. It's also the starting point for building your own maps with AutoChart. With these all-important Zero Lines as your foundation, you can begin creating your own accurate and detailed maps of any fishing spot, even where contour coverage doesn't exist. Anglers can purchase additional Zero Line Map Cards to view the AutoChart created maps on multiple Humminbird units. Simply export the map from the PC program to the extra Zero Line Map Cards and you'll have multiple charts of your favorite fishing spots ready to view on a range of compatible* Humminbird fish finders. *Optional for select SOLIX, ONIX, ION, HELIX, 1100, 900, 800, and 600 Series models. Compatibility subject to change without notice. All Humminbird units will require a software update for this option. • 32 GB SD card containing zero lines with over 140,000 named water bodies and over 1.75 million unnamed water bodies in the United States and over 96,000 named water bodies and over 3.85 million unnamed water bodies in Canada. Plus there is 16 GB of free space to maintain your custom maps. • Card must be present to get the detailed zero line base map to display in AutoChart PC AUTOCHART™ ZERO LINE Item# List 137-6000321 337.59 EA • Create custom maps using the AutoChart SD card featuring over 2 million lakes with Zero Lines for your Humminbird® and computer • Patented LakeMaster features compatible with AutoChart generated contours: Depth Highlight • Water Level Offset • Shallow Water Highlight • Follow the Contour functionality of Minn Kota® I-Pilot® Link® by loading digital maps created in AutoChart into your Humminbird • Satellite image overlay • Bottom hardness indicating various levels of bottom composition • Merge side imaging mosaic data onto the map for 3D visualization of fish-holding habitat AUTOCHART™ PRO USER-GENERATED DVD MAPPING SOFTWARE HydroWave Electronic Fishing Device • Expansion port for additional sounds • 5 pre-programmed delay options (15/30/45/60/120) • 2.5" Display • Made in the USA Includes: • H2 Unit, Waterproof Speaker w/14' Cord • Speaker Mtg Hardware The HydroWave is an electronic fishing device created to emit the sounds of a predatory fish engaged in feeding. HydroWave incorporates both Lateral Reactive Technology (LRT) and Vibration Reactive Technology (VRT) to elicit predatory feeding responses. It acts as an underwater manipulative, like bait; however, it communicates to the fish's primary sensory system, the lateral line, which allows fish and amphibians to perceive and localize movements in their vicinity. It is involved in important behaviors such as prey detection. HYDROWAVE™ H2 TACTILE SOUND TRANSMITTER Item# Description List 532-HW10003811P Bass 820.29 EA • Shallow Power • Shallow Finesse • Vegetation • Top Water Schooling • Off Shore Structure • Off Shore Schooling • Off Shore Finesse • Marinas/Docks • Crawfish A Marine Audio Device based on the reactive senses of a Bass and other predatory fish. It delivers the latest in sound emitting technology, imitating the audible underwater sounds of baitfish and fish-feeding. These sounds stimulate feeding in game fish. In addition to the 16 sound patterns on the H2 Bass HydroWave, the KVD H2 has 9 additional sound patterns designed by Kevin VanDam for specific fishing situations: HYDROWAVE™ KVD H2 UNIT Item# List 532-HWPKGH2KVD 901.39 EA Lowrance Ice Fishfinders • 4" SolarMAX™ Display • Automated sonar settings • One-touch access to key features • Easy front-dash or quick-release bracket mount • Resolution 480H x 272W • Waterproof Standard/rating IPx7 All-Season Pack: Portable pack with two mounts for the Hook2-4x fishfinder, 12V battery and charger, Wide Angle 200 kHz Skimmer® transducer with power cable, Suction-cup transducer mount, Ice transducer with with float and power cable, Two Stowaway® utility boxes. GPS Model: Basic GPS only no mapping capabilities Perfect for kayaks and boats with limited console space, the compact HOOK2 4x Bullet features proven Broadband Sounder™. HOOK² 4X ALL SEASON PACK Item# Description List 149-00014178001 HOOK² 4x All Season Pack (No GPS) 337.49 EA 149-00014179001 HOOK² 4x GPS All Season Pack 377.99 EA Item# Description Display List 149-00015877001 HOOK Reveal 5 SplitShot w/ All-Season Pack 5" 889.69 EA 149-00015878001 HOOK Reveal 7 SplitShot w/ All-Season Pack 7" 1200.19 EA FishReveal™ makes fish easier to see by combining CHIRP sonar and DownScan Imaging™ on one screen. Find the best fishing areas with preloaded US Inland mapping or map uncharted water - in real time - with Genesis Live. • FishReveal™ • Genesis Live Real-Time Mapping • Autotuning sonar • Double the sonar coverage of other fishfinders • Contour+ US/Canada mapping card • SolarMAX™ Display • SplitShot transducer with High CHIRP and DownScan Imaging™ • New fish-finding color palettes • One-touch access to key features • Mapping options include C-MAP, C-MAP Genesis, Navionics® and more • microSD card slot • Easy front-dash or gimbal-bracket mount All-Season and Portable Power Packs: Easy to transport, with an adjustable display mount, a pair of tackle boxes, a power cable and a battery ensuring you have everything you need, whether you are fishing from a small boat, or a stationery location, like ice or a dock. HOOK REVEAL SPLITSHOT WITH ALL-SEASON PACK