2024 Land N Sea / Paynes Marine Catalogue

GENERAL BOATING WATERSPORTS & BOATS SEATING COVERS/TOPS MAINTENANCE ELECTRICAL HARDWARE PLUMBING PROPS & ANODES FUEL ELECTRONICS & NAVIGATION SAFETY TROLLING & FISHING ANCHORING/ MOORING TRAILERING PAINT VENTILATION FASTENERS STEERING ENGINE ITEMS ARE STOCKED IN OUR WAREHOUSES BASED ON REGIONAL DEMAND. IF AN ITEM IS NOT IN STOCK AT A LOCAL WAREHOUSE, ADDITIONAL CHARGES MAY APPLY. 128 GENERAL BOATING Galley Accessories Item# Color Size List 107-21321 White 11" x 6" x 4" 22.19 EA Easy to mount resin frame has a hinged cover to keep the contents from spilling out. Quickly mounts on any smooth surface with three Super Suction™ cups, or screws. Uses the typical supermarket or kitchen trash bags. TRASH BAGGER An ingenious heat powered lamp that uses a single tea light candle to power eight LED lights. No batteries, solar or electrical cords to create its light. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use at home, chalet, cabin, RVs and off-grid. The adjustable light can be raised and angled to provide light on a patio table, beside a lounge chair for reading, at dockside or to create the perfect ambience. 2 year warranty. JOI LIGHT Item# Size List 141-8310CA 9.5"H x 5.5"W x 5.5"D 199.00 EA Item# Size List 299-62442 17/ 8"H x 121/ 4"W x 43/ 8"D 45.69 EA Wall mount takes standard or jumbo roll. Springloaded bar. TEAK PAPER TOWEL HOLDER Item# Size List 299-62408 103/ 8"H x 41/ 4"W x 41/ 4"D 80.59 EA Holds 3-4 cups. TEAK MODULAR CUP RACK Item# Size List 299-62410 111/ 8"W x 31/ 2"H x 41/ 8"D 80.59 EA Holds mugs or cans in insulated drink holders. TEAK THREE MUG RACK Item# Description Size List 299-62436 Up to 9 spice bottles 14"L x 27/ 8"H x 4"D 119.29 EA 299-62438 Up to 15 spice bottles 233/ 8"W x 27/ 8"H x 4"D 136.09 EA Small Large TEAK SPICE RACK Item# Size List 299-62426 171/ 2"W x 5"D x 21/ 2"H 118.09 EA Holds up to 8 small wine glasses. Bulkhead Mount. TEAK WINEGLASS RACK WITH SHELF Item# Size List 299-62425 165/ 8"W x 113/ 4"D x 7/ 8"H 162.39 EA Holds up to 12 large wine glasses. Space-saving overheard mount. TEAK OVERHEAD WINEGLASS RACK Item# Size List 299-62406 193/ 4"W x 41/ 4"D x 111/ 2"H 239.69 EA Holds 4 each of plates and cups. TEAK DISH/CUP HOLDER Item# Size List 299-62404 161/ 4"W x 97/ 8"H x 71/ 8"D 387.79 EA Holds cups, plates, and flatware. TEAK DISH/CUP/UTENSIL HOLDER