2024 Land N Sea / Paynes Marine Catalogue

GENERAL BOATING WATERSPORTS & BOATS SEATING COVERS/TOPS MAINTENANCE ELECTRICAL HARDWARE PLUMBING PROPS & ANODES FUEL ELECTRONICS & NAVIGATION SAFETY TROLLING & FISHING ANCHORING/ MOORING TRAILERING PAINT VENTILATION FASTENERS STEERING ENGINE ITEMS ARE STOCKED IN OUR WAREHOUSES BASED ON REGIONAL DEMAND. IF AN ITEM IS NOT IN STOCK AT A LOCAL WAREHOUSE, ADDITIONAL CHARGES MAY APPLY. 112 GENERAL BOATING Glove Boxes Item# Color Size List 23-26381] Black 133/ 4"L x 51/ 2"H 80.89 EA Plastic box and door are lightweight and sturdy. Opens easily on a stainless steel hinge pin and locks with a marine locking latch. Installation hole size is 12"L x 41/ 4"H. STANDARD GLOVE BOX Non-locking Turn to open mechanism-no finger pull Corrosion resistant black polyester GLOVE BOX LATCH Item# List 11-MP49430 36.89 EA Item# List 11-MP494101] 33.09 EA • Turn to open mechanism- no finger pull • Can be locked or left in latch only position • Black glass reinforced polyester, corrosion resistant • Supplied with 2 keys • 1" hole size, 1" depth. 3/ 4" panel thickness GLOVE BOX LOCK Flags and Pennants Item# Size Case List 50-78191] Flag: 12" x 18" 8 44.33 EA Kit Contains: • Print dyed nylon U.S. Flag (78201) • Chrome plated brass 3/ 4" flag pole socket (70701) • Varnished mahogany 18" flag pole (77021) MARINE U.S. FLAG KIT Item# Size Case List 50-78211] 12" x 18" 12 27.93 EA • 100% Nylon • Reinforced headings • Double stitching for extra durability • Brass grommets DELUXE SEWN AMERICAN FLAG • Print-dyed nylon body • Canvas header and brass grommets Item# Description Size Case List 50-78201] United States 12" x 18" 12 14.72 EA 50-78221] Canada 12" x 18" 12 14.16 EA 50-78251] Jolly Roger 12" x 18" 12 14.72 EA 50-78261] Port Clearance (solid yellow) 12" x 18" 12 14.72 EA 50-78271 Mexico 12" x 18" 12 11.38 EA 50-78281 Puerto Rico 12" x 18" 12 10.97 EA Port Clearance Puerto Rico Mexico Jolly Roger United States Canada FLAGS Item# Color Size Case List 50-78231] Red & White 20" x 24" 12 18.89 EA Made of vinyl with stiffener. Poly bagged. DIVER DOWN FLAG The soft glow sets the mood for an elegant tabletop dinner. The base of this charming table lamp is made from solid cast brass that is polished and lacquered. It has a non-skid bottom with holes that can be used for permanent mounting on a table surface so it won't slide around. A unique, hassle free disposable fuel cell sits inside the base, and a delicate glass chimney fits securely on top. A great value and beautiful alternative to candlelight. Includes one fuel cell with 17- hour burn time. Additional fuel cells available in a 6 pack (WAPHD176). BRASS COMPANION LAMP Item# Description Finish Size List 958-WAP000818 Lamp Brass 9" x 3" 156.69 EA Repl. Parts Description List 958-WAPHD176 Fuel Cell - 6 pk. 61.99 EA Paraffin-based lamp oil produces a bright flame and burns without smoking. Designed for use in wick feeding lamps or lamp candles, it is recommended to keep the wick short and trim for best results. During long burn periods, the wick will require regular adjustment to prevent smoking and soot damage, even when using smokeless lamp oil. ULTRA-CLEAR LAMP OIL Item# Size List 372-14673 750 ml 12.39 EA An ingenious heat powered lamp that uses a single tea light candle to power eight LED lights. No batteries, solar or electrical cords to create its light. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use at home, chalet, cabin, RVs and off-grid. The adjustable light can be raised and angled to provide light on a patio table, beside a lounge chair for reading, at dockside or to create the perfect ambience. 2 year warranty. JOI LIGHT Item# Size List 141-8310CA 9.5"H x 5.5"W x 5.5"D 199.00 EA