2023 Land N Sea Marine Catalog

GENERAL BOATING WATERSPORTS & bOATS SEATING COVERS/TOPS MAINTENANCE ELECTRICAL HARDWARE PLUMBING PROPS & aNODES FUEL ELECTRONICS & NAVIGATION SAFETY TROLLING & fISHING ANCHORING/ mOORING TRAILERING PAINT VENTILATION FASTENERS STEERING ENGINE Item Numbers in Red are hazardous items in blue are new ] sea value v oversized d ups/fedex Surcharge (L) = SE & MIDWEST only (K) = NE & Mid-ATLANTIC only (W) = WEST COAST only u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm NAVIGATION 133 Log Books/Reference Books Item# Color Size List 35-MM403 (K) Asst. 8 1/ 2" x 11" 34.86 EA Soft vinyl cover, spiral bound. Pages for trip, log, radio, guests, maintenance. Size 8 1/ 2" x 11". 400 SERIES MEMORY MATE LOGBOOK Item# Color Size List 35-MM503 (K) Navy 5 1/ 2" x 8 1/ 2" 26.22 EA Laminated hard plastic cover with plastic binder. Includes title page, cruising sheets, guest log, radio log, fuel readings, repair log and engine hour readings. 500 SERIES MEMORY MATE LOGBOOK Item# Size List 128-W35 (K) 3" x 5" 25.09 EA • Convenient vinyl covered pocket notebook with 40 pages. • Completely Waterproof, for Use Under Water • Uses Regular Soft Lead Pencil • Opens Flat for Easy Writing • Plastic Ring Allows Easy Removal of Pages • Tough International Safety Yellow Vinyl Cover POCKET WETNOTES® NOTEBOOK Item# Size List 128-W50 (LK) 4 1/ 2" x 7 1/ 4" 32.69 EA • 45 pages • Ideal for Work or Play Outdoors ... Boaters, Divers, Naturalists, Campers, Engineers • Completely Waterproof, for Use Under Water • Uses Regular Soft Lead Pencil (No. 2 pencil included) • Opens Flat for Easy Writing • Plastic Ring Allows Easy Removal of Pages • Tough International Safety Yellow Vinyl Cover WETNOTES® NOTEBOOK Item# List 166-128 (K) 14.19 EA Covers all the basic procedures and equipment. Includes predeparture checklist, recommended equipment & spare parts, fueling procedures, engine troubleshooting, radio use, trailering, launching, anchoring, knot tying, waterskiing hand signals. Gives rules of the U.S. Buoyage System and right-of-way. Helps in emergencies by covering distress signals, fire procedures, towing, weather warnings, and first aid (Hypothermia & CPR). BOATING GUIDE QUICK REFERENCE CARD Item# List 166-125 14.19 EA Has the new Buoyage System, inland and international rules, right of way, lights, sound signals, new bridge signals, graphically summarized and easy to read. NAVIGATION RULES QUICK REFERENCE CARD Item# List 166-126 (LK) 14.19 EA Puts all the piloting information you need at your fingertips. Includes dead reckoning basics, true, magnetic and compass relationships, position finding, estimating distances off, current and leeway corrections. Has time, distance and speed calculator, relative bearing gauge for distance off calculations and common chart symbols. COASTWISE PILOTING Item# List 166-127 (L) 14.19 EA A comprehensive guide incorporating the International Maritime Buoyage System and COLREGS. Clarifies differences between Cardinal and Lateral buoyage systems and regions, key to reducing confusion and danger when entering unfamiliar waters or busy harbors. INTERNATIONAL RULES QUICK REFERENCE CARD Item# List 283-TIDEBOOK (K) 19.95 EA One of the most useful books written for navigating the Northeast. In the new edition, you'll find the latest tide and current tables for the Atlantic coast, pages on GPS navigation, radiotelephone use, light and fog signals, courses and distances, safety and weather for the mariner. ELDRIDGE TIDE & PILOT BOOK Hand Bearing Compasses Item# Description List 166-215 Illuminated 49.39 EA Allows quick magnetic bearings on shore or floating objects. Simply align front and rear sights on the object and read off bearing. Features: stable, liquid-damped compass card graduated in 5° segments, bold graduations every 15° for easy reading, large, contoured handle angled forward for added control. This lightweight compass includes a lanyard and instructions. Illuminated version features high-efficiency lifetime LED system which floods compass capsule and sight vane with soft light. Includes batteries. HAND BEARING COMPASS Item# Description Size List 128-X11Y (LK) Yellow compass 1 3/ 8" H x 2 9/ 16" W 68.49 EA • Easy to read 2" direct-reading dial • Hardened steel pivot and Sapphire jewel movement • Built-in roller diaphragm for extended temperature operating range • International Safety Yellow case • Silicon impact resistant case with neck lanyard • Compact size for easy handling and storage • QuickSight V-notch and lubber line for easy heading alignment • Non-electric chem sticks provide 18 hours of night lighting SPORTABOUT™ MARINE HAND BEARING COMPASS Item# Mount Color Light List 128-X10M Bracket Gray Green 50.89 EA 128-X10BM Bracket Black Green 55.69 EA 128-X10WM Bracket White Green 50.89 EA Ideal for small boats and recreational use. Easy to install on windshield or dash. Two-sided self-adhesive mounting pads included. Reversible bracket adjusts through 300°. Bracket pad measures 1 1/ 4 x 1 1/ 4". 2" direct-reading, dial and built-in compensators. 12V green night lighting. Exclusive 5 year warranty. RITCHIESPORT® COMPASSES X10WM X10BM X10M Compasses