2022 Trailer Parts & Accessories

Item Numbers in Red are hazardous items in blue are new v oversized d ups/fedex Surcharge u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 99 Jacks & Leveling 5-year warranty plus the jack can be maintained for extended life. •  6" Dia. Footpad Prevents Sinking •  18" Of Travel on Durable Acme Threaded Rod •  Die-Cast Aluminum Cap w/ Hardened Steel Gears •  Fits 2" And 2.25" Mounting Holes •  Dual Site-Lites™ Provide Illumination •  Emergency Crank Socket •  Travels 10" In 50 Seconds •  Water Resistant Motor And Gear Housing •  20 Amp Circuit Breaker •  Durable Powder Coated Finish ULTRA 3502 ELECTRIC TONGUE JACK Item# Capacity Color Travel Volts List 388-38944017w 3500 lbs. Black 18" 12 334.09 EA Item# Capacity Color Travel Volts List 388-38944037w 3500 lbs. Black 18" 12 301.59 EA 5-year warranty plus the jack can be maintained for extended life. •  6" Diameter footpad •  7-way power plug •  Draws power from tow vehicle •  Perfect for trailers with no onboard battery •  Internal grounding •  Die-cast aluminum cap •  Hardened steel gears •  Fits 2" and 2 1/4" mounting holes •  Exclusive dual Site-Lites™ for illumination after dark •  Emergency crank socket •  Travels 10" in 50 seconds •  Durable Acme threaded rod •  Water resistant motor and gear housing •  25A circuit breaker •  Black wrinkle powder ULTRA 3502-7 ELECTRIC TONGUE JACK WITH 7-WAY PLUG Item# Capacity Color Travel Volts List 388-38944014w 4000 lbs. Black 18" 12 336.89 EA 5-year warranty plus the jack can be maintained for extended life. •  2.25" outer tube •  Travels 10" in 40 seconds •  Water resistant motor and gear housing •  Hardened steel gears. •  LED light projects light in 4 directions •  Emergency crank socket included •  6" Diameter footpad has 5.5" of extension •  Durable Acme threaded rod •  25 Amp circuit breaker •  External grounding ULTRA 4000 ELECTRIC TONGUE JACK Item# Capacity Color Travel Volts List 388-38944040w 4,000 lbs. Black 10" 12 584.99 EA 388-38944055w 5,500 lbs. Black 10" 12 634.09 EA The Phoenix utilizes ball screw technology and features a super strong motor, an electronic control panel, a built in light for night operation, and an emergency crank access port with a crank socket included. No external switches that might break off. Only jacks with an amazing 10-year warranty. •  Auto Extend/Retract •  2 Memory Settings: Hitch Height & WDH Height •  6" (4000 lb.) Or 7" (5500 lb.) Diameter Adjustable Footpad Provides An Extra 5.5" Of Travel •  Built-In LED Light For Night Operation •  Emergency Crank Socket Included •  Durable Powder Coated Finish •  Strong 2.25" Outer Tube 38944055: Includes remote control PHOENIX ELECTRIC TONGUE JACK Item# List 388-38944020w 13.79 EA Universal fit for most Atwood, Barker and Ultra-Fab electric tongue jacks. Will not fit the Odyssey series. ELECTRIC TONGUE JACK WEATHERPROOF PROTECTIVE COVER Scissor & Stabilizing Jacks Item# Description Capacity Size Pack List 590-2130v w/Crank handle 5,000 lbs. per Jack 24" 2 104.99 PK •  Includes 2 scissor jacks and 1 crank handle •  Capacity: 5,000 lbs. per jack •  Steel construction with black powder-coated finish •  Extended height: 24". Retracted height: 4" •  Mounting plate bolt hole size is 3/8" •  Bow-tie base provides added stabilization For stabilizing and leveling purpose only. Never use for lifting, changing tires or supporting weight of any vehicles. TRAILER STABILIZING SCISSOR JACKS Leveling Blocks & Jack Pads Item# List 129-28050w 139.89 EA For use with tent trailers and lightweight single axle trailers. •  Levels your trailer from side to side in minutes! •  Ergonomic ratchet provided for raising and lowering •  Fits most trailers with 13", 14", or 15" tires •  Heavy duty steel tubular construction and corrosion resistant finish for long life LIGHT TRAILER TIRE LEVELER Item# Pack List 17-44595 4 21.39 PK STABILIZER JACK PADS™ Specially designed for use with stack jacks, 5th wheel stabilizers, swing down stabilizers and awning arms to keep them from sinking into soft ground. Interlocking for convenient storage with handy strap. Built in handle for ease of use. Solidly constructed of durable polypropylene with UV inhibitors. Item# Size Pack List 17-44591w 6.5" x 9" x 3/4" 4 30.29 EA Recycled rubber stabilizer jack pads help prevent jacks and stabilizers from sinking into soft ground. The flexible material is great for use on uneven surfaces such as gravel, tree roots and rough earth because it absorbs uneven pressure instead of cracking or wobbling. UV resistant, weather-proof, and constructed of recycled materials. Nests perfectly with most stack jacks. STABILIZER JACK FLEX PADS