2022 Trailer Parts & Accessories

Item Numbers in Red are hazardous items in blue are new v oversized d ups/fedex Surcharge u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 93 Towing/Hitches & Accessories Item# Ball Case List 50-52471w 1 7/8" 12 16.69 EA 50-52481w 2" 12 17.99 EA Steel construction. Fits a 1 7/8" trailer ball and can fit most brands of 2", 2 1/2" or 3" channel couplers. COUPLER REPAIR KIT Item# Ball Capacity Receiver List 641-82420 2" 7,000-lb Class IV 111.89 EA This coupler features technology that allows the coupler, when set in the closed (tow) latch position, to auto-latch onto the hitch ball when set on top of the ball with minimal weight. Incorrect latching and/or forgetting to properly close the latch mechanism is the #1 reason for trailer separation from the tow vehicle. It has an incredibly strong cast steel ball clamp and latch handle and stainless steel safety pin. DROP-N-GO AUTO LATCH 2" COUPLER Item# Ball Housing Receiver Case List 16-23870 1 7/8" 2" Class I 6 45.19 EA 16-23920 1 7/8" 3" Class I 6 45.89 EA 16-13889 2" 2" Class II 10 56.59 EA 16-23930 2" 3" Class II 6 67.79 EA 16-23950 2" 3" Class III 6 68.99 EA Exclusive "Quick-Lock" ball clamp assembly that can be adjusted without the need of wrenches, providing a precise fit on the hitch ball for proper towing. The trigger action release on the ball clamp assembly allows fast locking and unlocking of the ball clamp for convenient hitching. The safety lever snaps shut and cannot unlatch by itself. D-L coupler balls are made from precision machined solid, cold drawn steel. TUFFPLATE® zinc finish. COUPLERS Item# Ball For List 16-13968 1 7/8" Class I couplers 25.99 PK For DL Quick-Lock couplers only. QUICK LOCK COUPLER REPAIR KIT Item# Fits List 16-13970 980P2 & 985P3 35.99 EA For D-L SAE Class 2 and Class 3 quick lock couplers only. These kits cannot be interchanged with component parts of any other D-L models or other manufacturer's couplers. Skin packed. COUPLER REPAIR KITS Item# Channel Size Ball GVW Receiver List 220-112000101w 2" 1 7/8" 2000 lbs. Class I 38.09 EA 220-112500101w 2 1/2" 1 7/8" 2000 lbs. Class I 38.09 EA 220-113000101w 3" 1 7/8" 2000 lbs. Class I 38.09 EA 220-222000101w 2" 2" 3500 lbs. Class II 43.29 EA 220-222500101w 2 1/2" 2" 3500 lbs. Class II 43.29 EA 220-223000101w 3" 2" 3500 lbs. Class II 43.29 EA Made in USA. Hooks up quickly and easily to tow vehicle. Heavy-duty safety latch designed to prevent accidental uncoupling. Padlock hole provided for trailer security. Factory adjusted to ball size. Serviceable ball clamp assembly for field replacement. Zinc finish. Meet or exceeds SAE standard J684. (GVW: gross vehicle weight). Rating is maximum for trailer capacity. FAS-LOK COUPLER Item# Capacity Size Case List 590-2119w 5,000 lbs. 2" 2 27.55 EA SAE CLASS IV A-FRAME TRAILER COUPLER Item# Case List 23-111307 6 13.39 EA Convenient handle for maneuvering trailer tongue. Mounts easily to most trailer couplers. TRAILER TONGUE LIFT HANDLE Item# A B C D E List 354-7510101w 1/4" 3" 1 13/16" 7/16" 13/16" 3.85 EA 354-7510111w 5/16" 3" 2" 5/8" 7/8" 3.95 EA COUPLER LOCKING PIN Square Coupler Pins add an additional level of security, preventing accidental uncoupling while in transit to better protect your trailer. The snap lock bale is spring tensioned for stronger holding power. Fits most coupler sizes. Constructed of electro-galvanized steel for corrosion resistance. Item# Fits List 445-K7176000 A-60 83.99 EA 445-K7176100 A-75 83.79 EA 445-K7176200 A-84 114.29 EA 445-K7176300 AC-84 & XR-84 83.79 EA Kit includes: Breakaway cable, cable plate, pushrod release bracket and hardware. EMERGENCY CABLE REPLACEMENT KIT Item# List 641-48759v 14.39 EA Fits discontinued brake actuator models 70LP and 80LP (disc/drum). FILL CAP FOR BRAKE ACTUATOR Couplers/Pins & Accessories Item# Tongue Size Max Load List 220-HDPB230101w 2" x 3" 5000 lbs. 177.99 EA 220-HDPB330101w 3" x 3" 5000 lbs. 204.29 EA 220-HDPB350101w 3" x 5" 9000 lbs. 250.29 EA Ideal for boat trailers that are too long to fit inside a garage, these high-performance zinc plated hinge kits convert standard trailer tongues into fold-away configurations while keeping the existing coupler. Delivers strength at the pivot point with precisely machined heavy-duty hinges made from die cast steel. Easy to install bolt-on application includes all mounting hardware. 5-Year warranty. HIGH PERFORMANCE BOLT ON FOLD-AWAY™ HINGE KIT HDPB350101 HDPB330101 HDPB230101 Item# Channel Size Ball Max Load Receiver Case List 50-52451w 2 1/2" 2" 3,500 lbs. Class II 5 32.09 EA 50-52461w 3" 2" 3,500 lbs. Class II 5 36.09 EA Constructed of durable steel. Can be used with all Seachoice trailer coupler balls. TRAILER COUPLER