2022 Trailer Parts & Accessories

Items are stocked in our warehouses based on regional demand. If an item is not in stock at a local warehouse, additional charges may apply. u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 78 Towing/Hitches & Accessories Item# Description Pack List 123-BX8869w Wiring Kit 1 64.00 EA 123-BX88184w Bulb & Socket 10 58.00 EA 123-BX88270w LED Bulb & Socket 10 278.00 EA Does not tap into vehicle existing wiring, simple to install, fits most vehicles with clearance in taillight housing, operated by the towing vehicle. BULB & SOCKET TAIL LIGHT WIRING KIT LED Bulb & Socket Bulb & Socket Wiring Kit LED bulb and socket kits are brighter and smaller than traditional bulb and socket kits, allowing for ease of installation in compact taillight housings. These lights do not tap into the vehicle's existing wiring and are operated by the towing vehicle. Item# Description List 123-BX88269w Clear LEDs 116.00 EA 123-BX88267w Red LEDs 116.00 EA Includes: •  2 - Bulb & Socket Assembly, LED •  1 - Wire Harness, 26' •  6 - Butt Connectors •  2 - Ring Term, Insulated •  1 - Wire, 16 Gauge, Brown, 8' •  1 - Wire, 16 Gauge, Green, 8' •  2 - Self Drilling Screws Can be used anywhere the BX8869 bulb and socket kit is used. LED TAIL LIGHT WIRING KIT Item# List 123-BX88280w 147.00 EA 123-BX88287w 147.00 EA 123-BX88336w 147.00 EA 123-BX88339w 147.00 EA 123-BX88368w 147.00 EA Connects to the towed vehicle’s wiring to provide taillights, turn signals and brake lights while towing. Installs in as little as 15 minutes. See the EZ Light Fit Guide in the Land 'N'Sea 2022 RV Catalog for application information. EZ LIGHT WIRING HARNESS Item# Description List 123-BX8863w 9 Terminal 4 Amp Diode Block 32.00 EA Replacement diode for BX8811 wiring kit, contains six 4-amp diodes, self-tapping screws eliminate wire stripping, and molded and sealed to keep moisture out. 9-TERMINAL 4A DIODE BLOCK Item# Description Pack List 123-BX8864w 6A Diode 16.00 EA 123-BX88159w 6A Diode 12 84.00 PK 123-BX88370w 6A Diode 50 329.00 EA Replacement diode for BX8847 and BX8848 wiring kits. Molded and sealed to keep moisture out. 6A DIODE BLOCK Item# Description List 123-BX88219 Pin 1/2" x 2 5/8" Each 21.00 EA •  Attaches tow bar to baseplate •  1/2" Self Retaining Pin •  "Hold up" pin holds Rangefinder® in position on vehicle •  Retainer clips included with pins RANGEFINDER® PINS AND CLIPS Item# Description Fits Capacity List 123-BX88129 4" Rise/Drop 2" Receiver 5,000 lbs 92.00 EA 123-BX88130 6" Rise/Drop 2" Receiver 5,000 lbs 133.00 EA 123-BX88131 8" Rise/Drop 2" Receiver 5,000 lbs 139.00 EA 123-BX88132 10" Rise/Drop 2" Receiver 5,000 lbs 151.00 EA 123-BX88376 7" Rise/Drop 2.5" Receiver 12,500 lbs 276.00 EA 123-BX88375 10" Rise/Drop 2.5" Receiver 12,500 lbs 276.00 EA Lowers or raises the connection to alter hitching heights. DROP RECEIVERS Item# List 123-BX88151 455.00 EA Kit includes triple lugs, washers and pins. Powder coated steel construction. Fits Aventa® and Roadmaster adapter for Falcon, Sterling, and Eagle. TRIPLE LUG KIT Item# Description Rating Pack List 123-BX88196 S-Hook. 7' Class III, 5000lb. 2 74.00 ST 123-BX88197 Snap Hook. 7' Class IV, 10000lb. 2 106.00 ST •  Plastic-coated, aircraft-grade cable •  Heavy-gauge steel connectors Class IV Class III SAFETY CABLE KIT Item# Description Size List 123-BX88101w 3-Lock Kit (1) 5/8" and (2) 1/2" 86.00 EA 123-BX88177w 4-Lock Kit (2) 5/8" and (2) 1/2" 99.00 PK Locks Blue Ox tow bars to baseplate and receiver hitch to prevent theft. Prevents accidental unhitching. Chrome plated steel keys won't bend or break. Water-tight lock heads seal out dirt and corrosion. Three and Four lock sets have matched keys. 4 Lock Kit 3 Lock Kit TOWBAR & BASEPLATE LOCKS