2022 Trailer Parts & Accessories

Item Numbers in Red are hazardous items in blue are new v oversized d ups/fedex Surcharge u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 77 Towing/Hitches & Accessories Universal to bar at an excellent price. A less expensive, universal tow bar. Item# Rating Capacity List 123-BX7322 Class III 5,000 lb 309.00 EA •  Collapsible A-Frame tow bar •  Adjustable Arms ADVENTURER TOW BARS The fold-away that stands out. Item# Rating Capacity List 123-BX4330 Class II 5,000 lbs. 679.00 EA •  Steel, car-mounted self-aligning tow bar •  Folds compactly on the towed vehicle •  Simply disconnect the pins and remove when not in use •  Safety cables included ACCLAIM TOW BARS Utilizes the same patented, non-binding latches found on the Ascent & Avail tow bars. Item# Capacity List 123-BX7380w 6,500 lbs. 929.00 EA •  Foldaway tow bar mounts and stores on the back of the RV •  Self-aligning, quick disconnect pins •  Patented, non-binding latches •  Easy release locking handles •  Off-set triple lugs to better align towing forces and prevent binding •  Dependable solid steel construction •  Rubber boots to protect from road grime •  Safety cables included •  Weighs less than 40 lbs. •  3-Year tow bar & baseplate warranty; (baseplate sold separately) ALPHA™ 2 TOW BARS Item# Rating List 123-BX7470dw 15,000 lbs. 1349.00 EA •  2.5” Class V receiver •  Safety cables included •  Steel construction •  2” Longer legs & non-binding latches •  3 Year Warranty APOLLO TOW BAR Item# List 123-BX4370 1159.00 EA •  Components machined from aircraft grade aluminum •  More room between the towing vehicle and towed vehicle •  Better tracking of the towed vehicle •  Shimmering metallic accented powder coat ASCENT™ TOW BAR Improved turning radius for better cornering and for smoother towing over rough roads. Maneuver around gas station pumps with ease. Steel construction, layered in a premium metallic paint. Item# Description Rating Capacity List 123-BX7420 2" receiver Class IV 10,000 lbs 1049.00 EA 123-BX7425d 2 1/2" receiver Class IV 10,000 lbs 1049.00 EA •  Off-set triple lugs to better align towing forces •  Self tightening pivot connection •  Rubber boots protect from road grime •  Dependable steel construction •  Legs collapse & extend to lock for easy hook-up •  The ultimate in quick disconnecting •  Easy fold-away tow bar mounts and stores on back of RV •  Keeps the towed vehicle safely away from the motorhome in tight turns •  Includes 7' 10,000 lb safety cable AVAIL™ TOW BAR Item# Description List 123-BX88231wAccessory kit with tow bar cover for Aventa LX, Aladdin and Alpha Tow Bar 331.00 EA 123-BX88308 Accessory kit with tow bar cover for Avail Tow Bar 331.00 EA •  Bulb and socket kit •  7-6 wire coiled electrical cable •  4-Diode kit •  Tow bar cover •  3-Lock set TOWING ACCESSORY KIT Item# Fits List 123-BX8875w Alpha, Alpha 2, Aventa LX, and Aladdin Tow Bars 47.00 EA 123-BX88309w Avail, Ascent, and Apollo Tow Bars 55.00 EA •  Heavy-duty, vinyl-coated fabric •  Easy to put on and take off •  Keeps tow bar clean and protected TOW BAR COVER BX88309 BX8875 Item# Description List 123-BX88206w Spade style 7-way to 6-way 99.00 EA 123-BX88254w Spade style 7-way to 4-way 86.00 EA 123-BX8861w 4 Wire 79.00 EA 123-BX8862w 6 Wire 94.00 EA Wire connectors encased in silicone. Reversible plug connectors allow quick hooking and unhooking. Locking connector and expanding cable virtually eliminate accidental disconnecting. Expands from 1' to 7'. Trailer plugs or sockets included. COILED ELECTRICAL CABLE BX8862 BX8861 BX88254 BX88206 Item# Description List 123-BX8848w 4 Diodes Wiring Kit 102.99 EA Repl. Parts Description Pack List 123-BX8864w 6A Diode 16.00 EA 123-BX88159w 6A Diode 12 84.00 PK Connects towed vehicle light system to the RV's wiring. Includes 6A diodes to prevent electrical feedback. TAIL LIGHT WIRING KIT 4 Diode Wiring Kit Tow Bars & Accessories