2022 Trailer Parts & Accessories

Items are stocked in our warehouses based on regional demand. If an item is not in stock at a local warehouse, additional charges may apply. u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 76 Towing/Hitches & Accessories Flat Tow Accessories KarGard Heavy Duty Deflector Hitch Immobilizers Bumper Adapters Hitch Locks Safety Cables Mfg # Description BX8870 KarGard Heavy Duty Deflector Mfg # Description BX88224 2" Immobilizer Dual U-Bolt BX88225 2-1/2" Immobilizer Dual U-Bolt BX88312 2-1/2" to 2" Immobilizer Dual U-Bolt BX88371 2" Single Pull Immobilizer (shown) BX88372 2-1/2" Single Pull Immobilizer BX88399 3" Single Pull Immobilizer Mfg # Description BX88357 Off-Road Adapter Kit 7/8" Pin BX88358 Off-Road Adapter Kit 1" Pin Mfg # Description BX8858 5/8” x 2” Rec. Class III-IV-V BX8859 1/2” for Baseplate Class II BX88359 1/2” x 3” Lock Class II Keyed Alike BX88212 5/8” x 4” for 2-1/2” Rec BX88101 3-Lock kit 5/8” & (2) 1/2” (shown) BX88177 4-Lock kit 5/8” & (2) 1/2” • Protects towed vehicle from road debris • Easily folds for storage • Quick and easy installation • All mounting hardware included Eliminate jerking, excess movement and rattling between the receiver hitch and the ball mount, tow bar or drop or rise receiver. Designed for use with Blue Ox Tow Bars equipped with standard triple lugs. Secures a Blue Ox® tow bar to a baseplate and receiver hitch to prevent theft. Prevents accidental unhitching. 3 and 4 lock sets have matched keys. Plastic-coated, aircraft-grade and heavy duty connectors. Mfg # Description BX88128 2” Rise/Drop, 5K, 7-3/4” Long BX88129 4” Rise/Drop, 5K, 7-3/4” Long (shown) BX88131 8” Rise/Drop, 5k, 11-1/2” Long (shown) BX88132 10” Rise/Drop, 5K, 11-1/2” Long BX88235 3” Rise/Drop, 10K, 10-3/8” Long Rise/Drop Receivers Mfg # Description BX88196 7,500 lbs. 7ft. BX88197 10,000 lbs. 7ft. BX88362 15,000 lbs. 7ft.