2022 Trailer Parts & Accessories

Item Numbers in Red are hazardous items in blue are new v oversized d ups/fedex Surcharge u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 63 Towing/Hitches & Accessories Designed for loads beyond normal everyday towing situations, the Titan™ Weight Distributing Hitch System provides a trunnion design with the highest rating available in the towing industry. Coupled with a 2 1/2" Class V Titan™ receiver, heavy loads are transported with ease. Ideal for commercial and industrial use. Item# List 220-66006dw 1423.29 KT •  Rated up to 10,000/1000 lbs. weight carrying and 17,000/1700 lbs. weight distributing •  Elevated hitch ball platform provides superior coupler clearance •  Lift brackets designed to provide increased frame clearance •  Assembly hardware and chains included •  2 1/2" shank sold separately •  Trunnion style Weight Distributing Kit with integrated cams for use with Dual Cam Sway Control •  Perfect for use with horse trailers and RV's with Heavy Tongue weights, great for agricultural, marine and recreational use •  Adjustable hitch bar sold separately TITAN® TRUNNION BAR BOLT TOGETHER WEIGHT DISTRIBUTING KIT Item# Description Pack List 17-48724 Trekker Wear Pad 2 4.99 EA The Trekker Wear Pad is replacement part for the Eaz-Lift Trekker Weight Distribution Hitch. It replaces worn polymer pads on the hookup brackets. Durable pads simply snap into place on the hookup bracket platform. TREKKER WEAR PAD Item# Description List 220-58305w Bolt on 153.89 EA 220-58306w Clamp on 186.89 EA For trailers with tongue interference (gas bottles, batteries, covered frames, etc.) where SnapUp Brackets (#21501) won't install easily, we offer these easy-to-install options. They install in approximately 15 minutes. Black Powder coat finish. 58306 58305 WEIGHT DISTRIBUTING CHAIN HANGERS Item# Description Pack List 342-01044w 3/16" Replacement pin, 2/package. 2 3.75 PK Original equipment replacement pins. Designed to hold your weight distribution snap up brackets firmly in place. Bright zinc plated steel won't rust or corrode. Keep an extra pair in your towing supplies. WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION REPLACEMENT PIN Item# Size Pack List 350-H410w 3/16" 1 pr. 4.09 EA Weight distribution replacement pin 3/16". WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION REPLACEMENT PIN Sway Control Products Item# List 220-83660w 73.89 EA The Sway Control is used to reduce trailer sway and improve handling in adverse towing conditions. Sway control units dampen trailer sway caused by crosswinds and traffic. Both friction and dual cam designs improve stability and increase towing safety. •  Use of Sway Controls with surge brakes is not recommended. •  A and C Trailer Tongues Only. Will not adapt to pole tongue trailer frame. PRO SERIES™ FRICTION SWAY CONTROL Item# List 220-26002w 401.49 EA Unlike the friction sway control, this approach works to control sway from the start rather than just resisting sway once it's begun. The advantage of the dual cam system is its ability to forestall sway in addition to sway resistance. It works to hold down the start of swaying activity while allowing free and easy vehicle and trailer interaction. It's installed on the trailer and therefore doesn't require adjustment every time the towing vehicle and trailer are hooked up, unless hitch weight or tow vehicle loading are changed. •  Integrated cams into the spring bars reduce noise •  No U-bolts to conflict with bottle racks or other A-frame mounted items •  Simple, easy adjustment of centerline •  Specific attachment reference points provided •  Fits more applications •  Improved installation times •  Years of extensive field testing DUAL CAM HIGH-PERFORMANCE SWAY CONTROL Item# List 220-26003w 61.99 EA For use with Class III/IV, 2" x 2" ball mounts. Also fits ShadowMount II. (Ball mount and Ball not included.) SWAY CONTROL ADAPTER Item# List 220-26005w 43.59 EA For use with Class II, 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" ball mounts. (Ball mount and Ball not included.) SWAY CONTROL ADAPTER BRACKET Item# Description List 342-01004w Replacement Pin, 5/32" x 2 7/8", 2/pkg. 3.73 EA A zinc plated spring steel pin made to replace any sway control pin. Rust and corrosion resistant and built to take the pressure of holding your sway control securely in place. SWAY CONTROL REPLACEMENT PIN Item# Pack List 350-H408w 2 4.49 PK SWAY CONTROL CLIP Item# Size Pack List 350-H406w 5/32" X 2 7/8" 2 6.69 EA SPRING CLIP Item# Size List 138-SCCBw 1 1/4" 14.29 EA Chrome sway ball has an extra long shank that will go through 7/8" material. REPLACEMENT SWAY CONTROL BALL