2022 Trailer Parts & Accessories

Item Numbers in Red are hazardous items in blue are new v oversized d ups/fedex Surcharge u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 55 Towing/Hitches & Accessories 2-Point™ Weight Distributing Hitch Steel-on-steel friction minimizes sway. Round spring bars flex for a controlled ride. L-Brackets keep spring bars in place, Standard Tongue Weights Available: 600 (2" Ball) 1200 (2-5/16" Ball). Gross Towing Weight 12K maximum. 6-Hole Shank Kits Mfg # Features BXW0675 6-Hole Shank, 2" Ball, Standard Hitch Head, Standard L-Brackets BXW0875 6-Hole Shank, 2-5/16" Ball Standard Hitch Head Standard L-Brackets BXW1275 6-Hole Shank, 2-5/16” Standard Hitch Head Standard L-Brackets Trailers with a coupler welded underneath the frame uses the standard Hitch Head but will need BXW4069 Longer L-Bracket Kit. For Trailers with CouplersWelded to the Bottomof the Trailer Frame Mfg # Description BXW4069 Long L-Bracket Kit (Pair) 2-Point/TrackPro Longer L-Bracket Kit for Underslung