2022 Trailer Parts & Accessories

Item Numbers in Red are hazardous items in blue are new v oversized d ups/fedex Surcharge u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 39 Towing/Hitches & Accessories Item# Description List 337-2720vu Universal 586.49 EA 337-2724vu Custom 513.19 EA 337-2726vu Custom 513.19 EA 337-2728vu Custom 513.19 EA 337-2730vu Custom 513.19 EA 337-2732vu Custom 513.19 EA 337-2734vu Custom 513.19 EA 337-2736vu Custom 513.19 EA 337-2738vu Custom 513.19 EA 337-2742du Custom 513.19 EA 337-2746du Custom 513.19 EA 337-2760du Custom 513.19 EA 337-2762du Custom 513.19 EA 337-2764du Custom 513.19 EA 337-2766du Custom 513.19 EA 337-2768dw Custom 567.59 EA 337-2770w Custom 513.19 EA 337-2324vu SuperRail 918.99 EA 337-2326vu SuperRail 918.99 EA 337-2328vu SuperRail 918.99 EA 337-2330vu SuperRail 918.99 EA 337-2332vu SuperRail 918.99 EA 337-2336vu SuperRail 918.99 EA Industry Standard hitches are designed to fit the "other guy's" base rails-but if you're starting from scratch, install PullRite's "better than theirs" industry standard base rails and brackets. •  Universal kits fit long or short bed trucks. Fits any ISR Series hitch. Kit includes "L" brackets, ISR base rails & hardware. •  Custom kits fit long or short bed trucks. Fits any ISR Series hitch. Kit includes Custom mounting brackets, ISR base rails & hardware. •  SuperRail kits fit long or short bed trucks. Fits any ISR Series hitch. Kit includes totally removable SuperRails & posts, mounting brackets & hardware. Features clean bed technology. See www.pullrite.com for Fitments ISR SERIES MOUNTING KITS SuperRail Custom Universal Item# List 337-4409u 386.19 EA For use with a Traditional Series SuperGlide hitch in vehicles with PullRite's ISR Rails or any brand industry standard rail system. INDUSTRY STANDARD RAIL ADAPTER Item# Fits List 337-331704u Lippert (long) 1621 171.89 EA 337-331711u Lippert (long) 1621 HD 171.89 EA 337-331705u Lippert 1621, 1116, 1716 171.89 EA 337-331723w Lippert Rhino Pin Box 177.59 EA 337-331730u Leland 171.89 EA 337-331707u MOR/ryde (don’t use Universal or Multi-fit) 171.89 EA 337-331721u Reese Revolution 10K Pin Box 171.89 EA 337-331758u Trailair Airbag/Shock Pin Box 171.89 EA 337-331757u Trailair Tri Glide Airbag/Shock Pin Box 171.89 EA 337-331756u Trailair Rotoflex (don’t use Universal or Multi-fit) 171.89 EA 337-331760u Trailair Rotoflex (don’t use Universal or Multi-fit) 171.89 EA •  Designed to work with most popular king pin box models •  Simplify and significantly reduce installation time •  QuickConnect's are held in place by a single set screw •  Easily removed to allow the trailer to be towed by other fifth wheel systems King Pin Box Specific - See www.pullrite.com for fitments. QUICKCONNECT CAPTURE PLATES Item# Fits List 337-3365u king pin boxes 12 3/4” through 13 1/2” and 14” wide 168.89 EA 337-3366u king pin boxes 12”, 12 1/4”, and 12 3/4” wide 168.89 EA •  Designed to offer even more flexibility and fits a much wider selection of king pin boxes •  For use with SuperGlide hitch models •  Made in USA Trailer Specific - See www.pullrite.com for Fitments. MULTIFIT QUICKCONNECT CAPTURE PLATE Item# List 337-3317u 264.69 EA •  When a Quick Connect or Multi-Fit Capture Plate is not available for your specific trailer, the Universal Capture Plate can be used for nearly any application •  Universal Capture Plates must be attached with a minimum of 10 fasteners •  Some king pin plates have a very short front-to-back dimension, requiring the supplied extensions to be welded to the king pin plate for extra support to the Universal Capture Plate •  Includes: Universal Capture Plate, Fore & Aft Plate Extensions, Knee Braces & Hardware UNIVERSAL CAPTURE PLATE Item# Description Capacity Fits List 337-1500v OE Series Super 5th 18K Chevy/GMC 1444.99 EA 337-1300vu OE Series Super 5th 18K Ford 1444.99 EA 337-1600v OE Series Super 5th 25K Chevy/GMC 1682.49 EA 337-1800d OE Series Super 5th 25K Chevy/GMC, 2020 1682.49 EA 337-1400vu OE Series Super 5th 25K Ford 1682.49 EA 337-2715v OE Series SuperGlide 16K Chevy/GMC 1741.79 EA 337-2714vu OE Series SuperGlide 16K Ford 1824.69 EA 337-2915v OE Series SuperGlide 20K Chevy/GMC 2236.19 EA 337-2914v OE Series SuperGlide 18K Ford 2236.19 EA 337-2315v OE Series SuperGlide 24K Dodge 2711.79 EA OE Series, puck mounted hitches install directly to your truck manufacturer’s four point OE puck mounting system. No tools needed! SAE J2638 tested. See www.pullrite.com for Fitments SuperGlide Super 5th Hitch OE PUCK SERIES HITCH Item# Description List 337-4444u OE Series Rail Adapter for Chevy/GMC 661.19 EA 337-4452dw OE Series Rail Adapter for 2020 Chevy/GMC 901.09 EA 337-4439du OE Series Rail Adapter for Dodge 751.49 EA 337-4442du OE Series Rail Adapter for Ford 751.49 EA Make your ISR hitch fit any OE puck mounting system. Quick install/removal with pins and clips, No tools required, leaves you with a clean bed. SAE J2638 tested. OE SERIES ISR RAIL ADAPTER Item# Description List 337-4408u For 16K, 18K SuperGlides 198.69 EA When installing SuperGlide hitches, particularly with newer trucks - sometimes there's a concern about the clearance between the fender and the underside of the trailer. The SuperGlide 3" Lift kit is for those trucks with higher bed sides. Lift kit to be used with #4100 or #4400 Traditional Series hitches. 3" LIFT KIT FOR SUPERGLIDE