2022 Trailer Parts & Accessories

Items are stocked in our warehouses based on regional demand. If an item is not in stock at a local warehouse, additional charges may apply. u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 152 Trailer Accessories Item# Size Receiver Max Load Case List 590-1015w 7/32" x 36" Class I 700 Lbs. 10 13.95 EA 590-1016w 1/4" x 42" Class III 900 lbs. 10 15.45 EA Zinc plated. Welded link chain with safety hooks. TRAILER SAFETY CHAIN Item# Size Receiver Case List 23-110117 1/4" x 51" Class II 6 27.59 EA Welded, zinc-plated, solid steel chain links with 2 S-hook safety clips. Safety chains can prevent runaway trailer in case of hitch / coupler failure TRAILER CHAIN WITH CLIPS Item# Description Rating Pack List 123-BX88196 S-Hook. 7' Class III, 5000lb. 2 74.00 ST 123-BX88197 Snap Hook. 7' Class IV, 10000lb. 2 106.00 ST •  Plastic-coated, aircraft-grade cable •  Heavy-gauge steel connectors Class IV Class III SAFETY CABLE KIT Item# Size Receiver Max Load List 354-7520101 1/4" x 44 1/2" L Class II 3500 lbs. 28.25 EA Use this Trailer Chain between your trailer and vehicle as an added layer of security to prevent separation if trailer inadvertently comes off trailer ball. Secures with S-hooks on both ends. Zinc plated steel construction. SAFETY CHAIN Item# Length Size Max Load List 138-TCL3Iw 48" 5/16" chain 7,600 lb 25.59 EA Trailer safety chain with 2 latch "S" Hooks. These hooks have a safety latch to meet California towing requirements. Designed to keep trailer connected to vehicle if hitch fails or comes uncoupled. Brite zinc finish. Overall length is 51". This grade of chain is designed for trailer safety chain applications only. Not for overhead lifting. TRAILER SAFETY CHAIN Item# Length Size Receiver Pack List 241-81202u 31" 3/16" Class II 2 22.69 PK 241-81205u 36" 3/16" Class II 2 21.69 PK 241-81203u 31" 1/4" Class III 2 27.69 PK 241-81204u 40 3/4" 5/16" Class IV 2 51.99 PK Zinc plated trailer chain with S-hooks. SAFETY CHAINS Item# Length List 241-81201u 15 1/2" 9.29 EA Connects the boat to the bow stand of the trailer. 3/16" x 12 links. BOW SAFETY CHAIN Item# Size Receiver Max Load Pack List 241-59548u 1/4" x 36" Class IV 7000 lbs. 2 44.99 PK Replace your noisy chains with self-coiling hitch cables. Black vinyl jacketed cable with safety latch hook. Durable galvanized aircraft cable construction. Exceeds SAE J684 standards for trailer coupling and automotive type hitches. NMMA certified. TRAILER SAFETY CABLE Item# Size Receiver Max Load Pack List 241-59537u 36" Class II 3500 lbs. 2 30.49 PK 241-59541u 36" Class III 5000 lbs. 2 37.79 PK 241-59545u 36" Class IV 7000 lbs. 2 42.79 PK Black vinyl covered durable galvanized aircraft cable construction. Cables exceed SAE J684 standards for trailer coupling and automotive type hitches. 36" long cables with S-hooks containing wire keepers. HITCH CABLES Item# Pack List 241-81255u 2 9.19 PK These patented safety chain keepers attach easily to the "S" hooks to keep your chains secured to the vehicle. Required in some states. "S" HOOK CHAIN KEEPERS Item# Size List 220-49151w 5/16" x 44" w/ 5/16" clevis hook 122.99 EA Contains: (2) Grade 70 chains & mounting hardware. 20K GOOSEBOX SAFETY CHAIN KIT Item# List 220-34141w 21.99 EA Safety Chain Loop, Class IV, 10,000 lbs. SAFETY CHAIN LOOP Item# Size Pack Case List 241-50648u 5/16" 1 12 5.59 EA 241-50649u 3/8" 1 12 8.59 EA Ideal for use with trailer chains. Zinc plated. QUICK LINKS Item# Size List 799-180110PKw 1/4" 3.19 EA 799-180120PKw 5/16" 3.69 EA 799-180130PKw 3/8" 4.89 EA Steel link for chain repairs. Use for two chains, safety chains, or tire chains. REPAIR LINKS Item# Size Pack List 342-01305w 3/16" 2 7.22 PK 342-01315w 1/4" 2 8.62 PK 342-01325w 5/16" 2 12.01 PK 342-01335w 3/8" 2 16.76 PK 342-01345w 1/2" 2 20.21 PK •  For connecting safety chains •  Constructed of zinc plated steel •  Required in several states to attach chain to vehicle QUICK LINKS Item# Size Pack List 342-01154w 7/16" 2 11.45 PK Replaces any S-Hooks on safety chains 7/16" or smaller and are easy to install. Constructed of zinc plated steel. S-HOOK Item# Size List 350-H419w 3/8" 13.79 EA 3/8" S-HOOK