2022 Trailer Parts & Accessories

Item Numbers in Red are hazardous items in blue are new v oversized d ups/fedex Surcharge u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 147 Trailer Accessories Spare Tire Locks Item# Case List 220-STL0603w 6 32.29 EA Fits over wheel studs up to 9/16" dia. to prevent spare tire theft. Removable plug permits longer wheel studs to protrude through cap. Locking tab prevents lock from turning. Spare tire lock only. SPARE TIRE LOCK Item# Case List 220-ETCSTL0701w 6 48.69 EA Theft-resistant locking cap fits over wheel studs (up to 9/16" dia.) to deter spare tire theft. Removable plug allows longer wheels studs to protrude through cap. Locking tab prevents lock from turning. ECONOMY ETC & SPARE TIRE LOCK Item# Includes Pack Case List 371-74042w Single Axle Trailer Locks 2 10 27.69 PK 371-74041w Double Axle Trailer Locks 4 10 34.99 EA TRAILER WHEEL LOCK SET 1/2-20 thread cone seat wheel locks and lug nuts. Guaranteed for life not to rust, chip or peel. Triple-nickel, chrome-plated steel. Item# Pack List 371-24538w 5 39.29 PK 1/2-20 thread. These easy-to-use, one-piece wheel locks function like regular lug nuts, but require a special key tool for installation and removal. For use on sport/utility vehicles with O.E.M. rear mount spare tire carrier. One lock for spare, four locks for road wheels, one matching key. CHROME CONE SEAT WHEEL LOCK SET Item# List 255-TNL740w 13.79 EA Spare Tire Nut Lock, Fits All Side Mount Spare Tires, 2 Keys. TRIMAX SPARE TIRE NUT LOCK Item# Case List 124-STLw 12 23.69 EA SPARE TIRE LOCK •  Chrome plated deadbolt •  Lock replaces one of the lug bolts, firmly securing the tire to the carrier •  Adjusts from 1/4" to 7/8" •  Covered key cylinder. Two keys Trailer Dollies TRAILER STEER •  Steering-arm for easy trailer control and hitch alignment •  16" Swivel-handle with grip mounts to jack-wheel and folds out to provide control when guiding trailer •  Snaps back next to jack wheel when not in use Item# List 238-SSTSTEER 17.09 EA Trailer Steps Item# Description List 254-80011w FlexStep Kit 159.95 EA The FlexStep Pro trailer step provides quick access to virtually anywhere on your boat. This multi-angle/ extendable step adjusts to 16 positions and extends from 17"-21" via a quick, spring loaded pull handle. High tensile anti-corrosive aluminum with a rubberized, non-skid grip for secure footing. Quickly removes with one pin. FLEXSTEP PRO TRAILER STEP Trailer Shields Item# List 581-13401 299.99 EA Protects all your valuable equipment from damaging road salt and flying rocks. The 25 1/2" high shield fits on all trailers 92" to 102" wide, provides protection all year long whether you're hauling snowmobiles, ATVs, or motorcycles. Made fromHDPE plastic, the shield is not affected by cold temperatures and will not shatter, crack, split or dent. Installation is easy with basic hand tools and a quick-release systemallows the shield to be removed for drive-on/drive-off trailers. POLY-SHIELD SERIES III™ Item# List 581-13404d 609.49 EA Protects you snowmobiles, ATV's and motorcycles from road grime, rocks and salt while hauling. •  Universal design fits all open trailers •  Best drive-off salt shield on the market •  30" tall •  Aerodynamic design to help with gas mileage •  LowPro GripGlides can be installed on the ramp to make unloading your snowmobile and ATV simple •  Molded Grips down the center to give your snowmobile track traction •  Protective gate to keep your ski away from the bumper of your tow vehicle •  Lightweight HDPE guaranteed not to crack, chip, break or wear out •  Stainless steel hardware included V-FRONT RAMP SHIELD Trailer Grips & Glides Item# Description List 581-13350 Tilt Trailer Set (one side of 10' tilt trailer) 59.99 EA 581-13351 Enclosed Trailer Door Set (one full door of a standard enclosed trailer) 79.99 EA GRIP GLIDES™ Our grip glides allow you to utilize your trailer for snowmobile or ATV no matter the weather. This unique design features grips for ATV wheels and a glide pattern to suspend snowmobile wear bars for easy loading. Works on all types of trailers including tilt trailer, trailer w/ ramp or an enclosed trailer. Reduced friction between ski and trailer makes loading & unloading quick and easy. Item# Description Size List 581-13305 Single Set 20' 79.99 BX 581-13310 Double Set 40' 129.99 EA 581-13311 Double Set, Wide 40' 159.99 BX •  Deep channel suspends all types of carbide runners •  Wide design accommodates all dual runner skis •  Eliminates damage to trailer decking caused by carbide ski wear rods •  Multi-Glides accommodates snowmobiles with up to 7" of ski stance variance •  Multi-Glides Wide accommodates snowmobiles with up to 11" of ski stance variance •  Guaranteed not to crack, chip, break or wear out MULTI-GLIDES™ Item# Pack List 581-13200 6 26.99 EA Grips protect trailer decking from rot due to stud damage and make track spinning on icy trailers a thing of the past. •  Excellent traction and braking control while loading or unloading •  HDPE plastic makes Grips extremely durable •  Prevent the track from freezing to your trailer deck •  Provides superior performance as compared to any other grip type product •  Provided Stainless flathead screws mount straight through grip flange! TRAILER GRIPS