2022 Trailer Parts & Accessories

Items are stocked in our warehouses based on regional demand. If an item is not in stock at a local warehouse, additional charges may apply. u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 144 Trailer Accessories Item# Size Angle Pack List 241-44036u 5" x 6.62" 85° 21.19 EA 241-44073u 5" x 6.62" 5" x 6.81" 85° 95° 2 32.69 PK 241-86562u 5" x 8" 90° 18.29 EA 241-86563u 5" x 10" 90° 23.79 EA Ideal for aluminum trailers. 1/4" hot dipped galvanized steel for long lasting corrosion protection. HEAVY-DUTY VERTICAL BRACKET 8" & 10" 6" Item# Length Pack List 241-86149u 8" Bulk 9.19 EA 241-81225u 9 1/2" 2 28.79 PK 241-86125u 9 1/2" Bulk 11.19 EA 241-81230u 12 5/8" 2 29.89 PK 241-86126u 12 5/8" Bulk 14.29 EA Heavy 11 gauge hot dipped galvanized steel brackets mount 2" bunks on edge. Slotted for vertical adjustment to standard or deep-V hulls. BUNK BRACKET Item# Description Pack List 241-86160u Swivel Brackets w/Bolts 2 8.99 PK 241-86115u Swivel Bracket Bulk 3.29 EA Use with adjustable bolster brackets for proper angle of bunk or bolster boards. Hot dip galvanized for lasting protection. Packaged product comes in pairs with 1/2" x 1" bolts and 1/2" nyloc nuts, bulk product are individual brackets w/o bolts or nuts. SWIVEL BRACKET Bunks Item# Length Pack List 241-86128u 4' 1 pr. 47.19 PK 241-86129u 5' 1 pr. 61.29 PK Heavy duty replacement for 2 x 4 bunk boards. Black marine grade carpet provides a smooth surface for your boat to easily slide on or off. HEAVY-DUTY REPLACEMENT BUNK BOARDS Item# Length Capacity Type Box List 241-86157u 4' 1,200 lb. Hull Sav'r 2 265.89 BX 241-86145u 5' 1,500 lb. Hull Sav'r 2 333.49 BX 241-86117u 4' 1,200 lb. Rubber 2 269.59 BX 241-86118u 5' 1,500 lb. Rubber 2 330.69 BX Replace bunk boards with these roller bunks. Heavy-duty galvanized steel frame provides full hull support. Roller bunks can be adjusted vertically with optional bolster support swivel brackets. Does not include mounting hardware. ROLLER BUNKS With Black Rubber Rollers With Hull Sav'r Rollers Bunk Carpet & Slides Item# Size Color Case List 50-55983 8" x 12' Black 72 20.99 EA 50-55993 12" x 12" Black 48 24.99 EA 50-55996 9" x 100' Black - 83.89 EA 50-55997 12" x 100' Black - 110.19 EA 50-55994 12" x 12" Gray 48 24.99 EA Made from 100% UV olefin that is weather resistant. With minimal water retention it protects the boat's hull from scratches and marring. Superior cushion and wear compared to needle-punch padding. Made in the USA. Restricted from sale in California. BUNK CARPETING Gray Black Item# Size Color List 220-CR8008 8" x 12' Black 37.59 EA 220-CR8012 12" x 12' Black 45.29 EA Allows the do-it-yourselfer to replace worn and dirty carpet on bunk trailers. Reduces scratching on the hull and keeps it in like new condition. Restricted from sale in California. MARINE GRADE CARPETING Item# Size Color List 366-BC096005100 9" × 100' Black 99.79 EA 366-BC126005100 12" × 100' Black 133.89 EA Bunk Carpet will protect your boats hull during launch, load and trailering. Restricted from sale in California. BUNK CARPET Item# Size Color List 241-86137u 11" x 12' Black 25.69 EA 241-86138u 11" x 12' Gray 25.69 EA All weather carpet is designed to replace worn and frayed bunks on your trailer. Will not rot or mildew. Restricted from sale in California. BUNK BOARD CARPET Item# Size Case List 323-MK6810v 10 oz. 12 18.29 EA Dramatically reduces friction to make bunk boards as slick as rollers. Long lasting, non-greasy, non-staining formula. Repels road dirt and grime. LIQUID ROLLERS® TRAILER BUNK BOARDS LUBRICANT Makes launching your boat or watercraft easy, slides effortlessly off bunks and into the water. •  Reduces cranking torque required by as much as 275% •  Safer unloading and loading by dramatically reducing stress on the trailer crank mechanisms, ropes and hull bow hooks •  Allows you to unload and load in shallower water •  Fast and simple application for both horizontal and vertical bunks •  Made from a unique blend of anti-friction compounds •  Excellent for work stations, boat lifts & watercraft dollies •  Apply directly to carpeted bunks SLYDZ-ON BUNK LUBRICANT Item# Size Case List 581-23200 16 oz 12 18.99 EA