2022 Trailer Parts & Accessories

Item Numbers in Red are hazardous items in blue are new v oversized d ups/fedex Surcharge u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 13 BrakeS & Hubs Zinc+ is the most corrosion resistant coversion coating to be introducted to the metal finishing industry. This coating can provide over five times the protection when applied over zinc plating. Item# Rotor Caliper Rating List 445-K7107805w Zinc+ Alum 3750# 446.29 EA 445-K7109005w Zinc+ Alum 6000# 677.39 EA 445-K7180605w Zinc+ Alum 7000# 796.39 EA 445-K7195405dw Stainless Alum 6000# 730.39 EA 445-K7108805w Stainless Stainless 3750# 909.49 EA Kit includes: •  Caliper Body, Piston and bracket •  Stainless banjo bolt & bleeder screw •  Stainless slider pins & brake pad guides •  Seals •  Back plate for pads to fight corrosion •  Inner and outer bearings •  Stainless protector w/rubber bra cover •  Wheel nuts and hardware ZINC+ HUB, VENTILATED ROTOR AND CALIPER KIT Item# Type For Pack List 641-82084w Organic Pads Eliminator Vented Rotor brakes Set of 4 84.69 PK 641-81251 Ceramic Pads Eliminator Vented Rotor brakes Set of 4 117.99 PK 641-81252 Ceramic Pads G5 SS disc brakes Set of 4 117.99 PK Replacement pads for 10" and 12" disc brakes. Full axle replacement, 4 pads. BRAKE PAD SET 81252 81251 82084 Item# Description List 641-81103w Reverse Lock Out Solenoid 90.79 EA STAINLESS STEEL DISC BRAKE ACCESSORIES Item# Description List 641-80326w Single Axle Brake Line Kit 178.29 EA 641-80327w "Add On" Axle Brake Line Kit 143.79 EA 641-80328w Tandem Axle Brake Line Kit 314.89 EA Add disc or drum brakes to your trailer. All hardware included, you supply the actuator and brakes. All fittings are brass. Single Axle Brake Line Kit: Use to replace existing brake lines or install on trailer that has not had brakes before. "Add On" Brake Line Kit: Use with the Single Axle Brake Line Kit (#80326). Tandem Axle Brake Line Kit: All-in-one kit includes hardware for tandem axle trailers. Kit combines brake line kits #80326 and 80327. FLEXIBLE HYDRAULIC BRAKE LINE KITS 80328 80327 80326 Item# Pack List 641-81099w 2 89.59 PK Flexible brake line kit is designed to be used on trailers fitted with rigid metal brake lines and Dexter disc brakes with "floating" caliper assemblies. Includes 2 flexible 24" brake lines with male brass fittings and 2 3/16" female inverted flare unions for use in connecting flexible brake line to metal brake line. FLEXIBLE BRAKE LINE KIT Item# Description List 445-K7177801w LH, DB42 357.39 EA 445-K7177802w RH, DB42 357.39 EA Prior to 2005. Includes Caliper Assembly, Set of pads (1 inner and 1 outer), Bolt, Retainer clamp, 2 Spring clips. CALIPER REPLACEMENT KIT, OLD STYLE Item# Description Caliper List 445-K7177301w3.5K-7K LH, Zinc 282.89 EA 445-K7177302w3.5K-7K RH, Zinc 282.89 EA 445-K7177401wSpecial 8" Disc LH, Zinc 331.99 EA 445-K7177402wSpecial 8" Disc RH, Zinc 331.99 EA 445-K7177601w3.5K-7K LH, Aluminum 360.49 EA 445-K7177602w3.5K-7K RH, Aluminum360.49 EA Includes caliper assembly and bolts with threadlock coating. CALIPER REPLACEMENT KIT Item# Description List 445-K7111000 Single Axle Kit 262.99 EA 445-K7111100 Tandem Axle Kit 400.19 EA 445-K7111200 Add-On Kit 160.29 EA •  Unlike other flexible brake lines, UFP’s Non-Corrosive Thermoplastic brake lines have an extremely low expansion rate which delivers higher braking pressures for decreased stopping distances. •  Working Pressure 3,000 PSI •  Brass Fittings for corrosion resistance •  Thermoplastic lines meet all FMVSS 106 Requirements •  Brakeline Kit includes: brake lines, banjo fittings, banjo bolts and copper washers •  Add-On Kit Includes: (1) 101" Thermoplastic Brake Line and (1) 54" Thermoplastic Brake Line THERMOPLASTIC BRAKELINE KIT Spindle & Parts Item# Description Bearings Case List 641-80055w1 1/4" x 7" 1" 12 40.59 EA 641-80060w1 1/4" x 7" 1 1/16" 6 40.59 EA 641-80235w1 3/4" x 8 1/4" Tapered 1 1/16" x 1 3/8" 6 60.49 EA 641-80325w2" x 8 1/4" Tapered 1 1/16" x 1 3/8" 6 66.69 EA Includes nut, washer, and cotter pin. Bearings not included. TRAILER AXLE SPINDLE Item# For List 445-K7106600w 2.1K and 2.3K Spindles 42.59 EA 445-K7106500w 2.5K Spindles 54.29 EA 445-K7106400w 3.2K and 3.7K Spindles 31.59 EA 445-K7106300w 4.2K Spindles 40.59 EA 445-K7106200w 5.2K - 7K Spindles 50.69 EA Includes O-rings, stainless steel wear ring, D washers, spindle nuts, nut retainers, and cotter pins. AXLE SPINDLE HARDWARE KIT K7106200 K7106300 K7106400 K7106500 K7106600 Item# Description List 445-K7115800 DB42 Series 205.39 EA DISC BRAKE PADS