2022 Trailer Parts & Accessories

Item Numbers in Red are hazardous items in blue are new v oversized d ups/fedex Surcharge u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 129 Adapters & Connectors Item# List 220-119147w 71.69 EA •  Draws power directly from the vehicle battery and uses less than 5 mA of the vehicle circuit for sensing to turn the trailer functions on and off •  Will work with either LED/Incandescent bulbs (vehicle & trailer) •  The taillight circuit has been upgraded to work with vehicles that use a pulse width modulation (PWM), this will allow the convertor to turn on fully and gives the trailer lights full brightness during activation •  The trailer brakes will override the hazard lamps when the brake is activated •  The unit is rated for up to 2.1 amps for Turns/Stops circuits and 7.5 amps for the Taillight circuit •  Will work with most vehicles that have a multiplex system for lighting •  Can be used on a 2-wire or 3-wire system •  Includes integrated protective cover MODULITE® TRAILER LIGHT POWER MODULE Trailer Connectors Item# Connector Lead Case List 50-13841w 2 Pole 12" on each side 12 5.49 EA Corrosion resistant construction. For 6, 12 and 24 volt applications. 7A @ 12V. MOLDED LINE CONNECTOR Item# Description Lead Case List 50-57841w Car Side, for 2-Wire Systems 48" 6 7.39 EA 50-57931w Car & Trailer Side Loop 60" 6 11.79 EA 50-57851w Trailer Side 12" 6 6.59 EA 50-57971w Trailer Side w/Separate Tail Light Wires 24" 6 7.99 EA 50-57901w Trailer Side 48" 6 7.69 EA Industry standard connector used for most light-duty applications including RV, marine & utility trailers where electric brakes or other additional power demands are not required. •  18 Ga. Bonded Wire •  Tin Plated .187 Terminals for Improved Current Capacity and Corrosion Resistance •  Flexible Molded PVC Connectors •  7.5 Amp Max Load •  Contains: Harness, Attachment Hardware, Detailed Wiring Instruction 4-WAY FLAT CONNECTORS 57901 57971 57931 57841 Item# Description Case List 50-13871w Flat Body Set 12 9.29 EA 50-13891w Trailer Side Connector, Flat Male 12 5.79 EA 50-13901w Car Side Connector, Flat Female 12 6.99 EA For 6, 12 & 24 volt applications. 13871: 4 Pole shrouded connector. Set consists of: one 12" color coded lead wire to trailer side and one 12" color coded lead wire to car side. 13891: 4 Pole shrouded connector, trailer side. 12" color coded lead wire. 13901: 4 Pole square shrouded connector, trunk side. 48" color coded lead wire. TRAILER CONNECTOR - 4 PIN 13901 13891 13871 Item# Connector Lead Case List 50-57871w Car 48" 6 10.99 EA 50-57961w Car & Trailer 60" 6 10.09 EA 50-57881w Trailer 12" 6 7.99 EA Industry standard connector used for light-duty applications where an auxiliary circuit is required for surge brake lockout or back-up lamp functionality. •  16 Ga. Bonded Wire (Green, Yellow, Brown, White) •  16 Ga. Single Wire (Blue) •  Tin Plated .187 Terminals for Improved Current Capacity and Corrosion Resistance •  Flexible Molded PVC Connectors •  7.5 Amp Max Load •  Contains: Harness, Detailed Wiring Instructions 5-WAY FLAT CONNECTOR 57881 57961 57871 Item# Connector Lead Case List 50-13991w 4 Pole 48" 12 10.69 EA 50-13931w 5 Pole 48" 12 13.19 EA TRAILER WIRE HARNESS EXTENSION Item# Description Case List 50-57981w Car Side w/Sealed Door 6 8.19 EA 50-57891w Trailer Side 6 6.89 EA Designed for use with RV's and heavier utility & equipment trailers equipped with electric brakes. 57981: Spring loaded connector door repels moisture when not in use. Slotted attachment holes align with most industry mounting brackets. Flat blade brass terminals feature convenient Phillips screw wire attachment. •  Supports tail lights, stop & turn lamps, trailer brake 12V+ feed and auxiliary connections •  Heavy-duty molded ABS plastic connector body resists corrosion •  Stylish and ergonomic •  30 Amp max load 7-WAY ROUND RV-STYLE CONNECTORS 57891 57981 Item# Connector Lead Case List 50-58111w 7-Way 8' 6 52.59 EA 7-WAY MOLDED CONNECTOR WITH WIRING HARNESS Close-up UV resistant cable. Blade-type connector. Molded connector design resists breakdown. Compatible with both RV and USCar style vehicle connectors. Item# Length Case List 50-52961w 25' 6 16.89 EA Wire descriptions: White - ground (21 Ga.), Brown - tail lamps (19 Ga.), Yellow - driver side stop/turn (19 Ga.), Green - passenger side stop/turn (19 Ga.). 25-ft 4-way harness with 4-ft trunk connector. 4-WAY WISHBONE STYLE WIRING HARNESSES Item# Description Case List 50-13941w Copper Wire 12 27.09 EA 50-13961w Marine-grade Tinned Wire 12 35.79 EA Flat - 4 Pole. Consists of 48" vehicle side connector and 25' trailer side color coded 18 Ga. wires. Trailer side split to allow routing of wire down both sides of trailer for easy hook-up. Safe color coded wires. Includes 6 frame straps and 2 quick splice connectors. TRAILER "Y" HARNESS