2022 Trailer Parts & Accessories

Items are stocked in our warehouses based on regional demand. If an item is not in stock at a local warehouse, additional charges may apply. u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 128 Adapters & Connectors Item# List 350-P718w 16.79 EA Converts 7-Pole Blade Connector to a 5-Pole molded connector. Allows one vehicle to tow either campers or boat trailers with electric brakes. Quick and easy to connect. Full-length plug shell ensures positive latching. Non-corrosive nylon shell and insert. POLLAK 7-WAY RV TO 5-WAY FLAT ADAPTER Item# Description List 350-P719w Brake Pin in Center 19.89 EA 350-P729w Auxiliary Pin in Center 15.29 EA Converts 7-Pole Blade Connector to a 6-Pole Round Connector Plug. Allows one vehicle to tow either campers or utility trailers. Quick and easy to connect. Noncorrosive nylon shell and insert. P719: Brake pin in center P729: Auxiliary pin in center POLLAK 7-WAY RV TO 6-WAY ROUND ADAPTER P729 P719 Item# Connection List 274-707282w 7 blade to 4 flat 26.59 EA One piece. 7-WAY BLADE TO FLAT ADAPTER Item# Description Length List 274-707250w Step-Down Style 18" 28.99 EA Connects newer 7-way round outlet to standard 5-way trailer plugs. 7-WAY BLADE TO 5-WAY FLAT ADAPTER Item# Length List 274-787195w 4' cable 39.99 EA 274-787196w 8' cable 52.69 EA Environmentally sealed 16 gauge coiled wire prevents tangling. Attractive marine yellow, no fade color. 7-Way mates with OE style 7-way blade connectors. 5-way mates with either a 4-way or 5-way flat connector. 7-WAY TRAILER TO 5-WAY FLAT CAR COILED ADAPTER Item# Description Length Pkg. List 220-787207w 7-Way to 5-Flat 4' Bulk 30.79 EA 220-787208w 7-Way to 5-Flat 8' Bulk 40.99 EA Environmentally sealed 16 gauge coiled wire prevents tangling. Attractive marine yellow, no fade color. 7-way mates with OE style 7-way blade connectors. 5-way mates with either a 4-way or 5-way flat connecto COILED ADAPTERS Tail Light Converters Item# Case List 50-51491 12 15.49 EA Heavy duty unit allows amber turn signals (5 wire systems) on tow vehicle to operate standard 4-wire trailer systems. Made of black ABS plastic. Made to be wired directly into trailer wire harness. TRAILER LIGHT CONVERTER Item# Case List 177-V5410w 6 29.39 EA Includes all electrical connectors and instructions. Electronic. Converts vehicle lighting systems with separate turn signals to the conventional trailer lighting system. TAIL LIGHT CONVERTER Item# List 11-TC43504 27.69 EA Amber/Red to Red Tail Light Converter Universal SPLICE-IN trailer converter for cars and trucks with separate stop and turn signals. Electronic tail light module converts tow vehicle's amber turn signal and red brake light into one combined red brake/turn signal on trailer. ELECTRONIC CONVERTER Item# Description List 374-48845w Box Style with mounting bracket (orange label) 19.19 EA The law requires an electronically unobstructive 3-2 wire trailer light converter for all foreign cars, and American cars with separate amber turn signals. Because of the special lighting systems of these cars, you cannot wire direct to a standard trailer without it. TAP TRAILER CONVERTER Item# List 329-12750EV 23.39 EA Universal Converter application, Includes 4 wire flat extension, 60" long. Adhesive mount. TAIL LIGHT CONVERTER HEAVY-DUTY 60" Item# List 220-119250w 286.19 EA ZCI sensor technology and direct connection to the tow vehicle battery, eliminates all electrical connection and interference with the tow vehicle electrical system. Vehicles with 12 volt system only. •  No cutting or splicing vehicle wiring •  Isolates Trailer Lights from Tow Vehicle's System •  Works with 2 or 3 wire systems •  Works with PWM or Multiplexed systems requiring 2 or 3 wire hookup •  Rated for up to 4.2 amps for turn/stop & 7.5 amps for taillight trailer circuits •  Works with low side switched vehicles •  Integrated auto resetting short & overload protection •  Robust design allows for interior or exterior mounting ZERO CONTACT UNIVERSAL MODULITE® Item# List 220-119130w 40.49 EA Tail light converter (black plastic housing) with 18" hook-up leads and 60" 4-flat car end connector. •  Rated for up to 2.1 amps for Turns/Stops circuits and 7.5 amps for tail light circuit •  Adapts import & domestic vehicles with separate turn and stop lights (3 wire system) to standard trailer tail light wiring (2 wire system) •  For either LED & Incandescent bulbs (vehicle & trailer) •  Designed not to send feedback thru the vehicle circuits TAIL LIGHT CONVERTOR Item# List 374-48915w 28.69 PK •  60" length •  Electronic Taillight Converter adapts tow vehicles taillight system to the trailer's •  Powers up to 2.1 amps per output •  Double-molded weatherproof design, includes dust cover •  Corrosion resistant terminals ELECTRONIC TAILLIGHT CONVERTER