2022 Trailer Parts & Accessories

Item Numbers in Red are hazardous items in blue are new v oversized d ups/fedex Surcharge u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 11 BrakeS & Hubs Brakes & Brake Parts Item# Description For Size Bolt Pattern Rating Case List 590-6040 Left (Curb Side) 13", 14", 14.5" & 15" wheels 10" x 2 1/4" 4 3,500 lbs. 2 47.95 EA 590-6041 Right (Roadside) 13", 14", 14.5" & 15" wheels 10" x 2 1/4" 4 3,500 lbs. 2 47.95 EA 590-6042 Left (Curb Side) 14.5", 15" & 16" wheels 12" x 2" 5 4,000-7,000 lbs. 2 59.95 EA 590-6043 Right (Roadside) 14.5", 15" & 16" wheels 12" x 2" 5 4,000-7,000 lbs. 2 59.95 EA This standard electric brake assembly is easier to install than hydraulic brakes, and a manual adjustment gives you more control than a self-adjusting brake assembly. Independently tested and exceeds government’s requirements.Fits most major brands including Dexter, Fayette, Hayes, Alko, Axletek, and Lippert. Includes: Backing Plate, Brake Shoes, Magnets, Actuating Lever, Adjusting Screw, Spring Hardware. ELECTRIC BRAKE ASSEMBLY Item# Description List 645-K2302600w 3.5K, LH 77.59 EA 645-K2302700w 3.5K, RH 77.59 EA 645-K2346800w 3.5K Nev-R-Adjust®, LH 117.59 EA 645-K2346900w 3.5K Nev-R-Adjust®, RH 117.59 EA 645-K2346200w 4.4K, LH (after 5/1/09) 94.39 EA 645-K2346300w 4.4K, RH (after 5/1/09) 94.39 EA 645-K2347800w 4.4K Nev-R-Adjust®, LH 135.79 EA 645-K2347900w 4.4K Nev-R-Adjust®, RH 135.79 EA Complete 10" x 2 1/4" electric brake assembly. Includes brake, nuts, plugs and instructions. 10" DRUM BRAKE ASSEMBLY Item# Description List 645-K2310500w 6K, LH 106.99 EA 645-K2310600w 6K, RH 106.99 EA 645-K2345800w 6K Nev-R-Adjust®, LH 147.69 EA 645-K2345900w 6K Nev-R-Adjust®, RH 147.69 EA 645-K2318000w 7K, LH 136.59 EA 645-K2318100w 7K, RH 136.59 EA 645-K2346400w 7K Nev-R-Adjust®, LH 178.39 EA 645-K2346500w 7K Nev-R-Adjust®, RH 178.39 EA Complete 12" x 2" electric brake assembly. Includes brake, nuts, plugs and instructions. 12" DRUM BRAKE ASSEMBLY Item# Size Pack List 641-82087w 10" 1 pr. 206.49 PK 641-82088w 12" 1 pr. 253.99 PK Electric brakes offer braking in forward and reverse. Features water resistant connections, rubber molded plugs, and quick switch electrical connections for fast and easy installation. Sold in pairs left and right. Mounting nuts and bolts included. 82088 82087 ELECTRIC DRUM BRAKES Free backing drum brakes are designed to withstand a marine environment. The Galv-X system is composed of inorganic polymers which bond metallic zinc flakes to the metal surface. The E-Coat drums are painted. Kit includes aluminum wheel cylinder, stainless steel spring, brake pads that are bonded and riveted with bronze rivets to backing plate and backing. These are enough parts to do one axle. Drum replacement parts kit includes: springs, adjuster tool, brass hardware, and hardware for the backing plate. DRUM BRAKES Item# Description Size List 641-82095w E-Coated Drum Brakes L & R 10" 319.79 BX 641-81097w Galv-X Drum Brakes L & R 10" 473.19 BX 641-82096w E-Coated Drum Brakes L & R 12" 396.89 BX 641-81098w Galv-X Drum Brakes L & R 12" 547.89 BX Item# Description For List 112-014136451w Shoe Lining Kit 10" x 2.25" Electric Brakes 51.59 EA 112-014136454w Magnet Kit 10" x 2.25" Electric Brakes 31.99 EA 112-014136444w Shoe Lining Kit 12" x 2" Electric Brakes 52.69 EA 112-014136447w Magnet Kit 12" x 2" Electric Brakes 31.99 EA •  Shoe & Lining Kit includes primary & secondary shoe/lining •  Magnet Kit includes magnet w/ lead wires, retainer clip & spring •  Adjustment Screw Kit includes adjustment screw assembly & spring ELECTRIC BRAKE REPLACEMENT PARTS Magnet Kit Shoe Lining Kit Item# Description Model List 112-0143500w Bearing Kits 3500lb. Axle 14.39 EA 112-0145200w Bearing Kits 5200lb. Axle 23.69 EA 112-0146000w Bearing Kits 6000lb. Axle 24.99 EA 112-014122087wSeals 3500lb. Axle I.D. 1.719" 1.39 EA 112-014122088wSeals 5200/6000/7000lb. Axles I.D. 2.25" 1.79 EA 112-014126003w3500lb. Brake Hub 5 on 4 1/2" 70.09 EA AP PRODUCTS BRAKES, PARTS & ACCESSORIES Item# Size List 112-014119214w 1" .89 EA SPINDLE WASHER Item# Description List 804-296650 10" x 2.25" Right Hand 52.69 EA 804-296649 10" x 2.25" Left Hand 52.69 EA 804-296652 12" x 2" Right Hand 68.69 EA 804-296651 12" x 2" Left Hand 68.69 EA The all new Forward Self Adjusting brakes provide optimal braking performance and enhanced brake lining and magnet wear. The brakes automatically forward adjust with every stopping motion to ensure proper braking and increased safety. No manual adjustment is needed and maintenance costs are lowered. Have peace of mind knowing that at 60 mph your braking will improve by 50%. Complete Kit includes backing plate, shoe and linings, magnet, actuating lever, adjusting screw, spring hardware, sealed wire connectors, and mounting fasteners. FORWARD SELF-ADJUSTING ELECTRIC BRAKES Item# Description Stud List 641-82407dw 10" Brake Kit with 6600 lb. actuator 5 1077.89 EA 641-82408dw 12" Brake Kit with 8500 lb. actuator 6 1443.49 EA Complete hydraulic free backing drum brake kit has everything needed for a single axle 5-stud wheel trailer, both left and right assemblies. Model 660/800 drum brake actuator features a cast ball clamp, Drop N Go auto coupler latch, actuator features cast ball clamp, and an oversized master cylinder. Includes a pair of GalvX coated drum brakes and painted drum hubs, drum brake actuator and brake line kit. Fits 13", 14" and 15" wheels. DOT 3 brake fluid not included. COMPLETE DRUM BRAKE KIT