2022 Trailer Parts & Accessories

Items are stocked in our warehouses based on regional demand. If an item is not in stock at a local warehouse, additional charges may apply. u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 106 Winches & Accessories ELECTRIC TRAILER WINCH Item# Model Boat Size Max Load Speed Max Pull Gear Ratio Volts List 313-P77712w 712 23' 7,500 lbs. 14 f.p.m. Single: 2400 lbs./Double: 4300 lbs. 225:1 12 665.49 EA 313-P77912w 912 30' 11,500 lbs. 8 f.p.m. Single: 4000 lbs./Double: 7500 lbs. 450:1 12 732.59 EA Repl. Parts Description Fits List 313-P7160901AJw Thrust Bearing Kit 712A 912 T2400 T4000 ST712 VS190 AP3500 26.99 EA Remote power-in/freewheel-out operation with positive lock when not winding. Easily operated with Tri-Matic Roll-n-Gage control. Efficient gear train system for smoother pulling action, less amperage draw and level wind system to prevent snarls and cable wear. Aircraft quality cable fitted with safety hook and super-tub ABS weather resistant housing. Comes with simple to install wiring harness with 80A circuit breaker. Hooks to any 12 volt auto or truck battery in minutes. Includes quick mount kit, remote control on-off lanyard, hand crank, owner's manual, cable with safety hook and a pulley block for double line operation. 10" deep, 10" wide and 8" high. 1 Year warranty. Not to used for lifting or as a hoist. Winches in this catalog are not for movement of humans. P77912 P77712 Item# List 313-P7810500AJ 23.59 EA For use with Powerwinch 2,000 lb., 3,000 lb. and 3,500 lb. winches. Carded. PLASTIC WINCH PLUG Item# Description Fits List 313-P7904300AJ Pulley Block w/Hook 315, 712, 912, 915 84.99 EA For vehicle and marine applications. Use to set up double line system for winching with any Powerwinch unit. PULLEY BLOCKS Item# Fits List 313-P7830201AJw712, 912, 915, T2400, T3200PO, T4000, ST712 150.49 EA Wire your vehicle for permanent installation applications. Includes 25' of 10 ga. positive wire, 10' of black ground wire, 60 amp. circuit breaker, and winch plug. 25' STRANDED WIRE HARNESS Item# Description Fits List 313-P78103AJ Female Winch Socket 712, 912 22.89 EA FEMALE WINCH SOCKET Item# Description List 313-P7702200AJ Plug & Socket Kit 41.19 EA For Trailer Winches RC30/RC23, 912/712, 915, 315. PLUG & SOCKET Item# Description Fits List 313-P78117AJ Spring Loaded Switch 77712, 77912, 812 61.69 EA ELECTRIC WINCH PARTS AND ACCESSORIES Item# Description Amps Fits List 313-P78372AJ Breaker 30 412, 602, 603 15.59 EA 313-P78373AJ Breaker 60 77712, 812, 77912, 77192, 77114, SH-12HB 37.29 EA CIRCUIT BREAKER P78373AJ P78372AJ Item# Size List 313-P71854AJw 7/32" x 50' 94.99 EA Galvanized cable and hook for Powerwinch trailer winches or other common applications. REPLACEMENT CABLE Item# Description Fits List 313-P7160901AJwThrust Bearing Kit 712A 912 T2400 T4000 ST712 VS190 AP3500 26.99 EA Includes thrust bearing, thrust washers, and springs. THRUST BEARING KIT Item# Fits List 313-P5594700AJuModels: 315, 712, 912, 915, T1650, T2400, T3200PO, T4000, ST315, ST712 47.59 EA For use with Powerwinch models when power is unavailable. EMERGENCY HAND CRANK Item# Fits List 313-P5591000AJw RC23 & RC30 series units 21.99 EA CONTROL CLUTCH KNOB TUBE