2022 Trailer Parts & Accessories

Item Numbers in Red are hazardous items in blue are new v oversized d ups/fedex Surcharge u - WARNING Cancer Causing See www.P65Warnings.ca.gov v - WARNING Reproductive Harm w - WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm 105 Winches & Accessories Electric Winches & Parts Item# Description Max Load Gear Ratio Volts List 50-52111w 3/16" x 30' Cable 2000 lbs. 464:1 12 199.99 EA •  Four-stage planetary gear system for faster line speed •  Weather-resistant high-impact housing •  Rated for boats up to 18' •  Includes: Connecting plate, emergency crank handle, remote switch with 9.8' cord and 16.4' power cord with battery clips Not for movement of humans. ELECTRIC WINCH Item# Model Boat Size Max Load Speed List 16-25200 TW4000 Up To 4000 lbs. 1500 lbs. 22 f.p.m. 453.69 EA 16-25215 TW9000 Up To 9000 lbs. 3000 lbs. 15 f.p.m. 744.39 EA 12V Power-in and freewheel-out (TW4000), power-in power-out and freewheel-out (TW9000) operation with positive mechanical brake. Clutch control knob engages gears or releases load in a controlled freewheel mode. For boat trailers and other horizontal pulling applications. Equipped with 20' x 2" polyester strap and hook. Not for movement of humans. TW SERIES ELECTRIC WINCH Item# Max Load Amps Volts List 16-24953 2700 lbs 8 120 672.89 EA 16-24907 3000 lbs 70 12 625.89 EA NO CLUTCH, so no freewheeling capability. Suitable for shortdistance vertical lifting applications not involving people or loads over where people could be present. Used for Boat Lifts. Cable not included. NOTE: Not for movement of humans. ELECTRIC WINCH WITHOUT CLUTCH & CABLE 24907 24953 Item# Description Max Load Amps Volts List 16-24870 7/32" x 25' Cable 3000 lbs 70 12 676.39 EA 16-24874 7/32" x 50' Cable 4500 lbs. 70 12 722.89 EA 16-24872 7/32" x 25' Cable 2700 lbs 8 120 689.99 EA 16-24876 7/32" x 50' Cable 4000 lbs 8 120 744.39 EA The D-L StrongArm Electric Winch gear train uses heat-treated sintered-iron gears for smooth, quiet operation. The final drive gears are heat-treated high carbon steel for maximum strength. Precision needle bearings are used in the high-load areas for low friction and long life. The one piece die formed base is made of heavy gauge steel. The stainless steel front frame protects the cable or strap from abrasion. •  Available in 120V AC or high torque 12V DC •  12V switch includes wiring harness, 25' positive battery wire and 8' ground wire •  High impact case provides excellent weather resistance and protection •  Attractive brushed stainless steel front plate for superior rust resistance •  Die formed base is adapted for quick mounting applications •  Cable hook safety snap keeps load securely attached •  Standard equipment includes an emergency crank handle Winches in this catalog are not for movement of humans. STRONGARM ELECTRIC WINCH 120V 12V Item# Description List 16-24059 Angle mounting plate 44.29 EA For mounting all StrongArm electric winches to trailer winch stands where insufficient room and improper angle are present. Black powder-coated finish. Hardware included. ELECTRIC WINCH ANGLE MOUNTING PLATE Item# List 16-24052 113.79 EA For 120 volt AC StrongArm winch models. This kit provides a 10-foot remote handheld switch unit which can be wired directly to the winch. (Plug-in connector #6373 is optional.) The pendant has an "in-off-out" switch similar to the power switch provided on all 120 volt AC StrongArm models. Individually packaged. REMOTE HAND-HELD SWITCH Item# List 16-24085 30.39 EA Fits 8 gauge wire. For 12Volt DC winches. ELECTRICAL QUICK CONNECTOR Item# List 452-69140w 131.19 EA Everything you need to wire your vehicle for high-current 12v power. Use for trailer winch, portable winch and any other 12v device up to 60 amps. Kit includes: •  2 Quick-Connect plugs (one for rear of vehicle and one for trailer winch or any other 12v device) •  1½" Round Hole Adaptor (for installation on flat panel - option 1) •  U-bracket (for installation on flat surface - option 2) •  25' Heavy 8-gauge AWG Tin-Plated Marine-Grade Positive (red) Battery Wire •  5' Heavy 8-gauge AWG Tin-Plated Marine-Grade Negative (black) Battery Wire •  Corrosion resistant self-tapping grounding bolt to attach negative wire to vehicle frame •  High-current 60 amp Manual Resetting Circuit Breaker •  10 Cable ties to secure wires to vehicle 12V HIGH-CURRENT VEHICLE WIRING KIT Item# Model # Boat Size Max Load Speed Max Pull Gear Ratio Volts List 313-P55750wRC23 23' 7500 lbs. 14 f.p.m. Single: 2400 lbs. /Double: 4300 lbs. 225:1 12 712.19 EA 313-P55950wRC30 30' 11,500 lbs. 8 f.p.m. Single: 4000 lbs. /Double: 7500 lbs. 450:1 12 820.59 EA Wireless remote power-in, freewheel-out remote control trailer winch. Convenient light enclosed in the trailer winch casing. Emergency crank stored in winch casing. Not to be used as a hoist. Re-designed, stronger housing. Pulley block provides for double line applications. 60 amp standard wiring harness. One year limited warranty. Winches in this catalog are not for movement of humans. WIRELESS REMOTE OPERATED TRAILER WINCH W/ LIGHT P55950 P55750