2022 Sea Value

A Message from your Local Marine Retailer: ‘Let me help you!’ We are your marine retailer point of sale specialists, and proud to partner with Spirit of America and other organizations providing recreational boating and water safety education and creating greater potential for our own community boating programs. Stop and see us for all of your required boating safety equipment and any additional accessory needs you may have. Enjoy our country’s natural resources this coming season! As your national partner in boating safety education, we remind you to be prepared for your best days of boating this season, just as we do with all of our young boaters! We believe in educating America’s youth, families and communities and creating future generations of SAFE - SMART BOATERS. Remember to visit your local marine retailer for all of your boating needs. Contact us for information about safer boating practices and creating recreational and eductional boating programs in your community. FUTURE LOCAL BOATERS – FUTURE LOCAL BUSINESS www.spiritofamerica95.org Throwable Devices and Fire Extinguishers Be prepared for the unexpected and take a hands-on boating education course. Sound Producing Devices • Bells • Whistles • Horns Other Safety Equipment required by the state in which you are boating. Your marine retail point of sale specialist will have this additional information for you and can provide assistance for properly equipping your boat. Your state may require you to successfully complete an approved boating education course. You’ll gain knowledge, receive updates on current laws, and information on the newest safety equipment available, for the most enjoyable experience you can have on the water. ★ A Message fromThe Spirit of America Foundation Life Jackets One properly fitting, and activity appropriate, life jacket for every person. Our graduates remind you as you head to the water this boating season, “The United States Coast Guard sets minimum standards for recreational vessels and associated equipment.” The safety equipment you will need to have on board to meet those standards includes the following: Teaching the way our children learn. #MoreKidsOnBoats #NoChildLeftOnTheDock