2022 Sea Value

To Our Valued Customers: Prices are subject to change without notice KEY: Blue Item # =New | Red Item # =Hazardous | vOversize | 287 Safety Item# Shaft Sweep Volts Special 69-37180w 5/8" x 2 1/2" 80° 12 225.99 EA 69-37110w 5/8" x 2 1/2" 110° 12 225.99 EA The model 1000 waterproof wiper motor powers up to a 18" x 18" Deluxe arm/blade combination at sweep sets of 80° or less. Factory sweeps are preset but adjustable to 50°, 65°, 80°, or 110°. The fully sealed waterproof housing is made of UV stabilized, high-temp, high impact thermoplastic which protects a single-speed, self-parking heavy-duty motor. Includes a 5 amp fuse and holder. RF shielded circuitry. Motor: 6 5/8" x 3 3/8" x 2"D. 3-Year warranty. 1000 WATERPROOF WIPER MOTOR Fire Extinguishers Item# Description Size Special 234-21028230 5PWC, 5-B:C w/ Pin Gauge 1.3" x 12 3/4" 27.99 EA 234-466635MTL 5-B:C w/ Gauge 3.25" x 11.3" 28.99 EA 234-466628MTL 10-B:C w/ Gauge 3.25" x 14.2" 29.99 EA 234-466627MTL 1-A:10-B:C w/ Gauge 3.25" x 14.2" 42.99 EA MARINER FIRE EXTINGUISHER 466627MTL 466628MTL 466635MTL 21028230 Specially designed for boating use. Corrosion resistant, white, seamless aluminum cylinder, rust and impact resistant steel handle and non-toxic extinguishing agent. Features easy-to-read gauge for reliable pressure checks. 6 year warranty. Meets OSHA requirements. USCG approved with bracket. Registration Letters & Numbers Item# Description Special 50-77111w Black 12.99 EA 50-77121w White 12.99 EA Solid self-aligning mylar. Each kit contains 4 of each letter and number totaling 148 pieces. Numbers and letters are pressure sensitive. Just peel off backing and press on. 3 1/4" LETTER & NUMBER KITS White Black Item# Color Special 328-BJBKG200 Bluejay/Black 22.99 EA 328-BLBKG200 Blue/Black 22.99 EA 328-BLKKI200 Black/Kiwi Green 22.99 EA 328-BMBKG200 Blue Metallic/Black 22.99 EA 328-BRBKG200 Brown/Black 22.99 EA 328-CHBKG200 Chrome/Black 25.99 EA 328-PUTEG200 Purple/Teal 22.99 EA 328-REBKG200 Red/Black 22.99 EA 328-RUBKG200 Burgundy/Black 22.99 EA 328-SIBKG200 Silver/Black 22.99 EA 328-TEBKG200 Forest Green/Black 22.99 EA 328-WHBKG200 White/Black 22.99 EA 328-YEBKG200 Yellow/Black 22.99 EA 328-YEPUG200 Yellow/Purple 22.99 EA 3" Letters feature a smooth cursive font with top to bottom color gradations. All registration kits include 4 sets of A-Z, 0-9. Total of 146 decals. SERIES 200 YEPUG200 YEBKG200 WHBKG200 TEBKG200 SIBKG200 RUBKG200 REBKG200 PUTEG200 CHBKG200 BRBKG200 BMBKG200 BLKKI200 BLBKG200 BJBKG200 Item# Color Special 328-BLK200EC Black 12.99 EA 328-WHI200EC White 12.99 EA Solid color with 3" cursive font. All registration kits include 4 sets of A-Z, 0-9. Total of 146 decals. SERIES 200EC WHI200EC BLK200EC Item# Color Special 328-BLK350EC Black 12.99 EA 328-BLU350EC Blue 12.99 EA 328-RED350EC Red 12.99 EA 328-WHI350EC White 12.99 EA Same 3" solid color block font as Series 320 without the drop shadow. All registration kits include 4 sets of A-Z, 0-9. Total of 146 decals. SERIES 350 WHI350EC RED350EC BLU350EC BLK350EC Item# Size Special 328-964 2 fl. oz. 8.99 EA Item# Size Special 328-965 2 fl. oz. 8.99 EA No more bubbled, mis-aligned or wrinkled decals. Simply spray Sticker-On™ on the back of your decal, slide and position into place. Reactivates the adhesive in decal when it cures. Works on any pressure sensitive application, registration numbers, graphic kits, decals, and number plate backgrounds. STICKER ON™ DECAL APPLICATION FLUID Removes old decal adhesive. No more sticky residue left to mess up your decals. Spray onto adhesive residue, let it soften the residue for a minute and then wipe clean with a dry soft cloth. STICKER OFF™ DECAL ADHESIVE REMOVER