2022 Sea Value

To Our Valued Customers: Prices are subject to change without notice KEY: Blue Item # =New | Red Item # =Hazardous | vOversize | 235 Item# Special THMarine_Rigging_Qtr_1* NaN Item# Special 232-BSR1KDPw 22.99 EA Distributes strain from bends in the hose. Watertight gripper fitting-no leaks. Flange is 2 3/4" diameter and requires 1 1/4" installation hole. BULKHEAD STRAIN RELIEF Item# Description Color Size Special 232-RFK1CPDPw Flange/Hose Kit Chrome/Black 2" x 4' 62.99 EA 232-RF1DPw Flange Black 2" 17.49 EA 232-RF2DPw Flange White 2" 18.99 EA Protects cables and wiring from dirt, abrasion, sun and water. The flange connects the rigging hose from the engine to the boat. Internal threads on the flange retains the rigging hose to make rigging adjustments easy. The back side of the flange is textured to allow inverted mounting. The rigging hose is durable, flexible, and kink resistant and is commonly found on new boats. RIGGING FLANGE & HOSE White Flange Black Flange Chrome/Black Kit Item# Length Special 232-ZRS1DPw 48" 68.99 EA Protect your cables and hoses with this easy to remove rigging sleeve. Made of rugged Sunbrella® fabric, this sleeve will withstand the elements and resist fading. Easily zips on and off to access cables or hoses when needed. Ends are secured with cable ties sewn into pockets. Black. ZIPPERED RIGGING SLEEVE Item# Description Special 232-CB2w 2" Cable Boot 7.99 EA 232-CB1w 3" Cable Boot 7.99 EA 232-CBR1w 3" Reinforcing Ring 2.49 EA 232-CBR4w 4 1/2" Reinforcing Ring 2.49 EA Provides a fully open area to pass wiring and cables through and when rigging is complete. Constructed of rugged black vinyl that resists UV rays, gasoline and oil. CABLE BOOT CBR1 CB2 PROTECTS CABLES, HOSES, AND WIRING FROM ELEMENTS RIGGING RIGGING HOSES Steering Item# Special 50-28301w 8.49 EA Item# Size Special 50-28251 7/8" 37.99 EA Rigging Supplies Item# Size Special 50-29301w 3" 6.49 EA 50-29251w 4" 9.49 EA Seals off water intake and protects cables, wiring and gas lines. Made of durable vinyl plastisol. MOTORWELL BOOT 29251 29301 STEERING CABLE PROTECTOR The Steering Guard should be installed on all cable and sidemounted hydraulic steering systems to lubricate, clean and seal the system. Made of stainless steel. Installs in 10 minutes. Eliminates STEERING GUARD greasy steering rods forever. Fits Honda, Mercury, Mariner, Johnson, Evinrude, Nissan, Suzuki, Tohatsu, Yamaha and Force with 7/8" thread. Heavy-duty rubber boot to fit over output end of steering cable at engine for complete protection from elements. Prevents lubrication from being washed away. Fits all standard steering cables including Morse, Teleflex, Detmar, etc. 1" ID steering cable end, 3/8" ID output end, 1 1/2" overall dia., 10" extended length, 3 1/2" minimum length. Made of chrome plated brass. Each separate lever controls clutch and throttle for one engine. Functions easily identified by red and black knobs. Designed to use 33C type control cables. Shims and cable clamps are made of brass and are supplied for easy installation. Overall height 8 5/16" Base: 4 5/16" W x 5 7/16" L x 3" H Not for dual station applications. Engine Controls Item# Description Fastener Special 50-28401w Twin Lever Control # 10 screws 261.99 EA TWIN LEVER, SINGLE STATION CONTROL Improves throttle control for outboards and inboards. A stainless steel spring returns engine to idle position when released. Uses standard control cables for easy hook-up. Item# Description Special 232-HF1DPw Universal 193.99 EA HOT FOOT™ FOOT THROTTLE