2022 Sea Value - Canada

66 Covers & Tops Bimini Tops & Shades Item# Color 32-22049 Black 32-22042 White This uniquely designed 6' x 6' square, UV treated nylon umbrella can be used on almost any vessel from a small fishing boat to larger high performance boats. Designed to be used when anchored or at idle speed on a calm day. AnchorShade® III offers improved design features such as stronger, larger diameter solid fiberglass structural ribs and hinge connectors. The aluminum frame is powder coated and has a 4 point locking height up to 8 feet. Adjustable straps and rubber non-skid floor end make installation flexible and easy with no mounts or bases. Includes a heavy duty carrying case w/shoulder strap. ® ANCHORSHADE III White Black Item# Beam Color Assembled 3 Bow Frame & Fabric, 54" H X 6' L, White Vinyl W/ Boot 500-V5463TBv 61"-66" White Vinyl 500-V5475TBv 73"-78" White Vinyl Assembled 3 Bow Frame & Fabric, 54" H X 6' L, Sunbrella® or Outdura® Acrylic W/ Boot 500-A5463TB2v 61"-66" Jet Black 500-A5463TB4v 61"-66" Pacific Blue 500-A5463TB10v 61"-66" Cadet Gray 500-A5469TB2v 67"-72" Jet Black 500-A5469TB3v 67"-72" Persian Green 500-A5469TB4v 67"-72" Pacific Blue 500-A5469TB5v 67"-72" Captain Navy 500-A5469TB7v 67"-72" Jockey Red 500-A5469TB10v 67"-72" Cadet Gray 500-A5475TB2v 73"-78" Jet Black 500-A5475TB3v 73"-78" Persian Green 500-A5475TB4v 73"-78" Pacific Blue 500-A5475TB5v 73"-78" Captain Navy 500-A5475TB10v 73"-78" Cadet Gray 500-A5481TB2v 79"-84" Jet Black 500-A5481TB3v 79"-84" Persian Green 500-A5481TB4v 79"-84" Pacific Blue 500-A5481TB5v 79"-84" Captain Navy 500-A5481TB7v 79"-84" Jockey Red 500-A5481TB10v 79"-84" Cadet Gray 500-A5487TB2v 85"-90" Jet Black 500-A5487TB3v 85"-90" Persian Green 500-A5487TB7v 85"-90" Jockey Red 500-A5487TB10v 85"-90" Cadet Gray 500-A5493TB2v 91"-96" Jet Black 500-A5493TB4v 91"-96" Pacific Blue 500-A5493TB5v 91"-96" Captain Navy 500-A5493TB10v 91"-96" Cadet Gray Fully Assembled, Complete Bimini Tops Ready to Install 54" High x 6' long. Truck shipment only. •  7/8" heavy walled round anodized aluminum tubing •  All mounting hardware included •  Includes matching storage boot •  Non-corrosive heavy duty zipper on boot •  Stainless steel snap hooks and eye straps •  Center bow adjustment straps for adjusting crown 54" HIGH 3 BOW FULLY ASSEMBLED BIMINI TOP 3-Bow White Bimini Item# Length Color Pack 50-78801 To 96" White 2 50-78811 To 96" Black 2 1" nylon webbing. Ring, snap, and buckle are corrosion resistant. Great for most size Biminis and awnings. ADJUSTABLE BIMINI TOP STRAPS 78811 78801 Item# Description Pack 500-62010 48" Aluminum Kit 1 pr. 500-62014 22"- 44" Aluminum Kit - Adjustable 1 pr. Designed to hold top up and out of the way when top is folded and not in use. Each package includes two 7/8" tubes which can be cut to desired length, 4 eye ends, 2 unique hinged jaw slides that make installation easier by eliminating the need to disassemble the main bow, 2 deck hinges and all mounting screws. BIMINI TOP BRACE KIT Item# Length Pack 500-62000 24" 1 pr. 500-62001 36" 1 pr. Allows a retracted top to slide into storage position, as an alternative to a brace kit. Includes hardware for standard or side mounting. Kit includes 2 slide tracks, 2 sliding deck hinges with combined slide locks, 2 side-mount sliding deck hinges, 2 slide locks, 4 end caps and all necessary screws for mounting. BIMINI TOP SLIDE TRACK KIT Item# 23-662023 Stainless steel clevis pin comes w/nylon covered stainless steel lanyard. For use with deck or rail mounted bimini top hinge fittings that use removable 1/4" spring-loaded clevis pins. TETHERED 1/4" SPRING-LOADED CLEVIS PIN