2022 Sea Value - Canada

184 Maintenance Item# Description Color Size 94-2002EKITQTCA Kit White Quart 94-2002EKIT1CA Kit White Gallon 94-2000EKITQTCA Kit Gray Quart 94-2000EKIT1CA Kit Gray Gallon INTERPROTECT® 2000 Item# Size 94-YPA984QTCA Quart 94-YPA9841CA Gallon PRIMOCON® Item# Size 94-YMA601VQCA Quart FIBERGLASS SURFACE PREP-LOW V.O.C. Item# Color Size 94-4280QTCA Grey Quart 94-4279QTCA White Quart 94-42791CA White Gallon PRE-KOTE PRIMER Item# Color Size 94-YJF684QTCA Gray Quart 94-YJG009QTCA Sand Beige Quart 94-YJB000QTCA White Quart INTERDECK NON SKID FINISH Item# Description Size 94-202QTCA Fiberglass Solvent Wash & Dewaxer Quart 94-216QTCA Thinner, Cold Weather Applications Quart 94-333QTCA Brushing Liquid for Enamels Quart 94-2316NQTCA Spray Reducer for 2 Part Products Quart 94-2333NQTCA Brushing Reducer for 2 Part Products Quart THINNER, SOLVENT & CLEANER Excellent Initial Cleaning Agent in Painting Process It’s extremely important to remove contaminants from fiberglass for full adhesion of primers and/or antifouling paints. This special low VOC formula does this extremely effectively. It can also be used to remove amine blush from clear epoxy. •  Effective contamination / mold remover •  Can be used for cleaning previously painted surfaces prior to sanding before repainting topside finishes •  Can also be used to prepare inflatable boats for antifouling Single Part Primer for above waterline use VOC compliant, Pre-Kote® is an excellent undercoat for use with Brightside® polyurethane, yacht enamels or any one-part topside finish. Formulated with Microspheres, it gives superior build and hide, while also improving flow and sandability. •  Use it above the true waterline to create a smooth, fair surface for overcoating with a topside enamel •  A unique VOC compliant, single package, undercoat Slip resistant polyurethane deck paint A tough, slip resistant deck paint that protects the surface from every day wear and tear. It’s easy to apply and its low sheen finish helps prevent sunlight from reflecting off decks. •  Contains fine mineral additive for hard wearing, nonslip surface •  Suitable for all substrates •  Apply straight from the can with brush or roller Interlux solvents are specially formulated for optimal performance and application of Interlux products and preparation of Interlux systems. 2333NQ 2316NQ 333P 216P 202Q Hard wearing coating for bilges and bulkheads A fast drying, durable coating formulated for application to bilge areas. Bilgekote® helps prevent absorption of oil, gasoline or sludge into wood and fiberglass. •  Hard wearing coating for bilges and bulkheads •  High opacity for thorough coverage •  Cleans easily for reduced upkeep The #1 Epoxy Barrier Coat since 1985 This remarkable two-part epoxy coating protects fiberglass hulls from water absorption. It’s formulated with Microplates® that creates an overlapping water barrier. It’s also great for repairing gelcoat that has been damaged by osmotic blistering. •  Excellent adhesion to fiberglass, composite, metal and wood •  Suitable for use above and below waterline as a universal primer for all surfaces •  Long overcoating times add versatility & flexibility Quart & Gallon Kits include Curing Agent. Single Part Underwater Primer Suitable for all underwater metal surfaces, Primocon® is a superb anti-corrosive primer that creates a barrier to reduce pitting. It’s an excellent primer for antifouling paint over sanded fiberglass, and won’t affect the color of antifouling paint itself. •  An anticorrosive primer for underwater metal surfaces (including hulls, running gear, and the lower units of outboards and I/O's) •  Reduce pitting of the metal from galvanic corrosion Item# Color Size 94-YMA100Q Grey Quart 94-YMA100QTCA Grey Quart 94-YMA102QTCA White Quart BILGEKOTE® Provides non-skid surface to decks and other areas Intergrip is a synthetic, granular material you can use on topside finishes before application, or sprinkled onto wet paint to add a more slip-resistant finish. The more you add, the more grip you get. •  Creates a slip-resistant finish when added to or sprinkled onto paint •  Can be applied by brush, roller or spray •  Easy to apply Item# Size 94-2398CHPCA 1/2 Pint INTERGRIP NO SKID COMPOUND