2022 Sea Value - Canada

182 Maintenance Item# Color Size 93-1811CAQ Black Quart 93-1811CAG Black Gallon 93-1211CAG Blue Gallon 93-1611CAG Red Gallon UNEPOXY HRT Seasonal Antifouling Paint. Hybrid Reactive Technology features high density biocide utilization to maximize effectiveness by using biocide more effectively along with film modifiers to reduce yearly build-up, maintain uniform color consistency, and lower weight and smoother finish than traditional paints. •  Smooth durable polishing finish •  Apply over most antifouling paints Item# Color Size 93-1882CAQ Black Quart 93-1882CAG Black Gallon 93-1282CAQ Blue Quart 93-1282CAG Blue Gallon 93-1682CAG Red Gallon ULTIMA® HYBRID Item# Color Size 93-1850CAQ Black Quart 93-1850CAG Black Gallon 93-1250CAG Blue Gallon 93-1350CAG Green Gallon 93-1650CAG Red Gallon HORIZONS® Item# Color Size Blacks 94-4258QTCA Black Quart Whites 94-4359HPCA White Half Pint 94-4359QTCA White Quart 94-43591CA White Gallon 94-4259QTCA Blue Glo White Quart 94-42591CA Blue Glo White Gallon 94-4208QTCA Hatteras Off-White Quart 94-4218QTCA Hatteras Off-White (1990) Quart 94-4360QTCA Matterhorn White Quart 94-4381QTCA Off White Quart Beiges 94-4207QTCA Bristol Beige Quart 94-4217QTCA Grand Banks Beige Quart 94-4237QTCA Sundown Buff Quart Grays 94-4190QTCA Kingston Gray Quart 94-4205QTCA Seattle Gray Quart 94-4250QTCA Steel Gray Quart Blues & Greens 94-4316QTCA Dark Blue Quart 94-4990QTCA Flag Blue Quart 94-4100QTCA Largo Blue Quart 94-4351QTCA Light Blue Quart 94-4353QTCA Medium Blue Quart 94-4253QTCA Ocean Blue Quart 94-4241QTCA Sapphire Blue Quart 94-4247QTCA Sea Green Quart Reds & Yellows 94-4248QTCA Fire Red Quart 94-4152QTCA Yellow Quart Opt. Accy. Description Size 94-YMA715QTCA Flattening Agent Quart BRIGHTSIDE® POLYURETHANES Excellent seasonal antifouling protection •  Hybrid paint film offers all the advantages of hard and ablative paints •  Unique controlled erosion minimizes build up yet stands up to seasonal abuse •  Hybrid technology reduces the need for sanding •  Can be painted up to 12 months before launching High copper load for multi-season protection •  Performs in all conditions, includes severe fouling water •  Ablative technology eliminates sanding and build-up •  The standard ablative for many boat yards •  Eliminates paint buildup and heavy sanding Topside Paint Topside Paint A hard, high gloss one part polyurethane finish Brightside creates a high-gloss finish to be proud of. •  A convenient size to paint boottops and accent stripes •  Hard, high gloss one part polyurethane finish •  Contains a fluro microadditive for easy cleaning, stain and abrasion resistance EZ-POXY POLYURETHANE TOPSIDE FINISH EZ-Poxy is a modern one-part polyurethane topside and deck enamel improved by the addition of silicone for a brilliant shine and easy brushability. It's advanced ultraviolet filters enhance the superior gloss retention and durability of polyurethane. The result is a topside finish that's exceptionally easy to apply, producing a lasting gelcoat-like brilliance with a minimum of effort. Item# Color Size Blacks 93-3801CAQ Black Quart Whites 93-3108CAQ Off White Quart 93-3106CAQ Semi Gloss White Quart 93-3175CAQ White Quart 93-3175CAG White Gallon Blues & Greens 93-3229CAQ Bikini Blue Quart 93-3237CAQ Electric Blue Quart 93-3248CAQ Ocean Blue Quart 93-3348CAQ Jade Green Quart 93-3350CAQ Kelly Green Quart 93-3333CAQ Seafoam Green Quart Browns, Beiges & Tans 93-3520CAQ Grand Banks Beige Quart Grays 93-3720CAQ Dark Gray Quart 93-3711CAQ Platinum Quart Reds & Yellows 93-3624CAQ Bright Red Quart 93-3626CAQ Burgundy Quart 93-3456CAQ Fighting Lady Yellow Quart