2022 Sea Value - Canada

KEY: Blue Item # =New | Red Item # =Hazardous | vOversize |dUPS/FEDEX Surcharge 181 Maintenance Antifouling Bottom Paint Item# Color Size 94-5583QTCA Black Quart 94-55831CA Black Gallon 94-5580QTCA Blue Quart 94-55801CA Blue Gallon 94-5581QTCA Green Quart 94-5582QTCA Red Quart 94-55821CA Red Gallon 94-5584QTCA Shark White Quart 94-55841CA Shark White Gallon Premium Multi-Year Antifouling paint for long lasting protection Long-lasting multi-season protection against all kinds of fouling threats, in all conditions. The controlled polishing also reduces the build-up of old coatings and minimizes sanding. The most trusted and dependable antifouling among boat owners, applicators and builders. MICRON® CSC •  Proven and trusted multi-season performance •  Suitable for power and sail, in all waters •  Minimizes paint build-up and sanding Item# Color Size 94-V105EKITQTCA Original Quart 94-V106EKITQTCA Blue Quart 94-V107EKITQTCA Red Quart A high-performance, friction-reducing antifouling formulated to produce a super-smooth racing finish. The coating is up to eight times thinner than traditional paint, reducing weight and drag surface, while virtually eliminating paint build-up. Suitable for use in fresh water or low fouling cold salt water. •  Protection against fouling including zebra mussels •  Thin film with a fluoro-microadditive creates a smooth, low-friction surface •  Ideal for racing and cruising boats •  Quick-drying for a fast relaunch VC 17m Item# Color Size 94-V127KIT2CA White 2 Gallon Kit VC® PERFORMANCE EPOXY Item# Color Size 94-V1181CA Black Gallon 94-V1161CA Blue Gallon VC® OFFSHORE Item# Color Size 94-493QTCA Black Quart 94-4931CA Black Gallon 94-490QTCA Blue Quart 94-4901CA Blue Gallon 94-4911CA Red Gallon 94-498QTCA White Quart 94-4981CA White Gallon Hard Epoxy Finish for Performance and Trailered Boats - can be applied by roller for professional results Designed to provide the perfect hard racing finish on boats that do not require antifouling, such as rack-stored and trailered boats. Contains fluoromicroadditive to create a smooth, abrasion-resistant surface which can be burnished or sanded to a racing smooth white finish. •  Smooth, low-friction surface ideal for racing •  Hard, abrasion resistant coating Hard Vinyl Antifouling Designed for the Serious Racer or Powerboat Formulated with a fluoro-microadditive that creates a hard, smooth and low-friction surface which can be polished to achieve a very low profile with maximum durability. •  Provides a hard, smooth racing finish •  Can be polished for a low profile and minimum drag •  Suitable for use in both fresh and salt water A unique copolymer paint specifically formulated for aluminum crafts and related surfaces. It is equally compatible with fiberglass, wood, steel, and lead. Trilux® II is ideal for aluminum outdrive and outboard motor lower units, provided application instructions are followed. •  Developed for aluminum, compatible with fiberglass TRILUX® II ANTIFOULING PAINT Item# Color Size 94-7790QTCA Black Quart 94-77901CA Black Gallon 94-66901CA Blue Gallon FIBERGLASS BOTTOMKOTE® ACT Best Value Ablative Ablative Technology provides excellent season-toseason protection. Ablative Technology enables it to erode away with use and eliminates the build-up of old spent coatings and the heavy sanding needed to remove them. ACT provides excellent protection against all forms of marine fouling in waters with moderate to heavy fouling and can be used in fresh, salt and brackish waters. •  Eliminates paint buildup and sanding •  Flexible application schedule, paint in the fall and launch in the spring Item# Color Size 94-779QTCA Black Quart 94-7791CA Black Gallon 94-669QTCA Blue Quart 94-6691CA Blue Gallon 94-999QTCA Bronze Quart 94-5591CA Green Gallon 94-4491CA Red Gallon FIBERGLASS BOTTOMKOTE® Item# Color Size 94-79QTCA Black Quart 94-791CA Black Gallon 94-69QTCA Blue Quart 94-691CA Blue Gallon 94-49QTCA Red Quart 94-491CA Red Gallon BOTTOMKOTE® XXX Proven All Purpose Antifouling Protection Fiberglass Bottomkote® is a hard modified epoxy, fast dry antifouling paint with clean stable colors that has been developed to provide effective season-long protection on all power and sailboats. Fiberglass Bottomkote® is recommended for use on the underwater areas of fiberglass, wood, and properly primed metal (except aluminum) boat hulls. It can be used in fresh, salt and brackish waters. •  Fast dry, paint and launch the same day Traditional Antifouling Protection for Most Areas Specially formulated for the cost conscious boat owner requiring a good general purpose antifouling paint. Particularly suited for fiberglass, wood or steel boats with displacement hulls. •  Soft Eroding Bottom Paint for Cruising Boats •  Fast dry allows recoating between the tides