2022 Sea Value - Canada

KEY: Blue Item # =New | Red Item # =Hazardous | vOversize |dUPS/FEDEX Surcharge 161 Lighting Item# Lumitec_Typhoon_HalfVert_1* Underwater Lights Item# Dia. LED Color Volts Amps Pack 451-101245 3" White 10-30 990mA@12V 1 pr. 451-101246 3" Blue 10-30 990mA@12V 1 pr. SeaBlaze Mini packs a surprising punch! Leveraging many technologies utilized in our popular underwater light, the SeaBlaze3, to ensure years of trouble free service. With actual MEASURED output of 890 lumens, there is simply no better value in underwater lighting. Perfect for smaller trailer boats, skiffs, or dinghies. Sold as a pair. SEABLAZE MINI UNDERWATER LED LIGHT Item# Lumens LED Color 451-101511 2000 Dual Color White/Blue, Cross Fade 451-101510 2000 Spectrum Full-Color RGBW Built on the shoulders of the world's most popular underwater light, leveraging the technology of SeaBlazeX, SeaBlaze Quattro boasts more than 2000 lumens, multimode output including cross fade, and a marine grade bronze housing. 3.85"Dia. x 0.71"D SEABLAZE QUATTRO UNDERWATER LIGHT Item# Lumens LED Color 451-101516 5000 Dual Color White/Blue, Cross Fade, Strobe 451-101515 5000 Spectrum Full-Color RGBW SeaBlazeX2 delivers the exceptional performance, quality, and value of the industry-leading SeaBlazeX, with 60% greater output. The dual-color SeaBlazeX2 offers an internally synchronized white/blue cross fade mode, as well as white, blue, and strobe output. The SeaBlazeX2 SPECTRUM delivers a nearly limitless palette of intense, rich, vivid colors. Both versions deliver more than 5,000 integrating-sphere-measured lumens. Surface mount, no external drivers. 3.94"Dia. x 0.85"D SEABLAZEX2 UNDERWATER LED LIGHT SeaBlazeTyphoon The evolution continues with the SeaBlaze Typhoon ThroughHull Underwater Light. Typhoon sets a new standard for performance, reliability and value in through-hull underwater lighting. Delivering more than 10,000 measured lumens (white), and a modular quick-change design for easy in-water service and upgrades. An innovative internal relay simplifies wiring and significantly reduces installation costs and complexity. Solid bronze housing with a 3” mounting hole. Full-color control using any standard on/off switch, or use Lumitec’s “Poco” Digital Lighting Control (sold separately) for even more advanced color control features. l u m i t e c l i g h t i n g . c o m TheBest Value inThrough-Hull Underwater Lighting 10,000 LUMENS SEABLAZE TYPHOON THROUGH-HULL UNDERWATER LIGHT Item# Lumens LED Color Mount Volts 451-101448 10,000 White/Blue Surface 10-30 451-101449 10,000 RGBW Spectrum Surface 10-30 Item# Watts Lumens LEDs LED Color Size 50-03031 0.36 12 6 Blue 4" L x 1/2" W 50-03401 0.36 12 6 Green 4" L x 1/2" W 50-03061 0.36 12 6 Red 4" L x 1/2" W 50-03001 0.36 12 6 White 4" L x 1/2" W 50-03041 0.48 20 10 Blue 6" L x 1/2" W 50-03411 0.48 20 10 Green 6" L x 1/2" W 50-03071 0.48 20 10 Red 6" L x 1/2" W 50-03011 0.48 20 10 White 6" L x 1/2" W 50-03051 0.72 24 12 Blue 8" L x 1/2" W 50-03421 0.72 24 12 Green 8" L x 1/2" W 50-03081 0.72 24 12 Red 8" L x 1/2" W 50-03021 0.72 24 12 White 8" L x 1/2" W Waterproof. 12V DC. Pre-drilled to accommodate #8 screws (included). LED UNDERWATER LIGHT STRIP Item# Lumens LED Color Size 232-LED51867DP 180 Blue 3.5" x 1.5" An affordable alternative for LED underwater boat lighting. These high-intensity LED underwater lights are totally waterproof and designed to be used above or below the waterline. HIGH INTENSITY LED UNDERWATER LIGHTS A broad flood light effect is created by the engineered optics of the convex light face. Compared to other LED models on the market, this light has greater light output and a wider aperture. Proven to attract bait fish to during night trips, and add ambiance to any vessel.