2022 Sea Value - Canada

98 Anchoring & Mooring ® Item# Size Color 32-71025 6" x 15" Black Onyx 92.99 EA 32-1025 6" x 15" White 92.99 EA 32-71026 8" x 20" Black Onyx 124.99 EA 32-41026 8" x 20" Mid Atlantic Blue 124.99 EA 32-571026 8" x 20" Captain's Navy 124.99 EA 32-1026 8" x 20" White 124.99 EA 32-71032 10" x 26" Black Onyx 217.99 EA 32-1032 10" x 26" White 217.99 EA 32-71034 12" x 34" Black Onyx 313.99 EA 32-1034 12" x 34" White 313.99 EA These fenders feature a tubular center for end-to-end line passage. Ribbed sides keep fenders in position and minimize roll. Built-in black valve allows you to inflate the fender to just the right pressure. Can be hung vertically or horizontally. Recommended inflation is 2 PSI. Extra soft, tough and shiny. BIG B™ INFLATABLE VINYL FENDER Navy Blue Black Item# Size Color 32-31006 5" x 14" Metallic Black 56.99 EA 32-31005 5" x 14" White 51.99 EA Our square design low freeboard fenders hold the fender in position better and keeps it from rolling out of position. Offers superior protection compared to regular fenders against high docks. Low Freeboard fenders can be tied over the cleat to position it higher on the boat, putting protection where its needed. Made from specially formulated tough marine grade vinyl and features an inflation valve for air pressure adjustment. ® LOW FREEBOARD FENDER White Metallic Black Item# Description Size Color 32-31035 Pontoon Fender 9"W x 16"L Silver 101.99 EA 32-31030 Pontoon Fender 9"W x 16"L White 93.99 EA Fenders are made from marine grade, UV resistant vinyl with an integrated rubber football style valve. Fits snugly between the pontoon and the deck of the boat. ® PONTOON FENDER Item# Hull Gard Super Gard Big B Color 32-9204R 6 1/2" x 23" 5 1/2" x 20" 6" x 15" Black 61.99 EA 32-9204N 6 1/2" x 23" 5 1/2" x 20" 6" x 15" Navy 61.99 EA 32-9205R 8 1/2" x 27" 8 1/2" x 26" 8" x 20" Black 63.99 EA 32-9205N 8 1/2" x 27" 8 1/2" x 26" 8" x 20" Navy 63.99 EA 32-9206R 10 1/2" x 30" 10 1/2" x 30" 10" x 26" Black 73.99 EA 32-9206N 10 1/2" x 30" 10 1/2" x 30" 10" x 26" Navy 73.99 EA Made from 100% premium polyester knit fabric that looks great and lasts season after season, these heavy weight fender covers protect your hull's finish and help prolong the life of your fenders. Constructed to fit most fender styles and sizes. UV protected, abrasion and mildew resistant to hold up in the harsh marine environment. With proper cleaning your fender covers will last for many seasons. Washable in cold water and mild detergent. ® PREMIUM FENDER COVER Navy Black Item# Size Fits Color 32-9031 8" x 20" Big B Black 86.99 EA 32-9032 10" x 26" Big B Black 98.99 EA 32-9035 8" x 20" Big B Navy 86.99 EA 32-9036 10" x 26" Big B Navy 98.99 EA The ultimate in hull protection. Constructed of 100% polyester 12 oz. blizzard fleece. This ultra soft boot will not mar your boats gel coat. Reinforced brass grommet on the bottom and an adjustable tie on the top for a snug fit. ® FLEECE FENDER BOOT Item# Size Color 32-31038 3" W × 12" L Silver 54.99 EA Made from marine grade, UV resistant vinyl with an integrated rubber football style valve. Fits snugly between the pontoon and the deck of the boat. Shaped to mount on either radius style or 90° pontoon corners. Bumper mounts over the original factory installed aluminum corner section to provide air-cushioning impact protection when docking. Special silver PVC formulated to match the aluminum color of the boat secures with included stainless fasteners. ® PONTOON CORNER BUMPER Item# Color 32-1062 Black 82.99 EA 32-1069 White 82.99 EA Designed to custom fit the profile of most PWCs. The fender bottom is shaped to "hook" under the bond flange for quick attachment. Flex areas on the fender provide a "hinge" action that allows the fender to conform to the shape of the watercraft. Features an inflation valve for air pressure adjustment and includes a suction cup and securing line. ® PWC FENDER White Black Fender Holders Item# Dia. Holds Fits Qty 218-TFR370 14" 1 fender HTM-4 365.99 EA 218-TFR2302 9" 2 fenders F2, F3, G5, HTM2, NF5 Kit 444.99 BX 218-TFR2802 12" 2 fenders F5, G6, HTM3, NF5 Kit 490.99 BX Made of stainless steel and fits most popular fender sizes. The fender holders and two styles of connectors are sold separately, so you can custom configure your fender storage system without having to buy extra hardware you won't be using. 2 Fender holder kits fit 7/8"-1" rail systems only. For larger rail systems, Order components separately. TRUE-FIT FENDER HOLDER 2-Fender Rack 1-Fender Rack Item# Holds Fits 32-2009 2 fenders 7"-9" fenders 419.99 EA 32-2011 2 fenders 9"-11" fenders 485.99 EA A convenient place to stow fenders. Mounts on any rail and stanchion system. Movable J hooks mount on 1" - 1 1/8" rails and stanchion system, tightens to blend with any angle. Crossreinforced for extra strength. Holds any style fender.Holds "Big B" and "Hull Gard" fenders effectively. Folds flat for easy storage. ® STAINLESS STEEL FENDER RACK