2022 Sea Value - Canada

72 Trailer Item# Box 241-86468 1 pr. 227.99 BX Item# Description Height Box 241-86103 Guide-On's w/o Lights 48" 1 pr. 184.99 BX 241-86119 Guide-On's w/o Lights 60" 1 pr. 215.99 BX Item# TieDownGuideOn_Half_1* 999.99 QU I CK , EASY BOAT CENTER I NG EVERY T I ME - I N AND OUT Heavy Duty Guide On’s 48”/60” PVC guides your boat on safely and gives you visual aid when backing up to your empty trailer. Bright orange end caps on these PVC guides available with 13 or 0 degree angles give you a brighter and wider target when loading your boat. The non-marking PVC pipe is braced inside with metal tubing going 15” up into the tube, adding strength and impact resistance. 48” 13˚ Angle Part #86103 60” 13˚ Angle Part #86119 Pontoon Trailer Floating Guide On’s When the trailer is submerged, the PVC guide rises upward adding an additional 12” in sight with adjustable viewing sight of 24”- 36“ overall height. Bright orange end caps on these PVC guides give you a brighter target when loading your pontoon boat. The guide posts are designed to be mounted between the pontoons. Mounts to trailer cross members 2” wide by 2”, 3” or 4” high. All mounting hardware included. Part #86468 Item# Height Box 241-86105 48" 1 pr. 184.99 BX Item# Height Box 241-86465 24" 1 pr. 168.99 BX Item# Description Pack 23-140667 51" L x 1/4" dia. 1 pr. 55.99 PK Item# Height Box 220-BGR200101 20" 1 pr. 268.99 BX Item# Height Box 220-GB440101 44" 1 pr. 243.99 BX 220-GB1500100 50" 1 pr. 277.99 BX Adapts to all tube and channel trailer frames. Hot dip galvanized for lasting protection. Heavy duty steel component parts. Heavy duty 4' x 2 3/8" PVC guide tubes, 16" of adjustment. All hardware included. Bright orange end caps.The guide is designed to be mounted between the pontoons. Made of 1 1/2" square, 16-gauge steel tubing and covered by 2"x 20" PVC pipe. Galvanized guide posts extend fully into the PVC tube for strength. Mounts to trailer cross members up to 2" wide by 2" high. All mount hardware included. Boat Guides Feature unique non-marring cushion rollers to prevent hull damage and scuffing. Galva-Tec® steel finish construction. Universal mounting system mounts parallel to main trailer frame rail to easily fit more trailers than other models. Fits trailer frames up to 3" wide and 5" high. Helps you visually guide your boat onto your trailer. Non-marring, marine grade PVC uprights with Galva-Tec™ finish hardware. Feature high strength super gripper mounting brackets to attach firmly above and below the trailer frame. Easy bolt-on mounting. Fits trailer frames up to 3" x 5" high. Adjustable to provide optimum fit to any hull design. Trailer Guide Lights aid in backing and maneuvering trailers at boat ramps and in tight areas. Waterproof, bright red LED lights make it easy to identify trailer angle and position, even in low-light conditions. Mount to trailer frame or guidepost with corrosion-resistant aluminum and steel mounting. Mounting hardware not included. TRAILER GUIDE LIGHTS BOAT ROLLER GUIDE-ON BOAT GUIDES BOAT GUIDES PONTOON TRAILER GUIDE ON $184.99 $215.99 $227.99