2022 Sea Value - Canada

To Our Valued Customers: Prices are subject to change without notice KEY: Blue Item # =New | Red Item # =Hazardous | vOversize |dUPS/FEDEX Surcharge 57 Fishing Item# Hole Size 50-05461 5/8" 1/4" H x 1" dia. 19.99 EA 50-05451 1" 3/8" H x 1 3/4" dia. 18.99 EA Totally waterproof so it can be mounted underwater. Neoprene sealing gasket included. Bright 3-element LED bulb. 05451 05461 LED BAITWELL/COURTESY LIGHT Item# Max Panel 50-18191 1 1/2" 18.99 EA For remote mounted pumps. Designed to enable a 3/4" thruhull passage through a transom or livewell. THRU-HULL STRAINER MOUNT Item# 50-89621 12.99 EA Stainless steel wire mesh strainer with 3/4"-14 female threads. Prevents trash, fish, scales, etc., from entering pumps. MESH STRAINER Item# Fits 232-PP118 1 1/8" 10.49 EA 232-PP150 1 1/2" 23.99 EA PUSH-IN PLUG PP150 PP118 These push in plugs are used to stop water flow through drains or overflows from baitwell or livewell. Also work well as plugs for sink drains and built in cooler drains. Item# Hose 23-41257 3/4" I.D. 21.99 EA Use on livewells that have built-in overflows or recirculating systems. Mounts on side of tank. 90° fitting for installation in tight spaces. Rotating head with O-ring adjusts and maintains flow setting. Removable head. Polypropylene construction. Maximum tank thickness: 5/8". AERATOR SPRAY HEAD, ADJUSTABLE Item# Description Color Thread w/Shut Off Valve 232-AHV1DP Fixed Flange Black 3/8" L 27.99 EA 232-AHV90DP Screw On Valve Black 3/4" L 27.99 EA 3/4" Hose fittings use a 1 1/16" mounting hole. AERATOR SPRAY HEAD AHV90DP AHV1DP Item# Description Size Fits 232-ODT112GSTW Overflow Drain Tube 12" TH1290T TH1890T 31.99 EA 232-TH1290T Threaded Fitting 1 1/8" Barb 1 1/8" Tubes 21.99 EA •  Includes top screen •  Threaded seal •  Unscrew half way to expose drain holes SCREW-IN OVERFLOW DRAIN TUBE TH1290T ODT112GSTW Item# Description Fits 232-ODT1DP Straight 12" with screen 1 1/8" 23.99 EA 232-ODT2DP Straight 18" with screen 1 1/2" 60.99 KT 232-ODT190DP 90° - 12" with screen 1 1/8" 27.99 EA These overflow drain tubes feature a tough, flexible vinyl plastic end with a standpipe of white PVC tubing. To use simply insert vinyl end into the opening of thru-hull fitting. To drain livewell or baitwell, simply remove. Can be cut to customer's lengths. OVERFLOW DRAIN TUBES ODT190DP ODT1DP These plugs are injection molded of marine grade PVC for a long lifespan. Plugs feature a pull tab or pull ring for easy removal. They have double seal rings to assure positive sealing.