2022 Sea Value - Canada

54 Fishing Item# Description 736-1106 36"-60" Telescoping boom w/swivel mt. Call Opt. Accy. Description 736-1026 Swivel Mount 117.99 EA •  Adjustable decent speed, lifts 7 lbs. at 235 ft./min.; 15 lbs. at 203 ft./min. •  Spray protected positive-drive depth counter and Kevlar drive belt •  250' of 150 lb. test SS cable •  Boom Mt. Rodmaster II Rod Holder •  Includes power plug and receptacle •  The lowest amperage draw - less than 1/3 than some of the competition •  Marine grade stainless steel boom •  Multi-position auto-stop included (Use 1008 Stopper Beads) •  Includes Power Grip Plus line release •  Includes 1023 tilt-up mounting bracket •  Includes 1026 swivel mount (except model 1099) •  Limited lifetime warranty DEPTHPOWER ELECTRIC DOWNRIGGER 1106 Item# Description 736-1023 Mounting Bracket for 1080-1116 25.99 EA 736-1026 Swivel Mount 117.99 EA DOWNRIGGER MOUNTS- FOR ALL SCOTTY DOWNRIGGERS 1026 1023 Item# Description Length Type 736-1170 Monofilament 18" Cannonball 14.99 EA 736-1171 Monofilament 18" Self-Locating 15.99 EA 736-1172 Monofilament 30" Self-Locating 15.99 EA 736-1173 Monofilament 48" Self-Locating 15.99 EA Large easy to handle shape. Streamlined design won't snag on weeds or foul lines. Greater range of release tensions. POWER GRIP PLUS LINE RELEASE Self-Locating Release Cannonball Release Item# Length Type 736-1181 18" Cannonball 10.99 EA •  Mini Power Grip Plus with Wire Leader •  Fishing line is gripped between the soft pads and variable release tension is attained by moving the line in or out of the jaws •  The “tension adjuster” doubles the holding power if needed •  Streamlined design won’t snag on weeds or foul lines 1181 Includes a cannonball snap MINI POWERGRIP LINE RELEASE in use Item# Description Pack 736-1008 "S" Stopper Beads, Yellow 6 6.49 PK OPTIONAL DOWNRIGGER ACCESSORIES Item# Description 736-1153 Terminal Kit For Downriggers 11.49 EA #1153 Contains: 1 Coastlock snap with swivel (#1150), 1 stainless steel thimble and 3 sleeves, 1 soft stop bumper. TerminAL KIT for DOWNRIGGER Item# Description 736-2126 Socket only - New Style 37.99 EA 736-2127 Plug only - New Style 27.99 EA Premium-quality DC Plug and Receptacle Features unique locking blades with the industrys largest surface-area for maximum surface contact and electrical conductivity. ConnectPro® connections are weather resistant. SCOTTY DOWNRIGGER 12V PLUG AND RECEPTACLE 2127 2126 Item# Description 736-1085 Strongarm 30" Downrigger Call Opt. Accy. Description 736-1026 Swivel Mount 117.99 EA More disk brake surface than any downrigger made. Automatic brake: anytime you let go of the brake, the downrigger stops instantly. A positive locking slip clutch control works just like an adjustable reel drag. Low profile horizontal spool that can be operated by either hand, 200 ft of 150 lb. test, 316 stainless steel cable, positive drive counter: 0 to 999 feet, deluxe Scotty 1170 line release, mounting bracket with stainless deck hardware, locating stops, line releases, lifetime warranty certificate, and downrigger fishing instruction book. Part # 1085: Strongarm 30" x 1 1/4" SS boom. All the features of the No. 1080 plus a 30" heavy wall polished stainless steel arm. Easily handles as much weight as you are willing to crank. Excellent for the intermediate size boat. Includes 200' of 150 lb. test, 316 stainless steel cable, lifetime warranty and boommount rod holder. STRONGARM MANUAL DOWNRIGGERS 1085 The marine-grade design includes corrosion resistant, plated-brass electrical components, and a watertight sealing cap. The plugs ergonomic, soft-contoured grip allows easy hook-up and blade alignment. An O-ring seals out moisture while plugged into the receptacle. The receptacle has exclusive Perma-Lock terminals, meaning they virtually never need to be retightened. Each Scotty Downrigger comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty Call = Ask your Sea Value dealer for current prices Call = Ask your Sea Value dealer for current prices