2022 Sea Value - Canada

198 Engine Item# CMP_Brands_Half_1* 999.99 Scan to see anode installation animations • Kits come in Martyr® Aluminum for salt and brackish waters and Magnesium for fresh water areas • Comes with all the hardware and gaskets needed • Guaranteed to meet the latest specifications and more! Item# Fits Material 194-CMVERADO4KITA 4 Cylinder Aluminum 73.99 PK 194-CMVERADO6KITA 6 Cylinder Aluminum 73.99 PK Mercury Verado anode kits. Comes complete with anodes, hardware and install instructions. Verado 4 Kit Includes: CM818298 Transom Bar CM826134 Wedge (2) M762145 Prop Nut Verado 6 Kit Includes: CM880653 Plate CM892227 Power Trim (4) CM826134 Wedge (2) CM762145 Prop Nut MERCURY VERADO ANODE KITS CMVERADO6KIT CMVERADO4KIT Item# Fits Material 194-CMSXKITA SX Drive Aluminum 68.99 EA Comes complete with 3 anodes, hardware and install instructions. CMSXKIT SX Drive Engine Kit Includes: CM3855411 (1), CM3854130 (1) VOLVO ANODE KITS Item# Description Material 194-CMY150KITA 150-200 HP Outboards Aluminum 44.99 EA 194-CMY150CRKITA 150HP Counter Rotating Aluminum 44.99 EA 194-CMY200250KITA 200-250 HP Outboard Aluminum 45.99 EA 194-CMYHP200300KITA 200-300 HP Outboard Aluminum 45.99 EA Always check propeller clearance after installing new trim tab anodes. All Kits Include: •  Stainless Steel Fastening Hardware •  Installation Instructions •  All Anodes Required for 100% Protection YAMAHA ANODE KITS