2022 Sea Value - Canada

194 Engine Item# QS_2StrokeOil_Half_1* 999.99 Item# Grade Size 710-92-8M0078631 10W-30 1 Liter 18.70 EA 710-92-8M0078632 10W-30 4 Liter 67.53 EA •  For use in all brands & types of 4-stroke marine engines including: Outboards, High Performance, Stern Drives/Inboards, Personal Watercraft •  Exceeds all Marine industry 4-Stroke oil requirements •  Flagship Engine and Corrosion Protection ‑ Industry leading strength and viscosity retention and ultimate corrosion and wear protection 4 STROKE FC-W MINERAL FORMULATION OIL 10W-30 Item# Grade Size 710-92-8M0078633 25W-40 1 Liter 16.69 EA 710-92-8M0078634 25W-40 4 Liter 67.53 EA FLAGSHIP PROTECTION •  Use in all brands of 4-stroke outboard, stern drive and inboard engines •  FC-W and FC-W Catalyst compatible •  Provides industry-leading wear, shear and corrosion protection •  Resists thermal breakdown under extreme RPM, temps and load Sold in case packs only 4-STROKE FC-W MINERAL FORMULATION 25W-40 Item# Weight Size For 710-8M0107511 10W-30 5 Liter 75/90/115 HP EFI (2.1L) 105.99 EA 710-8M0107513 10W-30 6 Liter 150 HP 124.99 EA 710-8M0169548 10W-30 6 Liter 3.4L V6 & 4.6L V8 175-225HP / 250-300HP 143.99 EA Item# Size 710-92-8M0058907 Quart 17.22 EA 710-92-8M0058908 Gallon 64.64 EA •  Low smoke, low odor formula keeps your engine cleaner and is for use in all 2-stroke personal watercraft engines •  Can be used in oil-injected or premix applications •  Provides outstanding wear and corrosion protection to help extend engine life, minimize carbon deposits and maintain peak performance and reliability •  Meets or exceeds manufacturer's warranty requirements. Will not void manufacturer warranties. Exceeds JASO FD and ISO EGD 2-STROKE FULL SYNTHETIC PWC OIL Item# Grade Weight Size Replaces 710-98-8M0162421 F30-F70 10W-30 3 Liter LUB-MRNSM-KT-10 75.99 EA 710-98-8M0162422 F75-F115 10W-30 4 Liter LUB-MRNMD-KT-11 90.99 EA 710-98-8M0162419 F150 10W-30 5 Liter LUB-MRNMR-KT-10 110.99 EA 710-98-8M0162420 F200-F250 10W-30 6 Liter LUB-MRNLG-KT-10 125.99 EA 710-98-8M0162423 F225-F300 10W-30 7 Liter LUB-MRNXL-KT-10 141.99 EA Quicksilver’s TC-W3 Premium, Premium Plus and Direct Fuel Injection Oil outperforms other 2-Stroke oils in marine applications due to its specialized additive package designed for marine engines. Performance. Protection. Peace of Mind. © 2021 Mercury Marine. All Right Reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. 8/21 www.quicksilver-products.com 2-Stroke Marine Engine Oils • Industry leading wear, shear, and corrosion protection. • Ultimate wear protection keeps engine parts looking and operating as new for longer. • Maintain peak engine performance and reliability. • Advanced corrosion inhibitors outperform competition and TCW standards. • Protects in harsh marine environments, and off-season storage. as well as during intermittent use. Item# Weight Size For 710-8M0081910 25W-40 1 Liter 15/20 hp Carb 31.99 EA 710-8M0081911 25W-40 2 Liter 25/30 hp 49.99 EA 710-8M0081912 25W-40 3 Liter 40/50/60 hp EFI 71.99 EA 710-8M0081913 25W-40 5 Liter 75/90/115 hp EFI 105.99 EA 710-8M0169542 25W-40 6 Liter L4 Verado 122.99 EA 710-8M0169544 25W-40 7 Liter L6 Verado 143.99 EA Quicksilver oil change kits built specifically for Yamaha outboard engines. Contains:. •  The appropriate number of bottles of Quicksilver10W-30 marine oil •  An engine specific filter •  Drain-plug gasket. YAMAHA OUTBOARD OIL CHANGE KIT •  Contains: Flagship Protection formula oil •  Oil filter •  Drain plug seal •  Drip tray (where applicable) 4-STROKE 25W-40 OIL CHANGE KIT • Contains: 10W-30 Marine Engine Oil featuring Flagship Protection •  Oil Filter •  Drain Plug Seal •  Drip Tray (where applicable) 4-STROKE 10W30 OIL CHANGE KIT Kits contain industry-leading Quicksilver Oil. In a convenient pickup-and-go package. 10W/30 25W/40 Yamaha10W/30