2022 Sea Value - Canada

To Our Valued Customers: Prices are subject to change without notice KEY: Blue Item # =New | Red Item # =Hazardous | vOversize |dUPS/FEDEX Surcharge 193 Engine Item# Type Application OEM # Sterndrive & Inboard Filters 47-78242 Short GM style filter, for L4-6 & V8 Chris-Craft: 16.81-08746, Crusader: 201104, Indmar: 50-1001, 872023, Mercruiser: 35-802885Q, 32716, 866340Q02, 866340K01, OMC: 173232, 778864. Pleasurecraft: R077002, Volvo Penta: 835440-9, Yamaha: YSC-10231-20-0C 16.99 EA 47-7875 Long Ford style filter for 2.3L, 302 & 351 Chris-Craft: 16.81-06536, Chrysler: 1851658, Crusader: 9002514, Mercruiser: 60565, 35-802886Q, OMC: 173231, 502900, Pleasurecraft: R077001, Yamaha: YSC-16231-20-0C 19.99 EA 47-78781 Short Ford style filter for most Volvo/Ford engines Chrysler: 3549957, L-19, L-1008, Mercruiser: 803470, OMC: 502904, Volvo: 1266286-2, 430143-8, 3517857-3 21.99 EA 47-80031 Volvo 8692305 18.99 EA Sierra high efficiency filters meet OEM specifications for marine use. Epoxy coated inside for corrosion resistance. STERNDRIVE & INBOARD OIL FILTERS 80031 78781 7875 Item# Replaces 47-7896 OMC: 778886, 5033539. Suzuki: 16510-61A20-MHL 17.99 EA 47-7897 OMC: 778887, 5033919. Suzuki: 16510-82703 19.99 EA 47-79151 OMC: 778885, 5031411. Suzuki 16510-87J00 17.99 EA 47-7902 Yamaha: 3FV-13440-00-00, 3FC13440-20-00, 3FC13440-30-00 18.99 EA 47-7913 Honda: 15400-PFB-014 Mercury: 35-822626Q03, 35-822626Q1 15.99 EA 47-7914 Mercury: 35-822626K04, 35-822626Q04, 35-822626Q2, 35-822626T2, 35-877768K01, 35-8M0008397, 35-8M0064104 13.99 EA 47-79111 Honda 15400-PFB-007 Nissan/Toatsu 3R0-07615-0 Yamaha 5GH-13440-00-00 15.99 EA 47-79051 Suzuki: 16510-96J00 29.99 EA 4-STROKE OUTBOARD OIL FILTERS 79111 7914 7913 7902 79151 7897 7896 Item# Size 47-1895001 Pint 13.99 EA 47-1895002 Quart 19.99 EA 47-95003 Gallon 72.99 EA High performance lubricant manufactured to meet and exceed all (Domestic & Import) engine manufacturers warranties. Exceeds JASO, ISO, API and NMMA, for advanced generation 2 cycle lubricants. Significantly reduced aquatic toxicity to fish compared to other outboard oils on the market. Max lubrication and detergency. "BLUE" PREMIUM TC-W3 2 CYCLE ENGINE OIL TC-W3 is a high performance lubricant. Meets and exceeds all engine manufacturers' warranties including Johnson/ Evinrude E-Tec. Exceeds JASO, ISO, API & NMMA, for 2 cycle lubricant. (Will not void engine manufacturer's warranty). Ideal for oil injection systems or pre-mix applications. Ideal for high horsepower outboards that demand maximum performance. FULL SYNTHETIC TC-W3 2-STROKE OUTBOARD OIL Item# Size 47-95403 Gallon 95.99 EA Item# Grade Size 47-94202 10W30 Quart 17.99 EA 47-94203 10W30 Gallon 59.99 EA FC-W 4-STROKE MARINE OUTBOARD ENGINE OIL 10W-30 Specifically formulated to meet or exceed the tough requirements of the Marine 4-Stroke motor manufacturers, Mercury, Yamaha, Johnson-Evinrude, Suzuki and Honda. •  Low temperature viscosity offers better cold starting •  Meets and exceeds quality performance API SJ, CF-2, CH-4, NMMA FC-W® Certified Item# Grade Size 47-94002 25W40 Quart 17.99 EA 47-94004 25W40 5 Quart 66.99 EA Formulated to provided excellent lubrication and corrosion protection. Excellent detergency, anti-oxidants, anti-wear, and corrosion protection. Excellent low temperature operating properties. Meets or exceeds quality performance API SJ, CF-4, CH-4 and is NMMA FC-W certified. Recommended for use in Mercruiser and OMC. PREMIUM 4-CYCLE ENGINE OIL Item# Grade Size 47-95512 10W40 Quart 17.99 EA 47-95513 10W40 Gallon 63.99 EA NMMA FC-W / API SL oils for use in all outboard and inboard applications without a catalytic converter. These oils provide superior protection to marine engines. Provides the additional protection from rust and corrosion found in the marine environment along with high load carrying capabilities. 4-CYCLE FC-W® SYNTHETIC BLEND OUTBOARD OIL Item# Grade Size 47-94102 30 Quart 22.99 EA 47-94104 30 5 Quarts 69.99 EA A special blend of synthetic base oil and a balanced additive system that exceeds the FC-W requirements for marine engine oil. •  Recommended for gasoline and diesel inboard and sterndrive engines FULL SYNTHETIC 4-CYCLE INBOARD/STERNDRIVE ENGINE OIL Engine Oil