2022 Sea Value - Canada

192 Engine Item# Description Volts 6-178002000 Oil Changer 12 552.99 EA Makes quick, clean and easy oil changes on-board. 14 quart container. Hose - 1/2" ID x 48"L. Probe - 1/4" OD x 40"L. Size: 15 3/8" H x 13 1/2" Diameter. HEAVY DUTY "PORTA QUICK" OIL CHANGER Item# GPM Volts 189-65000 2.11 12 374.99 EA INSTA-LUBE OIL CHANGER WITH GEAR PUMP This complete, self contained package features a compact, lightweight gear pump with no impellers to burn up or replace. Pump body and gears are made of PTFE for long life and the pump is self priming up to 3.2 ft. Includes oil dipstick extraction tubes (6 & 8mm) and 70" power cable w/battery clamps. Hose outlet: 1/2", inlet: 5/16" Item# Description Capacity 781-756065 Manual 6.5L 196.99 EA 781-756015 Manual 15L 281.99 EA 781-756015P Manual/Pneumatic 15L 319.99 EA Easy to use for do-it-yourself applications, but heavy duty construction will stand up for shop use or mobile service professionals. A built-in check valve allows easy release of displaced air and the decompression valve releases negative pressure. See-through container for quick reference and a built in pour spout for no-mess disposal. 48" hoses with fittings included. Suitable for engine oil, gear lube, brake fluid, coolant, etc. Not for use with flammable or corrosive products. Model 756015P can be operated manually or attached to a compressor and features a 40-170 psi working range and 1/4" air inlet. By MarineTech TM PRO-SERIES OIL EXTRACTORS 756015P 756015 756065 756015P Top Oil Filters Item# Fits 710-35-16595Q MCM High-performance GM V-8 engines 27.99 EA 710-35-8M0116378 All MCM/MIE Ford engines 17.99 EA 710-35-858004Q Hi-Efficiency 30.99 EA 710-35-883702Q MCM V-6 models without remote oil filter/Fits 4.3L GM 14.99 EA 710-35-8M2001030 IAC Filter 15.99 EA 710-35-866340Q03 Fits all MCM/MIE GM engines, except V-6 without remote oil filter 18.99 EA 710-35-8M0154769 Replaces Yamaha 69J-13440-00-00, 69J-13440-01-00, 69J-13440-02-00, 69j-13440-03-00; Mallory 9-57808; Sierra 18-7906-1 15.99 EA 710-35-8M0154771 Replaces Yamaha N26-13440-00-00, N26-13440-02-00; Sierra 18-7954 46.99 EA 710-35-8M0154776 Replaces Honda 15400-PRB-007, 15400-ZW4-003; Mallory 9-57804; Nissan/Tohatsu 3R0-07615-0, 3R0076150M; Yamaha 5GH13440-00-00, 5GH-13440-10-00, 5GH-13440-30-00, 5GH-13440-70-00; Sierra 18-7911-1 16.99 EA 710-35-8M0162830 FitsMercury/Mariner 25 hp. FourStroke (Carb, MY2006 & prior), 30 hp. FourStroke (3 cyl., MY2005 & prior), all 40-60 hp. FourStroke outboards (MY 1998 & newer), all 75-115 hp. FourStroke outboards (USA 1B366822 & prior), and all 75-115 hp. FourStroke outboards (USA 2B094996 and above) 18.99 EA OIL FILTERS 8M0162830 35-8M0154776 35-8M0154771 35-8M0154769 35-883702Q 35-858004Q 35-8M0116378 35-16595Q Item# Fits 710-35-822626Q15 Merc/Mariner V-225hp. V-6. 4 Stroke OB 22.99 EA 710-35-877761Q01 Merc Mariner Force. Replaceable screw-on type. Fits the 75/90/115 hp 4Stroke OB's, USA 1B366823 and above and the 150 hp. EFI 4-Stroke outboard. 21.99 EA OIL FILTER ASSEMBLY 35-877761Q01 35-822626Q15 Item# Fits 710-35-877767Q01 Verado 135/150/175/200 hp 4 cyl. 20.99 EA 710-35-877769Q01 Verado 200/225/250/275 hp 6 cyl. 20.99 EA Replaceable screw-on type canister filter. VERADO OIL FILTER