2022 Sea Value - Canada

190 Engine Item# Size 47-97500 10 oz. 12.99 EA Formulated for high operating pressure. Anti-foam additives assure uniform flow with reduced air contamination in hydraulic systems. Designed for heavy duty use at high operating pressures in applications subject to varied temperature ranges. Provides proper lubrication and corrosion protection for internal hydraulic components. POWER TRIM AND TILT FLUID Item# Size 47-96000 10 Oz. Tube 13.99 EA 47-96002 Quart 19.99 EA Recommended for all general marine applications requiring a GL-5 class lubricant. Ideal for replacing all old hypoid 90 application needs. Formulated for use in freshwater or saltwater conditions. Reduces friction and protects gears, bearings and other gearcase components. PREMIUM LOWER UNIT GEAR LUBE Item# Size 47-96500 10 oz. Tube 16.99 EA 47-96502 Quart 25.99 EA Reduces operating friction for increased performance and protection of gears, bearings, and other gear case components. Recommended for use in high performance and highload operating conditions in both outboard and I/O lower units. Sierra hi-performance gear lube has been designed to surpass the performance of the O.E. hiperformance gear lubricants. HI-PERFORMANCE SYNTHETIC BLEND LOWER UNIT GEAR LUBE Item# Size 47-96802 Quart 32.99 EA Optimizes gear life by reducing friction and providing superior wear protection in severe operating conditions. The unique synthetic formulation is shear stable and resists oxidation to ensure high performance over a wide range of operating temperatures. • API GL-5/MIL-L-210E SYNTHETIC LOWER UNIT GEAR LUBE Corrosion Protection Item# Size 710-92-802878Q55 12 oz. aerosol 30.99 EA A rust inhibitor that forms a water-resistant barrier on non-painted and painted surfaces. Use to prevent rust from forming on out drives, lower units and power trim motors and components or other metal surfaces. Can also be used to prevent further paint damage in areas where undercutting and blistering have occurred. Do not spray on surfaces coated with antifouling or biocide paint. Do not spray on drive belts. CORROSION PROTECTION Grease Item# Size Pack 710-92-8M0071837 3 oz cartridges 3 29.74 EA 710-92-8M0071838 8 oz tube 14.79 EA 710-92-8M0071841 14 oz cartridge 15.43 EA 14 oz Cart. 8 oz. tube 3 oz. Cart Grease product line replaces Engine Coupler/ Spline Grease, U-Joint/Gimbal Bearing Grease, Anti-Corrosion Grease. Provides better rust, corrosion and wear protection in high temperature, high load applications. Calciumsulfonate based NLGI 2 grease that meets GCLB requirements. Item# Size 710-92-8M0071836 16 oz tub 22.95 EA For assembly of internal engine parts.. NEEDLE BEARING ASSEMBLY GREASE Item# Size 74-26214C .39kg (14 oz.) 26.99 EA Works in most standard grease guns. Ideal for marine, auto and shop lubrication jobs. Can be used to lubricate plastic components. Helps prevent corrosion: provides a barrier to moisture. WHITE LITHIUM GREASE EXTREME GREASE High Performance Extreme Grease