2022 Sea Value - Canada

To Our Valued Customers: Prices are subject to change without notice KEY: Blue Item # =New | Red Item # =Hazardous | vOversize |dUPS/FEDEX Surcharge 185 Maintenance Item# Size 93-A788CAHG Half Gallon Kit Call 93-A788CA2G Gallon Kit Call SPLASH ZONE Item# Color Size 93-6149CAQ White Quart Call EZ PRIME HIGH BUILD TOPSIDE UNDERCOATER Item# Color Size 93-47004701CAQ Gray Quart Call 93-47004701CAG Gray Gallon Call PETTIT PROTECT® HIGH BUILD EPOXY PRIMING SYSTEM Item# Size 93-6980CAQ Quart Call RUSTLOK METAL PRIMER Item# Size 93-120CAQ Quart Call BRUSHING THINNER 120/T-10 Item# Size 93-121CAQ Quart Call SPRAYING THINNER 121/T-8 Extremely hard, abrasion and impact resistant two-component epoxy for marine use only. Provides protection against corrosion of metals and erosion and deterioration of concrete and wood above or below the waterline in splash zones. A multipurpose primer designed for use as a base coat whenever the surface to be painted is aged, cracked, checked, pitted, or in any way less than smooth. It can be applied to fiberglass, wood, properly etched metal, and previously painted surfaces. EZPrime fills imperfections fast, dries quickly, and is easy to sand. Its high-solids formula has excellent filling and covering properties that produce a smooth, prepared surface often times in just a one-coat application. So versatile, it can be used below all Old Salem, Z-Spar, Shipendec, and Pettit single and 2-part topside enamels. Not for use below the waterline. EZ-Prime can be tinted to better match the finish enamel so there is not such a striking contrast between the two colors. A heavy duty, two component, epoxy coating for use where maximum resistance to fresh or salt water is required. It reduces water absorption making it an excellent choice for osmotic blister prevention and repair. Its high-solids formula allows for quicker and easier application with fewer coats necessary for effective protection. It also offers dependable corrosion protection on all underwater metals. Like most epoxies, it should be topcoated to eliminate chalking. •  Certified by Lloyd's Register •  High Solids Formula Requires Fewer Coats Thus Less Labor •  Apply 2-3 Coats vs Competitors 6 coats •  Professionals Choice for Osmotic Blister Prevention •  Excellent Protection for Fiberglass, Steel, Aluminum, and other Metals Adheres to all ferrous metals including steel, cast iron, galvanized and stainless. Dries rapidly allowing for multiple coats in a day. A general purpose thinner. Many paints when stored for some time before use will increase in viscosity and should be thinned. Evaporates at a moderate rate and is completely out of the paint film in several hours. 121 Spray Thinner for Antifouling is a fast evaporating thinner used to reduce products before spray application. The thinner flashes out rapidly. Also can be used as a coating repair of boat hulls and buoys or bridge abutments and on any surface subject to corrosion in salt or fresh water. Not for use in potable water. Used for patching and grouting applications that are not submerged. Call = Ask your Sea Value dealer for current prices