2022 Sea Value - Canada

18 Electronics Call = Ask your Sea Value dealer for current prices Item# Description 149-10802001 StructureScan HD Skimmer Transducer Call The world's only 3-channel sonar imaging with picture-perfect views. Best-in-class features deliver truly uncompromised photo-like underwater images. StructureScan® HD is compatible for networking, viewing and independent control with all HDS® Gen2 and HDS® multifunction displays, as well as the Simrad NSS, NSE, NSO and the B&G Zeus multifunction displays. STRUCTURESCAN® HD SONAR IMAGING SYSTEM Item# Description Transom Mt. Transducers & Accessories 149-000010648 HST-WSU, 20° skimmer (200kHz), Uniplug Call 149-000010672 HST-WSBL, 200khz, skimmer with built-in temperature sensor, 7 Pin Blue Call 149-00010260001 Downscan imaging skimmer w/temp Call 149-00010976001 HDI Skimmer Xducer 83/200,455/800 kHz, 7Pin Blue Call LOWRANCE TRANSDUCERS 00010976001 00010260001 000010672 000010648 Item# Description 149-00015593001 ActiveTarget™ Live Sonar Call ActiveTarget Live Sonar can scan fish locations and easily track their movements. See how fish relate to structure and respond to lure presentations. •  Get three views from one transducer: Forward, Down or Scout view •  See how fish are positioned in and around structure and watch them respond to your lure •  High-resolution live images remove the guesswork from sonar interpretation •  Know whether fish are active •  Compatible with HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon and Elite FS ACTIVETARGET™ LIVE SONAR Item# 149-00014543001 Call A compact dome radar with pulse compression technology that detects collision hazards and other targets in close and up to 24 nautical miles away. Perfect radar solution for boaters with small sportfishing vessels & dayboats. •  10W Pulse Compression •  Unrivalled short range •  Radiation safe •  Easy operation with harbour, offshore and weather mode •  MARPA target tracking •  InstantOn™ •  Low Power Consumption •  Guard Zones •  12/24 Volt HALO20 RADAR Item# Model Description Red Connectors 149-000012469 N2KEXP-RED2 Starter Kit Call NMEA NETWORKING COMPONENTS NMEA 2000 Cables & Connectors NMEA 2000® CABLES AND CONNECTORS Item# Model Description Extension Cables 149-000009993 XT-12BL 12' Transducer extension for all sonar units with blue connectors Call Adapter Cables 149-00013313001 Connects 7-pin blue plug transducers to the 9-pin xSonic black connections on displays Call 149-00013977001 9 -to-7 pin Airmar® transducer adapter. Adapts xSonic 9-pin transducers to legacy 7-pin sonar modules Call LOWRANCE CABLES 00013977001 000009993/994 Features: 455kHz and 800kHz kHz frequency, Output: 500W RMS, 4000W PTP, (Voltage: 10V-17V) VDC. Power Consumption: Max: .75A. SideScan Specifications: Max Sidescan Range: 600'/183m side-to-side, Max Downscan Range: 300'/92m. Item# 639-270201 150.99 EA Kit includes all components needed to create a single device NMEA 2000 network: •  1 meter power cable with tee (#270000) •  One male terminator (#270106) and one female terminator (#270105) •  One single tee connector (# 270101) •  One 2 meter drop cable (# 270302) NMEA 2000 SINGLE DEVICE STARTER KIT Item# 639-270202 203.99 EA Kit includes all components needed to create a dual device NMEA 2000 network: •  1 meter power cable with tee (#270000) •  One male terminator (#270106) and one female terminator (#270105) •  One dual tee connector (# 270103) •  Two 2 meter drop cable (# 270302) NMEA 2000 DUAL DEVICE STARTER KIT Includes an NMEA 2000 DropCable (2m), Backbone Cable (10m), Power Cable (2m), Two T-connectors, Male terminator & Female terminator Item# NMEA 2000 Starter Kit 322-0101144200 Call The NMEA 2000® network 12-Volt power cable connects to the boat's 12-volt supply to power devices like the EP-10 Fuel Flow Sensor, LMF-400 Multi-Function Gauge, and Point-1 GPS Antenna. Compatible fishfinder/ chartplotters are powered separately with their own 12-volt power source wiring. Starter Kit includes: power cable, 15' backbone cable, 2 terminating resistors (TR-120M-RD, TR-120F-RD), two T-connector (N2K-T-RD) and one 2' extension cable (N2KEXT-2RD).