2022 Sea Value - Canada

178 Maintenance Call = Ask your Sea Value dealer for current prices Item# Size 655-87918 60" x 9" Call 655-87910 60" x 10 yds. Call RELEASE FABRIC Item# Size 655-88220 60"W x 20 yd. Call VACUUM BAGGING FILM Item# Size 655-883 1/2" x 25' Call VACUUM BAG SEALANT Item# 655-875 Call SCARFFER® Wood Finish & Varnish Item# Color Size 331-CV500 Clear Gloss 500 ml 40.99 EA 331-CV1000 Clear Gloss 1000 ml 74.99 EA CLEAR VARNISH Item# Size 94-90QTCA Quart Call ORIGINAL® VARNISH Item# Size 94-60QTCA Quart Call GOLDSPAR® SATIN VARNISH Item# Size 94-96QTCA Quart Call SCHOONER VARNISH Item# Size 94-YVA500QTCA Quart Call SCHOONER GOLD VARNISH WITH UV PROTECTION Item# Size 94-YVA950KITQTCA Quart Call PERFECTION® PLUS VARNISH Item# Size 94-YVA502QTCA Quart Call COMPASS CLEAR VARNISH VACUUM BAGGING KIT Item# Description 655-885 Kit Call A complete starter kit for repairs and small laminating projects up to 13 sq. ft. Kit includes: •  Venturi vacuum generator; 1/4" I.D. Vacuum Tubing (10'); Vacuum Gauge; Junction "T" barbs (2); Release Fabric (15 sq. ft.); Breather Fabric (15 sq. ft.); Vacuum Bag Film (15 sq. ft.); Vacuum Bag Sealant (25'); Complete kit instructions; 002-150 Vacuum Bagging Techniques Economical but tough, finely woven nylon fabric treated with a release agent. Used to separate the absorber, breather and vacuum bag from the laminate in vacuum bagging operations. Also used in hand lay-up applications to allow more squeegee pressure and protect the lay-up from contamination. Peels easily and leaves a smooth textured surface, ready for bonding or finishing. Not recommended for post-cure temps over 120° F. Clear, heat-stabilized, modified nylon resin film. Can be used at temperatures up to 350°F (176°C) for typical composite cure cycle times. A tough, stretchable film for high vacuum pressures. Mastic tape sealant for airtight seals between vacuum bags and molds. Easy to work around difficult angles, patching small leaks in the vacuum system. A unique tool for cutting accurate scarf joints in plywood up to 3/8" thick. Attaches easily to most circular saws and is simple to remove. Traditional varnish for general use With good gloss and durability, Original is a traditional spar varnish that creates a stunning golden color. As it’s so simple to apply you can create a professional with ease on interior and exterior woodwork such as cabin trim, handrails and coamings. •  A phenolic resin varnish that contains ultra-violet filters •  Great for interior and exterior woodwork •  Durable, good gloss, golden color finish A satin finish polyurethane varnish for interior use Produces a warm, rich satin sheen finish that’s scratch and stain resistant. You can use it on all interior surfaces from cabin soles to cabinets - it’s so simple to apply, you’ll easily be able to create professional finish by brush or spray. •  Resistant to hot water, mild acids, alcohol, and alkalis •  Fast-dry formulation minimizes dust contamination Classic Spar Varnish with Excellent UV Creates a bright, clear, pristine high gloss finish with a traditional golden color. Added to this it offers remarkable durability, water resistance, UV protection and a nice silky application. •  Superior self-leveling properties makes it easy to get a professional finish •  Creates a sought-after, traditional golden color •  Remarkable durability, water-resistance and UV protection Traditional Spar Varnish with Improved UV and High Solids Build A premium varnish that has a higher film build per coat, so you can work faster and use fewer coats. It’s our longest lasting one-part varnish and will require thinning in most conditions to achieve optimum flow. •  Offers excellent self-leveling, superb longevity and durability •  Suitable for all internal and external woods, including oily timbers such as teak High Gloss. Traditional varnish manufactured with tung oil, ultraviolet filters and phenolic resins for superior exterior protection. Excellent flexibility and water resistance in all climate conditions. Can be applied to interior or exterior surfaces above the waterline. Application: brush, roll or spray. Ultimate performance, clear, two part polyurethane varnish The ultimate clear wood varnish. It offers outstanding chemical and abrasion resistance, UV protection, and a superb gloss finish with great retention that lasts four times longer than normal one-part varnishes. •  Can be used in combination with Perfection Finish as a glaze coat to increase flow, levelling and durability •  Suitable for oily woods like teak after adequate degreasing and substrate preparation •  Chemical cure gives resistance to fuels, oil and mild acids and alkalis High gloss one-part polyurethane varnish with UV filters A highly durable varnish, Compass Clear creates superb long-term gloss and clarity. Thanks to its superior leveling properties and ease of application, it makes it easy to create a professional finish. It’s also incredibly abrasion, chemical and water resistant. •  Highly durable one-part polyurethane •  Long-term gloss and clarity •  Bright, clear, high gloss finish