2022 Sea Value - Canada

To Our Valued Customers: Prices are subject to change without notice KEY: Blue Item # =New | Red Item # =Hazardous | vOversize |dUPS/FEDEX Surcharge 175 Maintenance Item# Description 655-6551 G/flex 655 Epoxy Adhesive Syringe, 1 oz. Total. Call 655-6552QT G/flex 655 Epoxy Adhesive, 2 Qt. (Two 1-Qt cans) Call 655-6552G G/flex 655 Epoxy Adhesive, 2 Gal. (Two 1-gal. cans) Call 655-C650K G/flex 650 Epoxy Repair Kit, Two 4 oz. Call 655-C6508 G/flex 650 Epoxy, 8oz Kit (2 x 4 oz. bottles) Call 655-C65032 G/flex 650 Epoxy, 32 oz. Kit (2 x 16 oz bottles) Call 655-C6502G G/flex 650 Epoxy, 2 Gallon Kit (2 x 1 Gal. cans) Call 655-C655K G/flex 655 Epoxy Adhesive Repair Kit Call 655-C6558 G/flex 655 Epoxy Adhesive 250ml (8 oz) (125ml ea) Call G/FLEX EPOXY Item# Bag 655-300 3 Call The 300 Mini Pump Set, containing three pumps: the 105 Resin pump, a 205/206 Hardener pump (5:1 ratio), and a 207/209 Hardener pump (3:1 ratio). Designed for convenient and accurate metering of group size A, B and C. As packaged, the pumps are ready to go into the Group Size B containers. A package of extension tubes for Group Size A containers is included with the set. Group Size C extension tubes are included in the MINI PUMP SET 300 FOR GROUP A, B, OR C Liquid epoxy for permanent waterproof bonding of fiberglass, ceramics, metals, plastics, damp and difficult-to-bond woods. With a modulus of elasticity of 150,000 PSI, it is a bit more flexible than standard epoxies and polyester, but much stiffer than adhesive sealants. Makes structural bonds that can absorb the stress of expansion, contraction, shock and vibration. It is ideal for bonding dissimilar materials. It can be modified with West System fillers and additives, and used to wet-out fiberglass tapes and fabrics. 2-part epoxy with a 1-to-1 mix ratio, gives 45 min. working time at room temperature. It reaches an initial cure in 7 to 10 hrs. and full cure in 24 hrs. •  650-K G/flex Epoxy Repair Kit: Contains 4 fl. oz. G/flex 650 resin, 4 fl. oz. G/flex 650 hardener (8 fl. oz. mixed epoxy), 2 reusable mixing stick/applicators, 2 12-cc syringes, 4 grams adhesive filler, 4 mixing cups, 1 pair disposable neoprene gloves, 4 alcohol cleaning pans and complete handling and repair instructions. •  655-K G/flex Thickened Epoxy Adhesive Repair Kit: A thickened, easy-to-use epoxy that permanently bonds fiberglass, ceramics, metals, plastics, damp and difficult-to-bond woods. G/flex is toughened to make structural bonds that absorb the stresses of expansion, contraction, shock and vibration. Glue resinous woods, exotic woods and a wide range of dissimilar materials. Repair aluminum, plastic and wooden boats, kayaks and canoes. Kit Contains 4 fl. oz. G/flex 655 resin, 4 fl. oz. G/flex 655 hardener (8.4 fl. oz. of mixed epoxy), 2 reusable mixing stick/applicators, 4 alcohol cleaning pads, 1 pair disposable neoprene gloves, 10 mixing palettes, complete handling & repair instructions. 6558 655K Kit 6502G 65032 6508 650K Kit 6552G 6552QT 655 Syringe Repairs minor cracks and holes. Repairs scrapes and dings. Makes high-strength bonds and re-attaches loose hardware. This kit includes all the materials required to complete a range of repairs to fiberglass boats. Contains: 105 resin/205 hardener packets, adhesive filler and adhesive fairing, mixing cups, reusable mixing stick, nitrile gloves, glue brushes, syringe, biaxial glass tape, plain weave glass tape, and detailed, illustrated instructions. 101: Here is everything you need to complete small repairs around the boat, shop or home. Contains two 105 resin/205 (fast) hardener packets, and enough adhesive filler to complete a variety of coating and bonding operations. Also included is a 2" x 10" piece of 9 oz. fiberglass tape (useful for patching, reinforcing or abrasion resistance), an application brush, mixing stick, pipe cleaner, two cleaning pads and complete instructions. The components can be mixed in the disposable package. Item# Description Pack 655-101 Repair Pack Call 655-101T Resin & Hardener Only, 6 Packets Each 6 Call HANDY REPAIR PACK Item# 655-C105K Call FIBERGLASS BOAT REPAIR KIT For metering larger quantities of 105 Resin and Hardeners. Reduces mixing time and waste on large projects. Carry handle allows you to move the pump where the work is. Reservoirs hold one gallon of resin, one quart of hardener. Dispenses approximately 0.5 fl oz of resin/hardener per pump stroke (about 1 qt per minute). Rebuild Kit (306KIT): Includes: seals, balls, gaskets, springs, high-rise tubes with ferrules, new resin and hardener reservoirs with lids. Item# Description 655-30625 Model A Pump 5:1 for 205 or 206 Hardeners Call Repl. Parts Description Fits 655-306KIT Model A Rebuild Kit 306 pumps Call LARGE CAPACITY 306 METERING PUMP 105-C Resin and in the 207-SC or 209-SC packages. Made of durable polypropylene, the pumps give years of dependable service. Read and follow the priming, ratio verification and operating instructions that come with the pumps. Call = Ask your Sea Value dealer for current prices