2022 Sea Value - Canada

174 Maintenance Call = Ask your Sea Value dealer for current prices Clear, light amber, low viscosity. Designed to wet out and bond with wood fiber, fiberglass and some metals. Self-leveling with roller applications. Cures in wide temperature range and can be sanded or shaped afterwards. Relatively high flash point. Excellent adhesive when mixed with filler to reduce sag. Viscosity is approximately 1000 CP at 70° F. Use with #300 dispensing pumps. Produces rapid cure. Use with 105 resin, 5:1 for rigid, high strength, moisture resistant solid. Pot life of 9 to 12 minutes at 72° F. Use with #300 pumps. Use with 105 resin, 5:1, yields high strength, rigid, moisture resistant solid. Pot life at 72° F is 20 to 25 minutes. Use with #300 Pumps. West System Products EPOXY RESIN Item# Size 655-C105A 946 ml (32 oz.) Call 655-C105B 3.74 L (.98 Gal) Call 655-C105C 16.46 L (4.35 Gal) Call 655-C105Ev 197 L (52.03 Gal) Call Item# Size 655-C205A 208 ml (7 oz.) Call 655-C205B 814 ml (27.5 oz.) Call 655-C205C 3.56 L (.94 Gal) Call 655-C205Ed 42.81 L (11.31 Gal) Call FAST HARDENER Item# Size 655-C206B 814 ml (27.5 oz.) Call 655-C206C 3.56 L (.94 Gallon) Call SLOW HARDENER Item# WestSystem_Half_1* 999.99 Use with 105 resin in coating applications where extremely clear finish is desired, especially when working in humid conditions. Provides excellent adhesion for bonding applications. Contains UV-stabilization additive but still requires long-term UV protection with quality marine paint or varnish. Provides 20-26 minutes of pot life at 70°F and will cure to a solid state in 10-15 hours. Further hardening occurs over 4-7 days. Use with #300 pumps. Use with 105 resin in extremely warm and/or humid conditions for general bonding and coating applications, providing approximately twice the pot life and working time as #206 slow hardener. Provides adequate pot life up to 110° F and 70° F when additional pot life and assembly time may be desired. Provides 15-20 minutes of pot life at 95° F and 50-60 minutes at 70° F. Will cure to a solid state in 6-8 hours at 95° F and 20-24 hours at 70° F. Further curing occurs over the next 4-9 days. Forms a clear, amber-colored solid. 3:1. Use with #300 pump. Item# Size 655-C207SA 315 ml (10.6 oz.) Call 655-C207SB 1.24 L (42.2oz.) Call 655-C207SC 5.49 L (1.4 Gallon) Call Item# Size 655-C209SA 315 ml (10.6 oz.) Call 655-C209SB 1.24 L (42.2oz.) Call 655-C209SC 5.3 L (1.4 Gallon) Call EXTRA SLOW HARDENER SPECIAL CLEAR HARDENER