2022 Sea Value - Canada

To Our Valued Customers: Prices are subject to change without notice KEY: Blue Item # =New | Red Item # =Hazardous | vOversize |dUPS/FEDEX Surcharge 165 Boat Care Item# Size 74-81922C 650 ml (22 oz.) 46.99 EA 74-81900C 3.79L (Gallon) 106.99 EA Safe for all fabrics including Sunbrella®. Top rated waterproofing. PTEF® based formula. For boat covers, bimini tops, sail covers, clothing and tents. Does not change color or feel of fabric. WATERPROOFING WITH PTEF Item# Size 74-92132C 946 ml (32 oz) 30.99 EA •  Dissolve and remove grease, fish blood, food spills and more •  PTEF® polymers bond to treated surface to help repel stains and UV damage •  Ready to use for spot cleaning or for treating large areas •  Spray on, work into surface, rinse clean •  Can be used in boats, cars and RVs ULTIMATE FABRIC CLEAN Item# Size 74-97532C 32 oz. 50.99 EA •  Helps restore water repelling action •  Helps block UV rays that cause fading & weathering •  Won't affect color, feel or breathability •  For use on all outdoor fabrics ULTIMATE FABRIC GUARD Item# Size 74-96516C 473 ml (16 oz.) Spray 37.99 EA •  Genuine Australian tea tree oil •  Eliminates musty, moldy odors •  Ideal for winterizing & year-round use •  Keeps air clean & fresh naturally •  Can be used anywhere in boat or RV TEA TREE OIL SPRAY Item# Size 74-96504C 114g (4 oz) 41.99 EA 74-96508C 227g (8 oz) 64.99 EA Starbrite's TEA TREE OIL products offer a natural solution to unpleasant odors. These products help maintain air quality without the use of perfumes or caustic chemicals. TEA TREE GEL TEA TREE OiL Item# Size 74-88308C 237 ml (8 oz.) 22.99 EA Formulated for use on all marine electronics and all plastics. Easy to use, spray on, wipe up excess to remove fingerprints, smudges, salt deposits. PTEF polymers help protect against UV damage. It is Ideal for use on watertight phone cases. Will not affect touchscreen performance. ELECTRONICS SCREEN CLEANER WITH PTEF Item# Size 74-95122C 650 ml (22 oz.) 30.99 EA Quickly dissolves messy spider and bird droppings. Non-toxic, allnatural formula. Contains no bleach; safe for use around kids and pets. Will not remove polish or wax. SPIDER & BIRD STAIN REMOVER Boat Care Item# Size 290-G9524C 24 oz. 16.99 EA You'll actually see the grime lift off your wheels and tires! Our Xtreme Cling™ foam is designed to cling vigorously to vertical surfaces and dissolve anything between your wheels and a brilliant shine! Moderately aggressive cleaners for use on all factory coated or painted wheels. Loosens and dissolves brake dust, road grime Easy to use and convenient trigger spray, just spray-on and hose-off with water. HOT RIMS® WHEEL & TIRE CLEANER Item# Size 74-82222C 650 ml (22 oz) 29.99 EA 74-82200C 3.79 L (1 Gal) 79.99 EA Use on boat tops, covers, cushions, and other outdoor fabrics. The unique solvent-free, water-based formula is low-odor, and can be used while the boat is in or near the water. It is also ideal for protecting outdoor gear. Non-PFOA contributing. WATER-BASED WATERPROOFING